Pregnant mommy "back pain", have you found the reason?

During pregnancy, pregnant moms will always have a lot of discomfort.Among them, the most unbearable is back pain. Is there any way to relieve or prevent?Although back pain during pregnancy is not a serious disease, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to pregnant mommy.Today, Xiaobian is here to support the pregnant mother, come and learn two tricks together.

1. Since the position of the baby is located before the lumbar spine, as the number of pregnancy weeks increases, the upper body of the pregnant mummy will gradually become a balcony to maintain a balance (that is, the typical backward position presented by the pregnant mummy).At this time, the lumbar spine curvature increases, and the support of the abdominal muscles weakens, the lower back muscles of the pregnant mummy will be excessively tight; at the same time, due to the concentrated blood supply baby, the hypoxia is more serious. This is more serious. This is more serious.It is inevitable that back soreness.

2. During pregnancy, the ovaries will secrete a substance called relaxin, thereby reducing the tightness of the collagen in the joints, making the joint relaxation and ligament loosening, and weakening the power of the body.Especially in the end of pregnancy, the fibrous cartilage and the ligament between the sacroiliac joints and the pubic bone becomes relaxed, which can cause lower back or pelvic pain.

During pregnancy, the fetus develops rapidly, and it is easy to lack various nutrients and minerals, especially calcium, vitamins, and iron. Once lack, it is easy to cause low back pain.Therefore, you must pay attention to diet and ingest nutrition.

If the pregnant mother wants to mention things, first ensure that things should not be too heavy, and then lift it with leg power instead of waist, keep the back straight, and bend from the knee.Don’t carry things on your arms.

Don’t sleep soft bed, do not lie on the soft sofa when you rest, choose a hard mattress that can provide good support.

Don’t wear high heels.

Pregnant moms should maintain a good posture on weekdays, sitting straight up, do not hump.When you sit down, you can raise your legs or put a soft pillow on the back of the chair to reduce the back pressure.

In the early pregnancy, pregnant moms remember to take an appropriate amount of rest to make their bodies relax and reduce fatigue.

In the middle and late pregnancy, pregnant moms cannot do more and live more, so as not to hurt themselves or fetuses.

Do not participate in tension, excitement or too much travel activities, too fatigue can easily cause back pain.

Mommy should not take too long for each walking or walking time, avoid standing for a long time, and take more rest.

At home, pregnant moms can massage themselves.In addition, you can also make local hot compresses. Use hot towels, gauze and hot water bottle. It can be applied for half an hour a day to reduce the pain.

Pregnant moms must listen to the doctor’s opinions before using painkillers or ointments, and use the drugs carefully to avoid adverse effects on the baby.

Pay attention to weight and avoid being too fat.Because the weight of pregnant mothers gains weight, the heavier the amount of balance on the back, the more painful the back, so don’t eat too much high fat food.

What are the good ways to prevent back pain during pregnancy?

Prevention of back pain in the middle and late pregnancy

The sore shoulders during pregnancy, the best way to treat is to make a full rest for excessive muscle; in addition, avoiding heavy objects or local hot compresses or massage for pain;

In order to avoid and reduce lower back pain during pregnancy, women who plan to get pregnant can stretch and move the joints of the body before and in the early pregnancy (first 3 months); suitable actions can ask specialists.

What should I do if I do back pain in the middle and late pregnancy?Just try the above methods.

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