Pregnant women are dizzy, finding the cause in these aspects

Many pregnant mothers have dizziness symptoms during pregnancy. So how can pregnant mothers dizziness?Regarding the reasons for the dizziness of pregnant women, pregnant mothers look at the following.

1. Menei disease

Menei disease, that is, Meinier syndrome, first manifested as tinnitus, and then symptoms of rotating dizziness.Patients will rotate or shake on the affected area side, difficult to stand, and even have symptoms such as cold, pale, nausea and vomiting, and will faint, but consciousness will be awake.The duration of the symptoms may be only a few minutes or a few days.Generally, the symptoms are reduced in about two weeks and finally recovered.

If you have a symptom of dizziness or sudden fainting, the pregnant mother is best to lie on the bed and take a good rest.If you are worried about the fetus in the uterus, you can go to the hospital for a diagnosis.

2. Common symptoms of early pregnancy

After pregnancy, due to the increase in chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the body of pregnant women, the reduction of gastric acid secretion and the extension of gastric emptying time, many mothers will feel dizzy, fatigue, loss of appetite, or nausea and vomiting. This is an early pregnancy response.Due to the difference in constitution, the symptoms of each person may be different.

If you feel the above symptoms, it is best to confirm whether you are pregnant. If not, consider the possibility of suffering from other diseases.If it is confirmed to be an early pregnancy reaction, pay more attention to rest. After about three months, early pregnancy reactions will disappear, and discomfort such as dizziness and nausea will also disappear.

3. Iron deficiency anemia

Iron deficiency anemia is a very common condition in pregnant women.It is said that the incidence of early pregnancy can reach one -tenth, as high as 38%in the second trimester, and it is also prone to disease.

During the pregnancy, the mother and the baby absorb nutrients together. The baby also needs sufficient blood to transport nutrients and oxygen, so the mother will have anemia.Therefore, we must consume more iron -rich foods, sufficient protein and vitamins during pregnancy, so as not to affect the health of pregnant mothers and babies.If dizziness or squatting up, the expectant mother will consider whether it is anemia.

4. hypoxia

Compared with others, pregnant mothers need more oxygen. The oxygen consumption during pregnancy is more than 10%-20%of normal people during pregnancy, but the number of breathing is the same as that of ordinary people, so sufficient oxygen is needed.If the expectant mothers are hypoxic, the baby will have in -palace distress or even threatens the baby’s life.Therefore, in an environment with insufficient oxygen, pregnant mothers usually dizzy, difficulty breathing, and frequent fetal movements. This is to send warnings that the mother needs to see it immediately.

Pregnant women are generally the above reasons. According to the above reasons, you can find the cause of dizziness under the analysis of your pregnant mothers.

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