Pregnant production is in her mother’s house?Is it good or bad?This is not the feudal idea

At the end of last year, colleagues gave birth to their first baby, and everyone gave blessings, but she was a little sad.Because her hometown is from Kunming, her husband comes from remote mountainous areas, deep in the mountains.After getting married, they work in Beijing, so they have always rented houses in Beijing.Now that I have a child, I need to raise a fetus, and at the same time, it is clear that she wants to return to her mother’s side. First of all, the mother can take care of her without any time and place. Furthermore, it has been separated from her parents and relatives for many years.When I was pregnant, I went home to accompany my parents.As her mother, she is naturally willing and happy.The key to the problem is that the mother did not let her daughter live at home before production.Later, her mother also explained this matter with her daughter, mainly in the following considerations.

1. Mother -in -law has a lot of benefits

After having a baby at home, the backbone of the family is pregnant mothers and babies. If you have some frictions with your mother -in -law before, or are it a little dissatisfied with each other, at this time, because the pregnant mother is a vulnerable recipe, and there will be little babies, and then there will be little babies.The grandson blessings, and the mother -in -law will take care of the pregnant mother and be considerate.Mother -in -law relationships can also be eased.

2. separate from husband

During the confinement, the baby who stayed in the mother’s pregnant belly finally came to this world. The mother’s psychology and body will change greatly.The most important thing is to accompany you often.However, the problem appeared. After all, the daughter and son -in -law did not live in the mother’s house after all. Her husband wanted to take care of pregnant mothers and babies. It was not better to take care of it at home.

3. Mother -in -law’s house running

After a woman gave birth to a child, the body in the hospital was very virtual. If they returned directly to the mother’s house, it was essentially inconvenient.Especially when the hospital, mother’s house, and their own homes are relatively long, it will be more inconvenient.For example, when you go home and take something, you have to let your husband and his family work hard.Finally, wait until the confinement is over. If you bring your baby back to your home full -moon wine, you will face a new wave of running.

4. There may be contradictions in aunts

If the pregnant mother has brothers and sisters in her mother’s house, there may be other problems. For example, a pregnant mother has a brother and sister -in -law who immediately returned to the mother’s family to raise the production of tires after she was pregnant.In this case, it is very easy to trigger when the aunts contradiction.If my brother has a child, as a mother, he can’t take time and energy to take care of the pregnant mother and baby, and the pregnant mother will have some or less psychological burden.

In fact, there are many superstitions to prepare for production and confinement in the maiden family, such as what Feng Shui customs, and what is not good for newborn babies.Under the premise of not considering these superstitions, these practical factors alone, pregnant mothers are still doing confinement in their own house!

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