Pregnant women are fired by the company, should I leave after pregnancy?Pregnant mothers must learn to protect themselves

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The younger generation has been educated since childhood. In this world, men and women are equal, so they also naively believe that men and women are really equal, but when they grow up, they will grow up, go to the society, and go to the workplace, but find that reality is far from the teacher.What you said is so beautiful.

In this cruel society, in many cases, men and women are unequal, such as workplace.Before joining the interview, if a woman goes to the interview, the interviewer will ask women when to get married, when to have children, and have a few children, because women have children to have a long time for vacation, which will have a certain impact on the company’s impact on the companySo the interviewer will ask these questions.

However, if men come to interviews, the interviewer will not ask these questions.Giveting children is a fate that women cannot choose, but for the company’s reason, they do not choose women, or even expel women, which is too unfair to women.

Women’s survival costs in society are higher than men. Although women are now trying to prove that men can do it, they can also do it, but they are still questioned.

Take a girl to give birth to a child, no matter how high the woman reaches the workplace, once the woman starts to consider the family and starts to be pregnant, then the company may find a newcomer to replace her at any time. This is the woman’s face.The right mother’s punishment makes people very helpless, but there is no way to change, and if women first pursue their career, after they are older, the cost of parent punishment will be higher.

If a woman chooses to leave after pregnancy, it is too sad if it is fired by the company.Here is a case of a pregnant woman being expelled in the workplace. As soon as I heard that the female employee is pregnant, the company will expel people. Such a company is too inhuman. Even if the female employee is pregnant, it can no longer be in a certain period of time.The company has created interests, but after all, it has been working in the company for so long, and it has created value for the company, because pregnancy is immediately expelled from people. Such a company is too inconvenient. Once something is fermented to the Internet, it is for the company to the company.Honorary only has the influence of bad.

According to the country’s regulations, the company should sign a job contract with employees before the employee enrolls. The contract will protect the interests of the company and employees.Your own legitimate rights and interests.

In addition, regular companies should pay five insurances and one fund, including maternity insurance. This is the country’s protection of women. Female employees should reasonably arrange their vacation time after pregnancy.Fake.

Originally, pregnancy was to welcome a new life, but after pregnancy, the spirit of pregnant mothers and the consumption of their bodies are very large, so the mood of expectant mothers should be peaceful to get physical comfort. At this time, the company takes the pregnant motherFleeing, not only has a negative impact on the development of pregnant mothers, but also has a very bad impact on the mood of pregnant mothers. The pain brought by the mood fluctuations to pregnant people is that the pregnant mother can experience it.

Under the protection of this right, if the female employee takes the initiative to leave, it is understandable. Pregnancy will bring a lot of discomfort to pregnant mothers. It may be that the pregnant mother is uncomfortable and difficult to continue working.The work, choose to leave.

This shows that pregnant mothers are more clearly affected. They do not let the company take care of themselves because they are pregnant, and they have not taken their own rights and interests. They have to do something for themselves.Thinking of profitability, this is decent, whether it is for pregnant mothers and the company.

There are also female employees who choose to continue to work after pregnancy. In fact, in the reason, female employees do not have to leave. As long as their physical condition is not a problem, the female employee can work at the time of time when it is about to be produced.Back to the company to work.

And during the period when the female employees asked for maternity leave, according to the fertility insurance employees, they can also get a subsidy for fertility.

Therefore, for women with poor family economic conditions, as long as there are contract protection after pregnancy, we can choose to continue working. We all knowWhen you choose to continue to work before giving birth, you can at least get salary to maintain a normal life, or save a funds for your children. This is the most suitable solution for families with poor economic conditions. Of course, this is thisThe pregnant mother’s body does not have discomfort. If it is a particularly tired job, it will hurt her child, and it will be a bit lost to continue to work.

If there is a contract protection, the company will still dismiss the pregnant female employees who do not want to leave.At this time, employees must learn to protect themselves, and they can use relevant laws and companies to negotiate to protect their formal rights.

For example, in the case mentioned before, the pregnant woman was fired for no reason in the workplace. If this pregnant woman had a labor contract with the company before, and the company had five insurances and one gold, she could go through the law.The procedure, to get the corresponding compensation she should get after the company was expelled, instead of losing her job for no reason. Without the source of income, she could not say it.

In fact, when most women encounter such a thing, many people do not know how to protect themselves by law. They think that they have been fired by the company because they are pregnant and abandoned by the company.There is no way, today I also call on these women to know how to protect themselves, because having children is not a woman’s fault.

If women have to have children, they must be expelled in the workplace, and the fertility pressure on women’s fertility is too great, and women pay too much for this society.You will lose your job. Will there be women in the workplace to have children in the future?

Originally, women had children for the continuation of society. Moreover, the country has also opened a second child policy now to encourage women to have children, but only because the relationship between women and the workplace becomes complicated. Women choose to protect themselves. If women are selfish,They no longer have children, how should our society continue?

Whether women should leave after pregnancy? The right to choose lies in women. This right cannot be deprived, instead, or hindered. If the company does not talk about human feelings, women can tell the company with the company.Weakness must protect your legitimate rights and interests.

However, there is another situation in front of us that the female employee did not sign a contract with the company before entering, and the company did not pay the employees to pay five insurances and one fund. The female employee was suddenly fired by the company after pregnancy.manage?

If you are facing such an unwilling company, female employees do not have to think and old feelings. Although there are no relevant documents to protect themselves, women can still ferment their own encounters through the Internet.I am awe three points, whoever does a loss of mind, whoever has to take the word of the netizens.

No one should be wronged in vain. When a small employee who has no power and power is oppressed, it is even more brave to speak up for themselves.Do an example.If women do not know how to protect themselves reasonably and effectively, then women encounter this situation in the workplace, or other similar unfair treatment, women only suffer a loss. Therefore, women must learn to protect themselves, especially in the workplaceWomen on the top.

At the end of this case today, it is no longer just that the female employee should leave after pregnancy?Instead, when women encounter unfair treatment, do you want to learn to counterattack and how to protect yourself, the answer is yes.

Extend this topic again. Whether it is men or women, when we are treated unfairly, we must protect ourselves.

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