Pregnant mothers must know what food is 5 to 6 months pregnant.

Pregnant mothers must know what foods to eat for 5-6 months of pregnancy?

Hello mom!Today, we will discuss the topic of pregnancy. We will discuss in five sections.What food do you eat for 5-6 months of pregnancy today?The principle of nutritional intake during pregnancy is: full balance of meat and vegetables.Pregnant mothers can obtain reasonably from their diet throughout pregnancy, and they can get a comprehensive and sufficient one from the mother’s body.It is required to pay attention to the diverse food in the diet, and treasure can absorb a balanced health and healthy growth.

So what foods do you eat every month during pregnancy?What do you eat in May?From May of pregnancy, the basic metabolic rate of pregnant women has increased, and the increase in appetite of pregnant women will increase significantly.However, if you usually pay attention to the matching of dietary vegetables, generally do not have problems such as overweight hypertension.Daily in the middle of pregnancy, 400 ~ 500 grams per day, 250ml of milk or soy milk, 500ml of soy milk, 1 ~ 2 eggs of eggs, 100 ~ 150 grams of fish and shrimp, 100 ~ 150 grams of fresh vegetables, 500 ~ 10 fruits can meet the needs of the motherEssenceThe amount of coarse and fine grains with meat and vegetarian foods is a wide range of varieties. The right key to eat is to be uniformly combined with partial eclipse.

1 Continue to take high -quality protein.In this month, pregnant mothers should continue to take high -quality protein, and the need for protein needs to increase with the growth of the gestational week to meet the growth needs of the mother’s placenta and fetus.About 80 ~ 85 grams of protein must be supplemented per day of pregnancy.The intake of calcium and vitamin D has been 5 months of pregnancy. The bones and teeth of the baby’s bones grow very fast. The demand for calcium during the rapid calcification period is simply drama, so the intake of calcium in pregnant mothers should be by normal women.The 800 mg of 800 mg is increased to 1200 mg.It is accurate than milk powder or yogurt from milk pregnant women from this month, such as dried cheese tofu eggs or duck egg shrimp and fish.

In addition, expectant mothers should take calcium daily, and note that the supplement of calcium should run through the entire pregnancy.Of course, simply calcium supplementation is not enough.Also need to consume more foods rich in vitamin D to help the absorption of calcium.

Practice has proved that calcium supplementation during pregnancy will not only help the normal development of fetal bones, but also reduce the incidence of pregnancy hypertension syndrome.Pregnant mothers should eat more fish and eggs.Pregnant mothers can expose the sun appropriately, but first of all, we must do a good job of sunscreen.

3 Do not overeating that pregnant women strengthen nutrition, not to say that the more you eat, the better.The lower abdomen of the pregnant mother at 5 months of pregnancy is very conspicuous. The feeling of falling and relaxing in the section is not easy to digest in the stomach. Too much eating will cause excess nutrition and cause a major physical body. It is not good for pregnant women and fetuses.Therefore, pregnant women should arrange their diet reasonably, so only to eat seven or eight full, control fat and sweets.If the expectant mother has been fat, she should avoid the diet that gets fat, but there is no need to calculate how hot each meal is to calculate a steamed bun.

A bowl of rice has a lot of calories. To overeating, pay attention not to eat or eat less high -calorie food.What do you eat in June?6 months of pregnancy is the period when the fetus grows rapidly. At this time, the nutrition absorbed by the fetus through the placenta is five or six times that of the first pregnancy. Mom should try to avoid cold, hot and spicy foods, and don’t pay attention to nutrients such as protein fat calcium and iron.This month, the calories needed by the mother’s body have increased efforts. They should eat more foods such as sweet potato pumpkin taro, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.In addition to these expectant mothers, drink plenty of water to ensure smooth urinary tract prevent urinary tract infection.

If the expectant mothers have puffiness, drink plenty of water during the day and drink as little as possible at night.

1 In June, the fetus’s kidneys and bladder have been developed and stable. At this time, pregnant mothers should fully consume nutrients such as choline to meet the development of the baby’s brain and nervous system.Choline is an indispensable substance for fetal brain development. It mainly exists in foods such as egg animal brain and liver, green leaf vegetable beer, yeast malt soybeans, etc. The highest content in egg yolks is red meat and milk.Soy products are also gallbladder in citrus and potatoes. Structural balance is the best to ensure sufficient choline.

2 taurine helps to nurture smart babies.A acid is a sulfur -containing amino acid that is mainly in animal, lean meat livestock oyster oysters and clams and other foods.Infant taurine glucose is an essential amino acid for infant growth and development.Telonic acid can promote the brain growth and development of the baby’s baby, promote the formation of neural cells and the completion of neural networks.There are also various tissues in the fetus, metabolism and various organ growth and development, maintaining the role of infant retinal physiological functions, etc., and can enhance the body’s immunity.

In addition, taurine also has the effect of lowering cholesterol.Pregnant women eat more foods containing taurine, which helps to give birth to a smart and healthy baby.3 Increase the amount of iron supplementation at this time.Many expectant mothers begin to have symptoms of anemia, and iron is one of the important elements of red blood cells.Therefore, this month should pay special attention to the intake of iron.

If severe anemia can be taken according to the doctor’s order.Three times a day, take 0.3-0.6 grams of sulfate per day per day. In order to strengthen the absorption of iron agents and reduce the vitamin C of 0.1-0.2g of gastrointestinal tract, take it to drink tea at the same time after meals.

Pregnant mothers, let’s talk about it today,-What do we eat during the 7-8 months of pregnancy?

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