Pregnant wife

First of all, it is undeniable that it is not easy for a woman to have children.Especially for some people with more sensitive constitution, having a child asked her half of her life.

Before my wife was pregnant, I did not have much contact with this.I just know that it is not easy to have children, more uncomfortable than making children.

Looking at the friends around, sometimes send a circle of friends, the wife is pregnant, and I saw some praise and congratulations.

Then after a while, there was another circle of friends. The child was born, and I ordered a praise to ask when it was full of moon wine.

At that time, I lamented that it was more changes in time, and I lamented that a group of people who were still little fart yesterday were suddenly parents.

Then now, my wife is pregnant, and I have to contact this aspect to learn about various types of delivery processes during pregnancy: blood drawing, B -ultrasound, NT, etc., in crazy tutoring of their own knowledge, prepare in advance, prepare in advanceThe excess of the two -person world to the family of three is prepared to be a state of parents.

In order to welcome the child’s arrival, we did get our lives.My wife often sighed when it’s okay, why it seems that there is nothing to see if others have children so smoothly and so quickly.As soon as I got myself, it was so uncomfortable.

When we first tested the winning award with a test strip at the beginning, we laughed unconsciously. The joy born in my heart made me want to share my joy from the world.The lottery suddenly was surprised by ten dollars. It was more excited than my wife first promised to be my girlfriend.

At that time, we were all in a beautiful longing. Although we just measured, we were thinking about what we would call in the future, and the educational method of the baby, and even the marriage.

After we were excited for a while, my wife had an early pregnancy reaction. Now think about it, I feel that my wife is really hard.

During the early pregnancy reaction, her condition was not good.The metaphor given to me is like the feeling of dizziness and vomiting after dozens of circles.

Every morning, the big eyes full of light were dim, and the eyebrows that had been stretched now were always frowned.

She loved to laugh particularly before, but at that time, she was weak and weak.Lying on the bed every day, what to eat and vomit.

At that time, I was very nervous, and I was panicked when I saw her like this.So I kept searching through the Internet search and asking parents how to alleviate the people around me, and tried various methods.I don’t care about it, as long as I try it, I want to alleviate some of her unwillingness.

Use ginger to stickers in the inner acupoints, massage acupoints, eat B6, what fruit to eat, etc. It is indeed no matter what the way, the material and even idealistic way, but the curative effect is very small.

During the period, she even suffered an additional pain: according to the acupuncture point, she could make some places in some places and forced her to eat some fruits that can alleviate early pregnancy reactions to make her unhappy.Afterwards, she also told me that she couldn’t even drink water at that time at that time. She was swollen in the stomach and let her eat. She really couldn’t eat it.

After she said it, I also reflected it. In that state, what I could do easily was really difficult for her at that time.It’s as if when I was sick and uncomfortable before, I didn’t want to get anything, I just wanted to find a comfortable posture to lie quietly. In this low consumption method to alleviate the uncomfortableness of myself, I don’t want to toss at all.

Later, there was no way. I lived in the hospital for a few days. I hung a lot of water a few days. In her words, I live again.

Looking at the crotch of the purple pieces in my hand, there was a soft needle that had been in my hand, which really made me feel distressed again.Her blood vessels were not easy to find, and she changed several nurse several times.And she was afraid of needles, this day, blood drawing and injections.Looking at the traces of her hand, she thought about protecting her, guarding her, and holding her tightly.

When I was in the hospital, there were three beds in a room, and we were the middle in the middle.I also feel amazing. On the bed next to the door, there is a small yield. On the other side, two are prepared.We are pregnant in the middle.

The first one didn’t get time, and I went home and waited again.The second one is different. I watched her walk in the room with her big belly, moaning because of uncomfortableness, and couldn’t sit down and lying down.

It was born that night, and I fell asleep confused at the time. It should be early in the morning, and I was too lazy to watch my phone.I was fell asleep, and suddenly I was awakened by a babies crying,

This is the only voice of the night, and the sound seems to be with light and hope.

The sound next to her was converted from the moaning of the pregnant woman to the baby’s cry. She was born, and she could get out of bed the next day.

Looking at the belly of a atmospheric balloon yesterday, it was flat today, and the baby who was still crying at the bed came out of my mother’s belly. It really made me feel the magic and awe of life.

After writing so much, I returned to my beginning to say.

In fact, no matter what, there is a woman who is willing to have a child for you. It is indeed full of love for you.

In the feudal era, the words of the parents of the parents let the two people be together, and the thoughts at the time made some women determine that the fate arrangement of marriage should be married.

In this new era, there is a woman who is willing to have children for you, please treat her well!

I am a little writer, write the sword to go to the end of the world!

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