Pregnant women eat apple children with white skin and big grape eyes?wrong!Doctor: Don’t eat two types of pregnant mothers

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A few days ago, I went back to her hometown to play in Qiyu’s house. Qi Xun had two grandchildren. The male treasure was 6 -year -old and 4 years old. The boy was white and pure, but the girl looked like a female man, wheat -colored skin.

So I joked his mother, why is my brother so white?My mother said that when Brother Huai, she ate a lot of fruits every day, and she didn’t eat anything when she was Huai.

When I remembered that I used to go to the pregnant mother forum when I was pregnant, many pregnant mothers said: When I am pregnant, my mother eats more apples, the child’s skin will be white, and the eyes of grape children will grow.”Zero plan”

But when I was 8 months pregnant, a mother in the group said that her eyes were relatively small and her husband’s eyes were not large, so I hope that my child’s eyes are larger, so I eat one or two every day when I am pregnant.Jack of grapes.

As a result, when I went to the diabetic screening, I found the blood glucose of the empty stomach, and the blood sugar after half an hour after the meal exceeded the standard.

The doctor learned that when the mother’s daily recipes have grapes, they reprimand their mother: Where can I eat so many fruits when I am pregnant, especially the grape sugar content is relatively high. Can I eat blood sugar every day?

My mother was very aggrieved. His father and I were relatively small. Listening to others say that the child eats grape eyes.

The doctor said: ridiculous!The size of the eyes is related to heredity, and what is the relationship between eating fruits.

And eating apple children will have white skin, and it is also nonsense. According to this, when black people are pregnant, they eat more apples. Will the children become whiter?

Pregnant mothers can’t affect the child’s skin and eyes.

★ Fruit is rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C can promote the synthesis of collagen, can antioxidant, make the skin relatively flexible, and not easy to grow spots.

Some fruits also have the original flowers, such as purple grapes can play a role in antioxidant.

Some women find that they insist on eating fruits every day, and the skin of the skin will fade, which is mainly due to the antioxidant ingredients in the fruits.

★ The fruit content of fruits is relatively high, and water can be supplemented by the skin

The protein and fat content in fruits are relatively small, but the water content is more. Generally, the water of the fruits can reach more than 90%. Therefore, it is possible to supplement the moisture when eating fruits. Our body is sufficient, and the skin is naturally more flexible.

★ The effect of fruits on the skin is limited to the person who eats fruits

The food that the mother eats must be digested through the gastrointestinal and intestines, and it must be absorbed by the liver and kidney, and then the blood circulation is diluted. The placenta barrier can enter the fetus’s body.Therefore, the antioxidant substances that can promote good skin in fruits have been diluted, and the impact on fetal skin is minimal.

Therefore, I want to eat a lot of fruits to make the child’s skin better and the eyes become larger. Moms should no longer trust rumors, otherwise they will harm themselves and have children.

Although protein fat in fruits is very low, carbohydrates are relatively high. The carbohydrates of fruits are much more than vegetables, generally 4%to 25%.These carbohydrates are mainly fructose, glucose and sucrose. These sugar substances enter the pregnant mother’s body, causing the mother’s blood glucose level to rise.

In order to ensure that the fetus has sufficient blood sugar supply during pregnancy, the ability to control blood sugar is greatly reduced. A large amount of fruits of fruits enter the mother’s body, which can easily lead to high blood sugar, and the fetus is easily soaked in sugar water for a long time.

The first category: pregnant mothers with too fast weight growth

Duan Tao is the dean of the Shanghai Maternal and Child Health Hospital and a well -known obstetrician and gynecologist.

He took a diagnosis of a pregnant woman with a faster growth. The pregnant mother said that she had been pregnant for 20 pounds, and her weight growth was too fast.

Dr. Duan said that he should eat less high -carbohydrates, especially sweet drinks. Do not eat fruits, because there are more carbohydrates in fruits. You can eat more vegetables without eating fruits.

We recommend that if pregnant mothers have a normal weight before pregnancy, do not grow more than 32 pounds throughout pregnancy. It is best to control less than 25 pounds. It will be more perfect if it can be controlled to 20 pounds.Because the necessary weight gains such as fetal amniotic fluid placenta, that is, 10 pounds, the rest are fat.

Mother’s weight has grown too fast. In addition to insisting on exercise, she has to adjust her diet. The first one to be adjusted is the fruit.Many mothers think that eating more fruits is healthy. In fact, if pregnant mothers who have grown too fast, it is not recommended to eat fruits.

The second category: pregnant mothers with poor blood sugar control

Dr. Duan also told during the clinic: Moms with poor blood sugar control should not eat fruit anymore.

When Mother Jing went out to lecture, she mentioned that when she was pregnant, my mother must pay attention to the fruits and not eat more, and the vegetables should be eaten more than the fruits. It is recommended that vegetables and half a pound of fruits a day.Eat less.

Mother Jing asked mothers: Do you have high blood sugar during pregnancy?There are three or four mothers raised their hands.I asked again: Do the doctor suggest that you eat less fruit?Unexpectedly, the three mothers said in unison that the doctor suggested that we not eat fruit, not less fruit.

Indeed, the sugar in fruits is relatively high. If you eat more for pregnant mothers, it is easy to lead to too fast weight growth, which can easily cause blood sugar to control, affecting the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

When the mother started from the moment of pregnancy, various rumors were disturbed. Moms had to learn to distinguish the scientific diet in order to make the child a balanced nutrition.

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