Pregnant women eat these on fire, and the recipes are all here.

When I am pregnant, my mother will become careful for the healthy development of the baby, but sometimes it is difficult to prevent it when it is angry. So what should pregnant women get angry?Is there any way to reduce fire?Let’s take a look at the food for pregnant women to reduce fire!

Eat some food to reduce fire

After the pregnant mother gets angry, the safest way to reduce fire is to eat through the diet. After the sore throat, you can eat more fresh green leafy vegetables in moderation.Pears, apples, dragon fruit, banana and so on.

De -fire recipe

1. Cabbage tofu soup

200 grams of cabbage, 4 tofu, 25 grams of seaweed, and a small amount of lean meat.Wash the ingredients, cut it, cut the meat, put the soup pot on the fire, put the oil and heat, boil the ingredients, sprinkle with seaweed, and season into the soup bowl.Promote intestinal wall creeping, help digestion, and promote detoxification.

2. Rock Sugar Sydney

1-2 Sydney, a small amount of rock sugar.First cut Sydney off the skin, grind it into a furry or cut into several pieces, add a little sugar, put an appropriate amount of water, and steam it for half an hour slowly.Rush the lungs, sore Jin, clear heat, reduce phlegm, and have a good effect on treating the pain in the throat.

3. kelp bean sprout soup

The kelp, soybean sprouts, carrots, and tomatoes are appropriate. The materials are washed and the materials are cleaned. After cutting, add water to the pot and boil the ingredients.It is rich in nutrients such as vitamins, potassium, etc., which can promote detoxification and help to fire.

Drink more warm water

When you get angry when you are pregnant, you must remember to drink more warm water. One can promote excretion and help clean up the toxins in your body. The second is to moisturize your throat, reduce pain, and help to moisturize your throat.

Don’t eat stimulus

You can eat more foods that nourish yin, moisturize, and nourish the lungs, such as fruits, vegetables, etc. At the same time, you must pay attention to avoid eating irritating foods.It’s best to avoid it.

Eat Potential Moisturizer

If you get angry when you are pregnant, you need to eat some throat sugar in an appropriate amount. It has a very good throat and relieves the effect of pain. However, remember to avoid mint flavors.Essence

Make a humidity

The air is dry, which will exacerbate the feeling of sore throat on the pregnant woman. Therefore, a air humidifier can be placed during the fire to maintain the appropriate humidity of the indoor air, which will help reduce pain.

Rinse with salt water

If you just have a mild throat pain and dry itching, you can rinse your mouth and shabu your throat with thick saline. Salt can eliminate inflammation and sterilize, relieve sore throat, rinse your mouth every 10 minutes, and rinse your mouth 5-8 times a day. It will obviously obviouslyReduce sore throat.

Also take more rest

When pregnant women have a sore throat, they need to eat less irritating food. At the same time, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to rest. If you can maintain a good mood, you can indirectly enhance the immunity of pregnant women and effectively reduce sore throat.

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