Pregnant female colleagues caught the car for half a month, and I accidentally discovered her secret!I stunned when I answered the phone

The beginning of the story is on a hot summer, and colleagues in the company have conflicts and disputes because of a pregnant female colleague.I am a middle -aged man who holds personnel management positions in the company and has an introverted personality, but likes to deal with people.However, my personality makes it difficult for me to fight a familiar female colleague. She is a pregnant female colleague.

This female colleague is enthusiastic and hospitable, making it difficult for me to refuse her request.She frequently stunned my car and asked me to pick her up for half a month every day.At first, I declined and told her that I had to send her children to school, but she didn’t seem to care, and insisted on asking me to pick her up.In order to avoid conflicts, I can only temporarily compromise and silently pick up her home.

The challenge of the new company

Later, because the economic benefits of the previous company were not good, I was laid off.Although I am not sad because of this, I still want to find a job that suits me.So, I took my wife and the child to take a vacation with the child to relax.During vacation, I started looking for a suitable job on the recruitment website.

Fortunately, I found a new company recruiting personnel.I like this job very much, because the work content is relaxed, and I also like to deal with people.So I resolutely decided to enter the company.However, the size of this company is not large, and personnel, administration and finance are crowded in a room, and almost all my colleagues are women.In the face of this situation, I am a little worried and I don’t know how to integrate.

On the first day of the new company, I met a very lively lady. She was one of my female colleagues.Fortunately, I quickly figured out the interpersonal relationship of the office, but I did not expect her influence on me than I expected.

The intensified request

When a female colleague knew that I entered the new company, she asked me more frequently.I understand that she is pregnant, and her colleagues in the office dare not offend her, for fear that she will hurt her because she refuses her.So I fell into a passive situation again.In desperation, I can only choose to endure it temporarily.

However, I don’t want her to rely on me, because it affects my life and work.I think she rejected her many times, but it is difficult to put it into action every time.Until one day, her request was intensified, and even regardless of my rejection, she insisted on letting me pick up her.I decided not to continue this way, I need to find a way to solve this problem.

Find a solution

In order to prevent her from getting my car again, I decided to use the excuses of overtime daily to go to get off work later than her.I hope she can understand what I mean, but soon I found that the plan could not work.She is still waiting for me, and does not hesitate to wait for me to wait for me.I felt very helpless, so I had to continue picking up her home.

However, I firmly believe that one day she would understand what I didn’t want to pick up her.I don’t want to face this problem passively, and I decided to work with a bicycle to express my determination to be willing to pick up her.

Conflict explosion

When I rode a bicycle home, she saw it, and her face suddenly changed.She walked in front of me and asked why I would not drive her.I told her that the car was broken and could only ride a bicycle to work.She hesitated, and had to take a taxi home.

The matter was not as wishes. The next day, she called me and was called by her husband and asked me to apologize to her.I rejected her husband’s request and revealed her frequent cars and unreasonable requirements.I think I have no obligation to pick up her, and her request is too much.

Consequences and awakening

My rejection attracted the attention of some colleagues, and they began to doubt her behavior.Gradually, colleagues began to ignore her, and she became isolated.In work and life, she began to become lonely and helpless.

However, I don’t want to complain with her because of this. I just hope she can recognize her behavior and correct the error.And I also understand that I need to learn to refuse and stick to my bottom line.This experience made me understand that sometimes I must say "no" bravely to protect my interests!

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