Pregnant mothers find HPV during pregnancy. Should I have a miscarriage?Dr. Zhao tells you the answer

Infected HPV, it must be a little shy, wet but unsatisfactory!

I obviously have only one husband, how did I win the prize?

Infection HPV, will I have cancer, and I don’t live long?


With pregnancy, he is infected with HPV, and his life is suffering!

The children born are definitely unhealthy. Should I have a miscarriage?

At that moment, did you feel the sky collapsed?

Inject HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer.

For a time, the HPV vaccine is omnipotent,

"Without HPV vaccine, there is no female health"

The famous HPV virus is known to the whole people!

All the people and horses that fry the HPV vaccine,

Few people are willing to clarify what ghost HPV is,

Not to mention the impact of HPV infection on pregnant mothers and fetuses.

Today, Dr. Zhao came to talk to you about the problems of HPV during pregnancy!

Men and women will infect HPV

HPV infection will not only have women, but men will also infect HPV.

HPV can infect penis and testicles.

Studies have found that the incidence of HPV infection with the same type of partner is close to 25%.

Men will also spread HPV to women.

Although the condom can reduce the risk of HPV infection, it cannot be 100% blocked.

The part where the contact condom is not covered may still be infected with HPV.

HPV is infected with reproductive system?

Although HPV infection is a common sexually transmitted disease,

Skin and anal genitals are more common lesions.

But statistical data shows,

It also comes with respiratory nipples, oral pharyngeal cancer, and esophageal cancer

And skin cancer is correlated.

Imagine the huge space.

Infection HPV does not check the point?

In 2021, why is there such a cognition!

Maternal and infant communication, sexual contact, and indirect contact spread.

HPV communication is not just applauding one way.

Even if the mother is single for 30 years, HPV may still be infected.

Not to mention friends who have lived with husband and wife.

Is the infected HPV not rescued?

If you are infected, don’t be too panic.

At present, there are more than 200 types of HPV,

Based on the risk of carcinogenesis, it is divided into high -risk and low -risk types.

High -risk HPV: There are 13 sub -types,

Contains 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 68.

The carcinogenic rate is more than 90%, and continuous infection is the main factor of carcinogenic.

Low -risk HPV: 12 sub -types,

Including 6, 11, 40, 43, 44, 53, 54, 61, 72, 73, 81 and other sub -types, etc.

The carcinogenic rate is less than 5%.

Infection HPV is common,

According to relevant statistics, about 80%of women have been infected with sexual life.

90%of those infected with HPV can remove HPV within 1-2 years through their own immunity.

Only a few infected people will develop obvious diseases.

It takes 15 years to develop to average cancer.

Therefore, don’t worry too much about unfortunately infected!

But now there is no special drug cure!

Can you get pregnant?

Before the married woman is pregnant, do pre -pregnancy examination.

The cervix is good and there is no lesion.

Normal pregnancy infection is completely fine.

If there is a cervical lesion, then treat it first, and then get pregnant.

Moreover, 60%to 70%of low -level lesions can heal themselves.

Only to high -level lesions,

It is recommended to get pregnant after treatment, which is safer.

After pregnancy, do you find that cervical lesions are aborted?

Some women only discover cervical lesions after pregnancy, which is very entangled.

Do you want to flow off the child?

60%-70%of low-level lesions,

No need to deal with it, it can be reversed naturally through autoimmune!

Even if you find the lesion, don’t blindly abortion!

As long as it is not cancerous, don’t worry too much.

Most people are guided by experienced specialists,

The probability can safely spend the entire pregnancy.

The effect of HPV infection on the fetus

At present, the impact of HPV infection on the fetus has no conclusion.

Lack of large sample data demonstrations.

By summarizing the existing reports,

The effect of HPV infection on the fetus

Mainly occur in low -risk HPV,

Especially HPV6 and HPV11.

High -risk HPV infection

It has not been reported whether it has caused newborns’ malformations.

A clinical follow -up study of HPV -positive newborn shows that

Newborns rarely occur in HPV continuous infection.

Six months after the follow -up, 6 months,

HPV infection can naturally turn overcast.


For girls who have a sex history

And youth infection of genital genital warts,

Repeated respiratory papilloma, etc.

It should be highly suspected of having the possibility of congenital HPV infection.

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