Pregnant mothers come over, super detailed pregnancy check -up strategy, help you get half -effective

Let me recall that I used to go to the three hospitals to do a pregnancy test (pregnancy test during pregnancy).I want to share a super detailed pregnancy check -up strategy in pregnant mothers who are struggling in Beijing as before, helping you with half -effect!

I still remember that my husband had a cold that morning, but in order to welcome our monkey baby as soon as possible, we were AA (the same room) at 5 am.On the 10th day, I felt a little bit worried, and then I used David’s pregnancy test strip to test the two red bars.

Pregnancy test stick+test strip

When I test my pregnancy, test every day to check whether it continues to deepen?I did n’t go to the hospital to confirm my pregnancy after a month, and then the doctor asked to take the B -ultrasound at 6 weeks to build files.We went to the Beijing Armed Police General Hospital at the time (currently renamed the "PLA General Hospital").

The blood test spent 50 yuan, B -ultrasound checked 170 yuan, and spent a total of 220 yuan.From pregnancy to B -ultrasound, the whole process does not exceed 2 months!

Precautions: Li Zhi said:

1. Moms who are preparing to get pregnant should not be too anxious, remember to maintain a good mood.(Like the first month of pregnancy, because I was too anxious, I finally got gastroenteritis. I went to the hospital to take a blood test and I knew that I was still watching the emergency department at that time. The doctor knew that I was preparing for pregnancy.Immediately after eating, he will restore health.

By the second month, I slowly learned to relax.My husband also comforts me, let’s let it go.Among them, it is also arranged to go to the ancient city of Pingyao, Shanxi, to travel a short trip, which is to AA before traveling.After returning home after the journey, it was really pregnant to use David’s pregnancy test strip 10 days after ovulation!.

2. If the ovulation period is 10 days after the test paper test is a whiteboard, then don’t worry too much.Then you can wait until the menstrual period is delayed 10 days before testing, because some eggs and sperm combine to bed late.

3. When the pregnancy test paper is used to test the pregnancy, you can go to the hospital to take a blood test to confirm.The results of the test list show the doctor, she will tell you when to take the B -ultrasound for the next time.It is usually about 40 to 50 days. At that time, the B -ultrasound fetal heart buds would be almost available.

4. When the blood and brown secretions of the vaginal flow after pregnancy are tested, it is normal.(It is okay for 1-2 days.) As long as it is not always flowing, but in order to ensure the safety of the pregnancy test paper, check whether it deepen?Deepening is okay.If you are flowing for several days in a row, you have to go to the hospital to check if it is a threatened abortion?

Pregnant mother

Generally, the two bars are as deep as the home pregnancy test paper, and you can go to the hospital to draw blood to confirm whether the value of progesterone and HCG is normal.

We went to the PLA General Hospital to go to the front desk consultation desk on the second floor of the Gynecological Department to ask, and we need to go to the community hospital in the area to open a mother and child health file

When I finish blood, the doctor will tell you when you go to the hospital to take a B -ultrasound after you look at the value of your progesterone and HCG.B -ultrasound can produce results at the time, and fetal heart buds can start to the front desk to make an appointment.

File process: First confirm whether the two bars are as deep at home.Then go to the hospital for blood testing.The community hospital has a mother and child health file.See if there are fetal heart buds based on B -ultrasound?You can start to build files at the front desk with fetal heart buds.

Regarding the cost of inspection this time, I can no longer remember the cost of B -ultrasound for 210 yuan, and the cost of blood drawing is 50 yuan.You can do it alone without lining up.

NT: It is mainly a transparent band scanning. NT examination is also a method for Tang’s screening to evaluate whether the baby may suffer from Tang’s syndrome.

Check the process:

This examination is generally inspected at 11-13 weeks of pregnancy, which is color B-ultrasound.

You need to make an appointment in advance. The baby is very cooperative, and the time spent the whole process of no more than 20 minutes (at the time of inspection).

The main time is to spend a queue and wait for inspection. Everyone try to make an appointment as early as possible without waiting for more than 1 hour.

At that time, I used my own medical card to register a registration fee of 2.5 yuan, and the inspection fee was 210 yuan.

On the day of the inspection, the expert window on the first floor lobby was checked on the day of the inspection.(The expert number is usually 100 ~ 300 yuan)

The baby is very good, the expert doctor said that there is no problem, and everything is normal.

The results can be released in about 7 days.The B -ultrasound can produce results on the same day, and the report of the 21st complex will take the results after 7 days.

