Pregnant women cut their hair and are easy to move their tires or even abortion?Don’t be tortured by this rumor!

Ms. Liu had just been pregnant for two months. The whole family had worked hard for Ms. Liu to have normal fertility.Mother -in -law cares about Ms. Liu from morning to night every day, and she can’t wait to accompany Ms. Liu every moment.These make Ms. Liu feel very warm, really like a queen.

However, there was one thing Ms. Liu felt very aggrieved. My mother -in -law didn’t know where I couldn’t cut her hair during pregnancy, so she strictly requested that Ms. Liu could not cut her hair, and even the frequency of her hair was reduced to once a week.Every morning, I see my messy hair, like a chicken nest. Ms. Liu’s heart is not mentioned, but in order to prevent her mother -in -law from embarrassing, Ms. Liu had to endure it silently.

Viewpoint analysis:

During pregnancy, there are many things to pay attention to, but in reality, it is often affected by some unscientific traditional concepts, which has caused their own health to be greatly threatened.Like Ms. Liu above, can’t she cut her hair? There is no scientific basis for this statement, let alone affect the health of the fetus.Whether to cut hair during pregnancy actually depends entirely on the habit of pregnant women.

1. Can long hair really affect the normal absorption of fetal nutrients?

Some people think that hair growing will affect the normal absorption of fetal nutrients. In fact, this statement is not scientific.Because the nutrients needed during the growth of fetal growth are a large amount, and the nutrition of the length of the mother’s hair is just the fur, which can be ignored.Furthermore, long hair does not increase nutritional needs, and short hair will not save the body’s impact consumption. Therefore, the normal absorption of hair length on the fetus has no effect. This mainly depends on the living habits of pregnant women themselves.

2. Do you have to cut short hair during pregnancy?

Since the length of hair is not connected with the impact of the mother’s body, it is not necessary to cut short hair during pregnancy.Some pregnant women cut their short hair is mainly for the convenience of normal activities, and it is easier to clean short hair, and it can be dried soon.Therefore, if you want to be more convenient to live during pregnancy, you may wish to cut short hair.

3. Notice of hair care during pregnancy

When women are pregnant, their bodies will change a lot, including hair.At this time, the growth period of hair will also be extended, and the period of falling will become longer.Therefore, the quality of hair will be better during this period. When care, you must choose shampoos that are most suitable for your scalp. Try not to use chemical stimulating ingredients to prevent harm to normal growth of the fetus.In addition, it is best not to dye your hair during pregnancy to prevent the chemical agent used to affect the health of the fetus.

Whether it is long or short hair during pregnancy. This actually depends on the habit of pregnant women itself. It is not necessary to leave short hair or long hair.However, in the process of nursing, we must pay attention to some details, reduce the use of chemicals, and comprehensively ensure the health of themselves and fetuses.

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