Pregnant mothers should pay attention to 5 diseases during pregnancy, and pay attention to protection

People often say that pregnant women are the most beautiful, and they are giving birth to a new life in their belly.However, female friends during pregnancy must care about their health even more, because during this period, a little attention, it is easy to have many female diseases to come to the door. Therefore, female friends during pregnancy should pay special attention to protect themselves. Today I will talk to you aboutWhat are the prone to female diseases during pregnancy.

First of all, female friends during pregnancy must pay attention to their diet. Although they need to supplement a certain amount of nutrition, they must not eat too much high fat or high sugar foods. They must be permitted in the body or outdoors.Simple exercise, do not sit or lie down often, because at this time it is the diet of two people. If you eat more and do not have appropriate exercise, there will be a lot of foods that can be transformed into the body.Some of them are transformed into glucose, which can easily lead to high blood sugar and even gestational diabetes.

If you do not control blood sugar, you may have a certain impact on the fetus, or even the appearance of huge children, and severe can also cause fetal malformations.

Secondly, mold vaginitis. Due to the weak resistance of female friends during pregnancy, sex hormones will also rise at this time, which will lead to increased sugar in the vaginal epithelium, providing good growth and breeding for Candida Candida.The environment is likely to cause mold vaginitis.

Statistics show that the normal carrying rate of Candida in the vagina of normal healthy female friends is only about 10%, while the existence rate of Candida in the vagina of female friends during pregnancy reaches more than 15%.The chance of mold vaginitis is much greater than ordinary healthy women.

Third, female friends during pregnancy are also prone to vaginitis. Vaginitis is a very common gynecological inflammation. It not only affects the health of pregnant women, but also has a lot of adverse effects on the normal development of the fetus and production.As a result, abortion or premature birth, the main manifestations are vulvar itching, vaginal discharge increases, the color of vaginal secretions will be thicker white or yellow and white, some are thin, some are present, some are presentedCurmine or tofu dregs.

Fourth, female friends during pregnancy are also prone to pelvic inflammatory disease than ordinary healthy women. Once at this time, pelvic inflammatory disease must be actively treated as soon as possible.Drugs, otherwise it will have an impact on the normal development of the fetus.Generally manifested as symptoms such as pain in the lower abdomen, loss of appetite, headache fever, and sometimes symptoms of urinary systems or digestive systems, such as frequent urination, nausea, diarrhea, etc.

Fifth, female friends may suffer from urethritis after pregnancy, because at this time, because the uterus becomes larger, it will compress the bladder, and there will be symptoms of urgency and frequent urination, which is easy to infect urethritis.If it cannot be treated in time, it may lead to premature birth.It is usually itching in the vulva, and the urethral opening may also have slight discomfort. Sometimes there will be lower abdomen pain or backache, which will severely cause urethral cramps.

In short, female friends must take care of their bodies with my heart during pregnancy, do a good job of cleaning of pussy hygiene, properly perform physical exercise, and do not eat high -fat, high sugar and other foods in diet.Diseases, let yourself and your baby be safe and healthy!

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