Pregnancy is not as simple as "same room"!Must be right at these 5 o’clock

Many young people think that pregnancy is a very simple thing. As long as you have sex, you don’t worry about no baby.Especially in many romance novels, the heroine’s "Run the baby after a night" is endless.

However, here, the author wants to remind everyone that romance novels can only be entertaining and cannot be taken seriously.

Let’s take a look at a set of data: The infertility rates reported by countries in the world ranging from about 10%to 30%, the incidence of my country is as high as 25%, and it is constantly rising. It is estimated that there are currently about 33 million couples facing childbearing age couples. Pregnancy problems are troublesome.

Let’s look at a set of data: According to relevant domestic and foreign literature reports, due to the differences in time, geographical, and target groups, the incidence of bad pregnancy ending accounts for about 9.64%to 19.63%of pregnancy ending.

Therefore, pregnancy is not so easy, sometimes it is difficult to love you in your heart.

Press the focus, do the following 5 points to help you get more effort.

(1) Medical examination before pregnancy is essential

Pre -pregnancy medical examination is an important part of scientific pregnancy. In addition to eliminating chromosomes and other genetic diseases, many diseases that have important impacts on pregnancy can be diagnosed.

(2) Preparation for expectant parents

① Nutrition preparation

Dietary should be rationally prepared before pregnancy, and eat more foods rich in nutrients, such as meat, soy products, vegetables and fruits.However, we must also control weight. Excessive body fat rate and too thin body are not conducive to conception.

② Supplement folic acid

It is best to start from planning to pregnancy (the first 3 months of pregnancy), and stop at least 3 months after pregnancy.

③ Quit smoking and drinking

Specific parents who restrict caffeine intake should stop drinking and smoking 3 months before pregnancy.

④ Avoid contact with radiation substances and drugs with caution

Use regular skin care and makeup products; try not to do or do nails and hair dyeing; avoid contact with the environment of radiation substances.

(3) Ovulation measurement

There are many apps on the market to calculate the ovulation period, but there are certain errors, because women have different menstrual cycles due to physical fitness, living habits, and environmental factors. The design of the APP program is usually calculated based on 28 days.It is recommended to do only for reference.

For women with regular menstrual cycles, ovulation usually occurs around 11 to 14 days before the next menstrual period. The same house 1 to 2 days before ovulation has a higher chance of conception.For women with irregular menstruation, they can find the ovulation period by testing the ovulation test strip or the basic body temperature.

(4) Improve the quality of sexual life

Although calculating the ovulation period helps to prepare for pregnancy, it is necessary to stop.Because the number of rooms in the same room during pregnancy is too frequent, it will lead to scarcity of semen, the number and quality of sperm will be reduced and reduced accordingly, and the chance of conception will naturally decrease.According to the relevant suggestions and standards of WHO, if the ovulation period can be completely covered in the same room 2 to 3 times a week.

(5) Proper exercise to relax your mood

Studies have pointed out that in order to get pregnant, the same room is likely to increase the nervous and anxious mood of both husband and wife, which will treat the same room as a task. Instead, it is counterproductive, leading to sexual dysfunction and reducing the probability of pregnancy.

The ending of adverse pregnancy refers to the ending of the pregnancy beyond normal production, which mainly includes natural abortion, abnormal development of abortion, dead fetal dying, abnormal pregnancy, premature birth, low birth weight, and birth defects.

Studies at home and abroad have shown that there are many influencing factors related to the ending of bad pregnancy: it is related to the obesity of pregnant women, age> 35 years old, abnormal history of childbirth (such as the history of abortion), bad living habits, exposure to poison, diabetes, hypertension and other factors, and various factors, and various factorsInteraction.

The absence of fetal position during pregnancy, the number of pregnancy tests is a small number of influencing factors for the ending of multiple adverse pregnancy, and pregnant women with a history of adverse fertility have a greater danger of the same bad ending.

Therefore, it is recommended: ① Promote fertility; ② Pay attention to eugenics consulting, health care and prenatal diagnosis during pregnancy; ③ Pregnant women themselves should strengthen self -supervision, learn to move their own fetal movements, and discover abnormal fetal movements in the early days.

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