Pregnant mothers are not nauseous or sick, worrying about the baby, but the doctor said it was a "unexpected surprise"

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Many women are particularly nervous when they are pregnant, and they have to worry about half a day.For example, when I was pregnant, I had symptoms of chest swelling. Suddenly, I was worried that there was a problem with the fetus.When the fetus develops, the stomach occasionally suffer from pain and pain, and he is worried about whether it is a threatened abortion.Especially when there is an early pregnancy reaction, those pregnant mothers who are not nauseous and sick will worry about their baby problems.

In fact, after pregnancy, the grass and trees are soldiers and listening to the wind is the rain. Every pregnant mother will have it, don’t be too nervous.If the pregnant mother is not nauseous, or pregnant, they will worry that there is a problem with the development of the baby, but you can go to the hospital to check, but the doctor will say that this is a "accidental surprise". Why?The reason is as follows:

Generally speaking, there will be various discomfort after pregnancy.

The reason why it is not nauseous and not pregnant is a "unexpected surprise". This is mainly because generally speaking, women will have various discomforts after pregnancy, such as pregnancy, nausea, can not smell the taste, etc.Escape torture during pregnancy.And the pregnant mother without these reactions is particularly lucky. I eat it during pregnancy. When I sleep until naturally, I can go out and walk around. Isn’t it a "accidental surprise"?

A friend of me is like this, it is very thin, and I don’t feel much after pregnancy.When there should be a response in the early pregnancy, she did not perform at all, had a good appetite, no pregnancy, and insomnia. It was not sensitive to the smell. Daily life was no different from before pregnancy.The family members were worried that there was a problem with the development of the baby, or whether the tire was stopped, but when she went to the hospital for examination, everything was normal. The doctor said that she was not guilty during pregnancy.

Early pregnancy response is strong and has nothing to do with whether the fetus is healthy

In fact, many people are like this. The reaction is uncomfortable during pregnancy, and there are no reactions during pregnancy and all kinds of worry.However, the doctor told us that the reaction of early pregnancy has nothing to do with whether the fetus is healthy, but it will be prompted that the development of the pregnant mother’s fetus.Because, around 6 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will have early pregnancy reactions, such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, chest swelling and drowsiness.At about 8 weeks of pregnancy, the start of pregnancy starts to increase, which will affect the appetite and daily activities of pregnant mothers.In 12 weeks of pregnancy, the symptoms of most people will disappear.And this process is actually the process of fetal development.

In this process, progestin grows, and a large amount of secretion of progesterone can stimulate the stomach and intensive, thereby exacerbating the reaction during pregnancy.The strength of the reaction during pregnancy is an external manifestation of the rapid growth of progesterone, and it is also an important reminder of fetal development. It will prompt development, but it cannot judge whether the fetus is healthy.Because progesterone grows rapidly, the fetus is growing, and the growth of progesterone is gentle, indicating that the fetus develops steadily. Only when the progesterone suddenly subsides, it may be that the fetus develops.

Therefore, the reaction during pregnancy is small or no response is not necessarily a problem with the fetal development.Of course, not nausea and no pregnancy, in addition to prompting the development process, it is also related to the personal constitution of pregnant mothers.Some human body is good, that is, it is impressed by the adequate pregnant mother who is not adequate during pregnancy.Some people have a great response during pregnancy, and even have reactions before birth.Therefore, as long as the fetus is healthy during pregnancy, the pregnant mother should not be too entangled with the problem of reaction during pregnancy.Of course, if you are vomiting in pregnancy, pregnant mothers still need to seek medical treatment in time.

Pregnant mothers, do you respond strong during pregnancy?


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