Pregnant "encounter" ovarian cysts can consider laparoscopic surgery

Earlier, the obstetrics department of the New District Hospital of the First Affiliated Hospital of the University of Science and Technology had performed laparoscopic surgery for a pregnant woman who was more than 5 months pregnant for more than 5 months.At present, pregnant women and fetuses are all good.

It is understood that Xiaoli (pseudonym) was pregnant for more than 5 months, and ovarian cysts before pregnancy, but did not care.After pregnancy, the B -ultrasound is also hidden.Unexpectedly, he suddenly had abdominal pain after more than 5 months of pregnancy.

It was found that the enlarged uterine was a cystic mass about 8 cm in size, local tenderness, and the fetal development was good. The preliminary diagnosis was to reverse the ovarian cyst.

Professor Xue Xiuzhen, Director of Obstetrics at the New District Hospital of the First Affiliated District of Hebei University, said that this was due to the increasing uterus and the position of ovarian cysts changed.It can cause ovarian cysts with ischemia, and even necrotic rupture, secondary infection, causing severe abdominal pain.Sometimes the incomplete reversal can naturally reset, and abdominal pain relieves it.In the past, most to reversed the ovaries. Now, if there is no complete necrosis, you can keep the ovary as much as possible.But like Xiaoli, it is necessary to eliminate as soon as possible.

Because Xiaoli has a large pregnancy week, after the abdomen, the fetus will affect the incision healing with the fetal increase, and surgical stimulation will have a greater impact on the fetus.The laparoscopic surgery during pregnancy with small trauma, less stimulus, and fast recovery of pregnancy requires close cooperation of the team. The choice of anesthesia, position, qi, puncture technology, surgical skills, abdominal rinse during surgery, etc. need to be carefully treated. The technical difficulty is very difficult.big.

After full discussions, under the leadership of Director Xue Xiuzhen, he successfully performed the ovarian cyst removal of ovarian laparoscopic.

It is reported that the obstetrics department of the New District of the First Affiliated Hospital of the University of Science and Technology has successfully completed more than 20 cases of laparoscopic surgery during pregnancy, which is good after healing.

Xue Xiuzhen, director of obstetrics, reminded: About 10%-15%of ovarian cysts during pregnancy can occur to reverse and need emergency surgery.Due to two types of ovarian cysts found before pregnancy and after pregnancy during pregnancy.The former will not disappear, and even increased during pregnancy; the latter is mostly functional, and the increase of more than 3 months of pregnancy is naturally disappeared as the pregnancy week.

Therefore, in order to reduce unnecessary surgery, reduce the teratogenic rate, abortion rate, and minimize the impact on the fetus.Xue Xiuzhen suggested that the ovarian cyst found before pregnancy is best to prepare for pregnancy after surgery in advance.Ovarian cysts found during pregnancy are best to conduct laparoscopic surgery at 14 to 22 weeks after three months of pregnancy.For ovarian cysts discovered in 20 weeks, it should be treated as much as possible until the fetus is mature to cesarean section or after childbirth.However, for the occurrence of tirers, rupture or malignant tumors, once the diagnosis is diagnosed, it is immediately surgery regardless of the size of the gestational week.(Xu Wenjun Xie Yamin)

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