Pregnant mothers stay up at night to sleep, and seem to be going to sleep early and night, but in fact "hurting and hurting the fetus"

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Nowadays, people have the habit of staying up late to sleep, including pregnant women.Because of the influence of progesterone and the impact of uterine enlarged and dyspnea, many pregnant mothers always sleep late.Moreover, there are also pregnant mothers who can sleep early. They have to sleep on their mobile phones to play games and chase dramas late.

My sister lived in her mother’s house during pregnancy. Every time my mother called her to sleep, she said, "What is the relationship between sleeping at night? Anyway, I don’t need to go to work during the day., Pregnant mother staying up at night to sleep, it seems to be going to sleep early and night, but in fact, "hurting himself and hurting his fetus."

I am not mentally bad, the nutrition is not absorbed well, and it is difficult to raise a tire

A friend often stays up late during pregnancy, sometimes because of insomnia, and sometimes I can’t help playing mobile phones at night.As a result, when I was pregnant for more than 3 months, I suddenly saw the redness, and I went to the hospital for examination and found that a threatened abortion was found.Later, the fetus was kept for more than half a month, and the fetus was barely kept.At that time, the doctor told her that this situation is likely to be related to her often staying up to bed at night.Because staying up late, she was not mentally weak. She was always drowsiness during the day.

Therefore, pregnant mothers do not feel that they stay up late to sleep, and make up for the day.After pregnancy, I was weak, and I did n’t sleep well at night. During the day, I spent the time of replenishment, activity, and sun exposure. It was really difficult to raise tires without quality.Of course, not all the situation of staying up late will trigger a pioneering abortion, but it will increase the chance of miscarriage. Pregnant mothers are unsatisfactory.

Disrupt the fetal biological clock and affect its healthy development

Moreover, staying up at night to sleep is not just a problem that pregnant mothers go to bed for a while for a while for a while, but the fetus on the belly will follow.We know that the human body has a biological clock and the fetus is also available.Generally speaking, the fetus is about 4 months, the internal organs are basically developed, and the brain starts to operate in about 7 months. At this time, it is better to perceive the mother’s "what she does."During the day, in his mother’s belly, he felt the sound and light, and most of the time was in a "wake -up" state, and at night he needed to "fall asleep" to rest.

However, if the pregnant mother keeps sleeping at night, the fetus will be very excited and sleep unstable.Therefore, pregnant mothers must obey the advice of doctors and family members, rest during pregnancy, and try not to stay up late.

I often stay up late and feel anxious, affecting the baby’s development

People who have experienced staying up late know that staying up late will make people feel bad, but also make people feel very anxious, which will cause a bad mood and will lose my temper.Moms always have a sudden depression or fire. His nutritional absorption and physical health are also vulnerable, which will affect the fetal absorption of nutrition. The fetal nutrients are not absorbed well and the body will be weaker.Especially in the early pregnancy, pregnant mothers always lose their temper, and the chance of emotional changes in the fetus will increase.

Therefore, do not want to "hurt themselves and hurt their fetuses" during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers must remember not to stay up late and develop the habit of going to bed early.

Pregnant mothers, do you often stay up late during pregnancy?


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