Pregnancy almost asked for "life" because of fatty liver!How to treat pregnancy fatty liver?

Pregnancy is a special period of women, which will mainly induce some common obstetrics and gynecology diseases. However, in addition, pregnancy qi will seriously affect women’s metabolic function. Therefore, fatty liver is also a common problem for pregnant women.Fatty liver during pregnancy will bring huge harm to children and pregnant women, but it is not easy to find fatty liver problems in time in the early days. Therefore, in order to avoid the development of fatty liver, the correct treatment method must be selected.

1. General treatment

The general treatment of fatty liver during pregnancy is a relatively direct and simple treatment method. Because the impact of female fatty liver cannot be clearly clear in the early days, it is necessary to help women keep bed in bed and give sufficient nutritional supplements to avoid physical problems.Moreover, the body of pregnant women is relatively vulnerable to stimulation. In the process of nutritional supplementation, scientific and reasonable recuperation must be performed. Therefore, some high -carbohydrates and low -protein diets should be given to help women correct acid poisoning.

2. Change blood

The treatment of blood changes is generally to remove abnormal factors in the blood for treatment. Because women will change obviously during pregnancy, sometimes it will cause lack of coagulation factors in the body. ThereforeIf you appear, otherwise the more serious complications will endanger patients’ lives.

3. Blood transfusion treatment

Blood transfusion treatment is a treatment method for more severe female patients, because fatty liver during pregnancy can cause patients with coagulation factors in patients and cause anemia symptoms to varying degrees of anemia.Because pregnant women cannot perform surgery immediately, blood transfusion treatment is generally needed to ensure the safety of life.

4. Liver protection treatment

The treatment of liver protection and liver protection is the main treatment method for fatty liver. When women find fatty liver, they need to use the corresponding drugs to protect the liver and liver.This is to prevent the liver function of pregnant women from continuous failure and affect the treatment method performed by the fetus. Usually, vitamin C or coenzyme A and other drugs are selected for treatment.

5. Hormone therapy

Pregnant women with severe diseases or acute symptoms have obvious treatment effects.However, hormone therapy also has obvious side effects. Therefore, when pregnant women find acute diseases, they need to judge how to use hormones based on the physical condition of pregnant women.

6. Condition treatment

When the acute fatty liver is severe during pregnancy, it is usually necessary to choose the method of disease treatment. Because of the conservative treatment under normal circumstances, the maternal and baby mortality rate is high, so when you find itdisease.If the period of disease treatment is delayed, in the late stage of liver failure, liver puncture is huge and dangerous, and it may also cause major bleeding.

During pregnancy, fatty liver is a serious disease for women and children. In addition to threatening the health and life safety of mothers and daughters, it can also cause lesions of other organs. In the later periodA variety of complications.Although the incidence of fatty liver during pregnancy is relatively rare, the mortality rate is high, and early strict examination needs to be performed to avoid misdiagnosis.

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