Precautions: Li Zhi said:

1. Remember to take the B -ultrasound to the second -floor ultrasonic front desk to make an appointment for the expert number. On the day of the inspection, I took the expert window to the expert window on the first floor lobby on the day of the inspection.(100 pieces of ocean)

2. After the fee is paid, there is no need to check the consultation. Go directly to the second floor and sit and wait for the call to check.

3. Because I have to urinate before I do the B -ultrasound, I have all the cups filled with water when I go to the hospital.Drink directly when you go to the hospital to fill the bladder full water.

4. When doing B -ultrasound, you must keep a happy mood so that the baby will better cooperate.

5. The tt value is normal than or equal to 2.0.

6. If the baby’s heart rate is too high at this time, there is no need to worry too much, maybe the baby is moving when taking the B -ultrasound.Our baby is like that, and the heart rate of the later B -ultrasound has dropped!

This inspection can generally pass smoothly, and our baby has passed smoothly.Pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much, keep a pleasant mood on time on time!

Checking at 20-24 weeks, I was checked at 23W.At that time, the hospital was done within 20 minutes of inspection, and our monkey baby cooperated with the doctor.

Spending: The registration fee is 2.5 yuan, the B -ultrasound check fee is 210 yuan, and the fertility insurance can be reimbursed.

Checking process: Appointment for obstetric number on WeChat.Then use mobile phone text messages+identity cards+medical insurance cards to carry out numbers in the lobby on the first floor.After taking the B -ultrasound, the results were reported at the time.

Precautions: Li Zhi said:

1. After the previous birth checkup, I quickly go to the B -ultrasound for the next B -ultrasound.

2. Before checking, you need to urinate and have a more water to drink more water.

3. The pregnant mother maintains a good mood, and the baby can cooperate well.

Its full name is diabetes screening during pregnancy, which is generally performed in 25-28 weeks.

We conducted this inspection at 7: 10 ~ 9: 00 in the morning.

Check the process: once in the morning on an empty stomach.After the first blood, brew and drink a pack of 70g of glucose powder.Don’t sit quietly after drinking, you need to move for 1 hour before pumping for the second blood.After the second blood, after another 1 hour, then the third blood was drawn.

The registration fee of the medical insurance card is paid 2.5 yuan by itself, and the inspection fee is only dozens of dollars.

The result can be produced after 1 hour of an empty stomach, but it can only be used for 1 hour and 2 hours to get the result before the results can be produced.

As a result, they can go to the lobby of the first floor of the hospital for scanning the test report.

Li Zhi said precautions: In order to allow sugar sieves to pass smoothly, Baoma had to control his mouth, and he had to control the amount of fruit intake a month before doing this inspection.I just didn’t remember the doctor’s instructions to take fruits every day.In the end, the empty stomach of the sugar sieve was not over (5.63) exceeded 5.1!You need to go to the hospital early, it is recommended to hang 7: 10-9: 00 on WeChat; the whole process is empty, you can’t eat, and don’t be misleaded 1 hour and 2 hours after meals on the list.(Time is for the time after the empty stomach blood drawing.) Except for the empty stomach, you need to scan the code to line up. The remaining second and third time you don’t need to line up to scan the code to draw blood.In order to save time, try to bare a cup at home to brew the grape powder.When you go to the hospital, you can drink it after the empty stomach.On the day, the doctor will let you take a picture of a sugar sieve on the wall of the mobile phone. Everyone must read it carefully.Dr. Zhao’s sugar screening standard is that the empty stomach cannot exceed 5.1, the blood value of the first hour cannot exceed 10, and the blood value of the 2 hour cannot exceed 8 o’clock.

The General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army was monitored with Doppler fetal heart monitor.

In the process of doing it, it is best to eat something, so that the baby is active, which is convenient for monitoring the fetal heart rate.

I didn’t eat anything at the time, but our baby was very active, because we had just finished breakfast for a while.

We are very smooth at each fetal heart monitoring, and we can pass it once!

At 28 yuan/time, the results report was printed after finishing.

Li Zhi’s precautions: The doctor will remind you that you are full and drink to do fetal heart monitoring, so that the baby will actively move. Only then can you monitor the fetal heart rate.Sit and wait for the call, it is best not to miss it, otherwise you have to wait for the next round.For example, the morning round of fetal heart monitoring is 1 to 30, then you have to wait for the doctor to call your number from the second time to your number to do it.The time to do is about 15-20 minutes.

The above is the main product check -up project of our child during pregnancy in 2016, hoping to help pregnant mothers in Beijing.Let you take less detours, everything during pregnancy is smooth!

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