Pregnancy can cause reasonable prevention of menstruation.

When menstruation delays this phenomenon, female friends with sexual life are generally worried about pregnancy. In addition to pregnancy, what other menstruation can be delayed?There are many reasons that can cause femininity to delay. Pregnancy is the most common type. According to this situation, intercourse can indeed cause menstruation to delay, because if you are pregnant, you should be careful if you are not pregnant.Pregnancy can be delayed to be delayed. Five methods are reasonable.

Will sexual life be delayed?Generally speaking, women in the same room before menstruation will affect normal menstruation, because the same room affects the normal secretion of estrogen in women, and estrogen is the main hormone that regulates menstruation!Other people have failed due to contraception after intercourse, and they will cause menstruation after pregnancy. Frequent intercourse may cause excessive intercourse to cause the menu to suffer from the hypothalamus nerve and ovarian axis.

Regular sexual life can cause neurasthenia for a long time, leading to endocrine dysfunction or even physical weakness, which hurts the health of the body.Women can induce pelvic congestion. The so -called pelvic stagnation syndrome produces uncomfortable feelings such as lower body and lower body.Frequent sexual life will cause great physical consumption in both men and women. Over time, physical fitness will decline. It is recommended that intercourse should be controlled.

So if you have sex, menstruation does not come when it comes, and you must consider pregnancy for more than 7-10 days.It is recommended to do early test strip check. If it is 2 red lines, it means that the possibility of pregnancy is positive, and a red line indicates negative, indicating that without pregnancy, you can also do a blood HCGB ultra -examination. This is more accurate. You cannot judge whether you are pregnant with symptoms.

Of course, not all menstruation does not come due to intercourse or pregnancy.Delay of menstruation may also be related to the disease:

1. Cervical adhesion: There is menstrual blood, but menstrual blood cannot be discharged normally because the adhesion is that the cervix cannot be discharged normally. Gathering in the uterus, patients will have periodic abdominal pain. The B -ultrasound can see that there are dark areas in the uterine cavity.Surgery.This situation does not improve in time to lead to endometriosis.

2. Premature ovarian failure: is caused by abnormal ovarian function.It is often manifested as delay, scarcity, amenorrhea and infertility.There are similar menopause symptoms such as dry vagina, difficulty in sexual intercourse, and insomnia.

3. Polycystic ovary syndrome: In addition to menstrual scarcity, it also has three characteristics of ovulation, obesity, and polymillary.This disease can not only cause irregular menstruation and infertility, but also likely to increase hypertension, diabetes, and the risk of endometrial cancer.

4. Abnormal thyroid function: problems in thyroid seem to be more common in women. Whether it is hyperthyroidism or low thyroid function, it will affect menstruation.During hyperthyroidism, the number of menstruation, decreased menstrual flow, and two menstruation have become longer.When the thyroid function is low, the menstrual blood increases and the bleeding time is long, but patients with long -term disease will become less menstruation, and even menstruation will not come.So what do you do for menstruation?

The pathological menstrual delay must be checked

1. Physical examination: This test is mainly used to understand whether patients have serious systemic diseases.

2. Pelvic examination: This test is mainly used to determine whether the reproductive organs are abnormal, tumor or inflammation.

3. B -ultrasound: It mainly reflects the uterus, ovaries and pelvic conditions, thereby excluding the possibility of irregular menstruation caused by many gynecological diseases.

4. Six sex hormones: that is, follicle production hormones (FSH), luteal production hormone (LH), estradiol (E2), progesterone (P), testosterone (T), prolactin hormone (PRL), determine the level of sex hormone, understandEndocrine function and diagnosis of diseases related to endocrine disorders.

5. Living tissue examination: The nature of the lesions can be determined. This method is accurate and reliable, and can provide diagnostic opinions in time.

Treatment of menstruation delayed

The key to western medicine treatment is to find the cause of menstrual disorders and conduct targeted treatment.

1. Physical therapy

It is based on the different physiological characteristics of each person, and an external radiation method used by the body is treated with physical therapy, high -energy output, and contacting or non -contact simultaneous treatment of lesions.Make the protein of the lesion tissue necrotic and fall off under high temperature effects, achieve the treatment purpose of endometrial hemostasis and shedding, and effectively treat deep tissue diseases.At the same time, it can enhance blood circulation, improve local metabolism, reduce muscle and connective tissue tension, and regulate immune function. It has the advantages of strong coagulation, no tissue carbonization, good wound repair, high cure rate, and difficult to relapse.

2. Hysteroscopy

In the treatment of this disease, it is used for more advanced hysteroscopy minimally invasive technologies. It can directly clearly observe the patient’s condition in the uterine cavity, and at the same time do the necessary surgical treatment of abnormal conditions, such as in the uterus, such as the uterus in the uterusMembrane polyps, elimination of submucosal fibroids, uterine adhesion and separation, uterine vertical diaphragm, etc., effectively remove primary diseases that cause irregular menstruation, and alleviate abnormal menstrual abnormalities.It has an irreplaceable effect on the treatment factors caused by the treatment factor factors.

3, abdominal lens

Endometriosis is a disease that causes irregular menstruation and commonly seen.The endometrium of the abnormal uterine is peeled with the cycle of menstrual cycle, which will cause patients with periodic and continuous aggravated abdominal pain and pain.Due to the great clinical manifestations of endometriosis, it often causes great difficulty in diagnosis.The emergence of laparoscopic technology has effectively solved this problem.The endometrium isotonic stove has its typical appearance, so it can be easily seen and obtained in the laparoscopic examination of the specimen of live examinations in laparoscopic examinations.The cause of the cause of any injury can be correctly and effective to treat irregular menstruation.

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