Pregnancy during contraception, is he happy or worried?

No kind of contraceptive measures can absolutely say that it is 100%safe and effective. Although it is a small probability event, if you are still pregnant on the premise of taking contraceptive measures, do you feel surprised or sad?

However, the expectant mothers who are pregnant are usually more worried about the health of the baby -a shelter will affect the fetus? Will the sperm kill agent cause birth defects?Will the birthplace increase the risk of health during pregnancy?Let’s take a look.

First, contraceptives

Taking antibiotics and other drugs, oral short -acting contraceptives, etc. are the causes of the failure of contraceptive pills, but no matter what the reason, expectant mothers’ concerns about the health of the fetus are unreasonable, especially in the drug manual of contraceptive pillsThere may be related warnings that make expectant mothers more worry.

Fortunately, there is no reliable evidence that women’s pregnancy during oral contraceptives will bring a big risk to the baby.However, if the expectant mother is still unable to release it, you might as well tell the doctor truthfully, ask the doctor to help you make a professional judgment based on the actual situation.

Second, kill products

Men’s pills such as contraceptives, sperm kill agents, and uterine hats are not high in domestic use, but they cannot completely rule out the possibility of women who can still get pregnant when the other half uses this contraceptive method.

However, expectant mothers do not have to worry too much. There is no evidence that it is related to the defects of the birth of the fetus. It has concluded that even if it is repeatedly used in the early pregnancy, it will not significantly increase the probability of birth defects.Similarly, if the expectant mother still feels uneasy, she can seek help from the doctor.

Third, the birth ring

Usually the probability of wearing a daughter -to -day pregnancy ring is very low, but once it occurs, the doctor needs to be told as soon as possible to ask the doctor to check whether the nursery ring has fallen off.Increase the risk of early pregnancy infection and increase the possibility of abortion.

Therefore, for the health of yourself and the fetus, remember to obey the doctor’s advice, and you must not be lucky.

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