Pregnancy and having a child, 5 Certificate Application Process #Birth Certificate

The process of getting a child with a child for pregnancy.

What documents do I need to apply for pregnant children?What time does it use to do?Where to do it?What materials are needed?Many expectant parents have not done their homework, so it may affect the fertility allowance or give insurance for children.You know that when your child is young, he is relatively easy to get sick.If there is no newborn medical insurance reimbursement, it is still quite high.Today, I will tell you at one time that all expectant parents must know in advance.

· 1. The birth service certificate, which is the previous quasi -student certificate, don’t think that you have to let go of three babies now.Like a certificate of birth, the giving birth allowance is still hard in many places, and it is exactly that most places can be handled online.You can search for the local maternity registration service platform and fill in the information as required.

However, we need to prepare a marriage certificate, resident ID card, and hukou book in advance to confirm the B -ultrasound of pregnancy.Generally, children can do it before birth.

· 2, the health card, generally from six to twelve weeks, the health card can not only let you understand the health of you and your baby and the next checkup, but your information will be uploaded to the local pregnant woman management system.If there are special circumstances, such as changing hospitals or transfers, then you can get your information in other hospitals. For pregnant women, it is also a security guarantee.We need to take the marriage certificate, the household registration book or a residence permit of both parties, and the reincarnation certificate to confirm the B -ultrasound of pregnancy.

3. Examination of designated hospitals.Generally, including township health centers, community health service centers, maternal and child health hospitals, and public hospitals.

4. Medical certificate of birth.Generally, it can be processed within one month after the baby is born, and it can be extended for 30 days late.However, there may be differences in each place. You can also ask a doctor when you are discharged.If you need to use your hukou for your baby, you need to think about the baby’s name in advance during pregnancy, because after you fill in the name of the birth certificate, you can only go to the household registration room.The required materials are issued every time the registration form is issued. When admitted to the hospital, doctors will generally give you.

The second is a marriage certificate. If you find someone to lead, the mother needs to fill in a authorized attorney to lead people to bring their ID card.

4. Go to the hukou.After receiving the birth certificate, he takes the hukou book, the marriage certificate, and the ID card to go to the household registration as soon as possible.

5. Newborn medical insurance card.It is best to be arranged within three months after birth, because the baby’s personalized inspection costs can be reimbursed.Many places can apply online, which is very convenient, so the earlier, the better it is.You need to prepare the household registration book and the baby’s one -inch white background photo in advance.The background color of the specific size and the background of the photo may be different in each place. If you are fine during pregnancy, you can find out in advance.

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