Pregnant skin is itchy and dark. Do you have these skin troubles?

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. During pregnancy, the skin condition is also one of the sources of annoying pregnant mothers. Among them, itching is the most troublesome.In fact, most of these diseases will be relieved after production. Do not be afraid to seek medical treatment during pregnancy. Take oral medicine appropriately to make these skin condition surrender.

The melanin precipitation, the postpartum gradually disappears

The skin problems of pregnant women are obviously the melanin precipitation. The moles, spots, and even the parts of the body, even the parts of the armpit, the neck, and the crotch, will become darker.In addition, the face of pregnant women has become easy to get oil, acne, microvascular expansion and redness, etc. These reasons come from hormonal fluctuations. The estrogen and lutein concentration in pregnant women rose to stimulate the skin, which causes the above.The situation appears.

Most mothers see that they are dark, and they are inevitable that they feel frustrated, but most of these pigments will slowly fade away after the production is over, and pregnant women should return to themselves a little more time.

Stretch marks, long or long depending on the constitution

The lingering stretch marks are both a sweet mark and a trace of worry.Because the weight gain during pregnancy is too fast, the elastic fiber of the dermis layer is pulled and broken. After the scar is recovered, the stretch marks will be generated in the epidermis.The increase is too fast, and some pregnant women do not grow; even if some pregnant women are long, they will disappear after production.

If you want to prevent stretch marks, in addition to controlling the speed of gaining weight during pregnancy, you can apply humid emulsion from the middle of pregnancy, and a gentle massage can slow down the possibility of skin elastic fiber break.However, the emulsion composition should also pay more attention. The more natural the ingredients, the better, and the products containing complex ingredients such as fragrance and pigment should be used as much as possible. The common Vaselin is a good choice for pregnant women.

Itching of the skin, not worried about using drugs

Itching of the skin is also one of the common skin problems of pregnant women. If there is eczema before pregnancy, the metabolic rate during pregnancy has increased and the hormonal concentration changes during pregnancy, which will make the pregnant woman itchy.In terms of treatment, doctors recommend that the B -level B drugs suitable for pregnant women such as steroids, oral antibody amine, etc., and even for pregnant women with severe itching, oral steroids will not affect the fetus in the late pregnancy.

In daily life, pregnant women should try to avoid stimulus that can easily cause diseases, such as fried and high -calorie foods, and drinks and tea containing caffeine should also be reduced.Loose looseness can reduce the friction between clothing and body. The itchy parts can be applied to relieve it. It can also apply more natural emulsion to reduce itching.

Is there a difference in skin changes in boys and women?

I often hear the elders of the older generation saying: "The skin of pregnant women is worse, that must be pregnant with boys!" Because pregnant women are different from the sex of the fetus in the belly, the skin will change?In this regard, the gender of the fetus is not directly related to the changes in the skin. Whether it is a boy or a girl, the hormones in pregnant women will fluctuate. Most of the pregnant women will be worse.There will be different changes.

Pay attention to using 3 major products

If you want to maintain the maintenance habits before pregnancy, you must pay attention to these matters when using the following three categories of products:

1. sunscreen products

Even in winter, sunscreen products must be applied to prevent the damage of the skin outdoor ultraviolet rays. When summer comes, we must do sunscreen.During pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant women use physical sunscreen. Their sunscreen principle is that the particles of physical sunscreens will be reflected, scattered, refracted, etc. to prevent the skin from being damaged by ultraviolet rays. Compared with chemical sunscreen, chemical sunscreens are allowed to make chemical sunscreen agentsThe ingredients of the molecular structure absorb ultraviolet energy through the molecular structure, and then converted into heat energy. During the process, there may be hidden concerns of penetrating the skin and causing allergies. The physical sun protection may be safer and stable. Pregnant women can choose such sunscreen products.

2. Maintenance products

"Love is the nature of women!" The use of maintenance products to maintain skin condition is the daily life of most women. Various maintenance products used by pregnant women should be based on natural ingredients, especially whitening products. Early whitening products will be mixed with early whitening products.For heavy metal mercury and other ingredients, spots and antipitrase products will have additives such as phenylphenols. These ingredients have doubts about the health of the fetus. If pregnant women really want to use, when choosing whitening products, vitamin C components are used.It is more appropriate.

3. Makeup products

Recent studies have pointed out that many maintenance and cosmetics will add a fixed agent in order to make the fragrance more lasting. Among them, the most commonly used plasticizer (DEP) plasticizer (DEP) is used.The health of the fetus has an impact.The composition of makeup products is complicated. Pregnant women try to make light makeup as much as possible. If there are no special needs, it will not be able to reduce makeup and reduce the cosmetics component absorbed by the mother, which will cause fetal health.

Skin maintenance roads in different seasons

The weather changes in different seasons will bring different degrees of changes to the skin of pregnant women.When summer is coming, the cause of skin itching mostly comes from too hot or sweating. For pregnant women who are prone to acne during pregnancy, the environment should maintain a comfortable temperature.By breathable and cotton, these discomfort can be temporarily eased.

In winter, the skin is easy to dry, and it is easy to make the skin of pregnant women itch. In addition to the temperature of the bath water, it should not be too high. It also uses products that can be strengthened in a timely manner.Set comfortably through the dry and cold winter.

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