Precautions for Plasma Drugs cannot use plaster messages

What are the attention when applying a plaster?

First: Master the indications

Each plaster has its unique pharmacological effect, so be sure to master the indications. Do not "universal" casually

For example, chronic low back pain and bruises caused by the cold and cold, can be used to dispel cold, relieve blood, and relieve pain, and relieve pain;Those who have collapsed or collapsed for a long time can use a poisoning paste to remove the swelling and swelling, remove the muscles.Rubbery plaster has the effect of anti -inflammatory and analgesic, and has certain effects on rheumatic pain, low back pain, muscle pain, muscle pain, sprains, and injuries.Salvation cream is a Chinese medicine that uses the use of stasis and fragrant and wet, such as musk, borneol, safflower, frankincense, no medicine, plus nitroglycerin, and once the symptoms of angina pectoris occur, you can immediately take a piece of sticking to your heart immediately.In the area, the angina pectoris can be relieved in five or six minutes.If you post once a day, you can prevent the role of angina pectoris.

Second: Before applying plaster, you should use a hot towel or ginger slices to clean the skin or at the acupuncture point at the acupuncture point, and then post it after wiping

Plaster should avoid places with a large hair, otherwise one is unable to stick, and the other is that it brings hair and cause pain when it is torn.When the weather is cold in winter, rubber plasters are often not easy to paste. At this time, the plaster can be pasted and then applied it with a hot water bottle in order to stick it firmly and increase the treatment effect.Third, the baking method should be correct.Use black plaster plaster, bake the plaster on the hot kettle or alcohol lamp, and the candle of the micro -fire. When the baking plaster is not scalded with the skin, it can be pasted on the affected area.EssenceHowever, some people like to bake directly on the coal stove when using such plasters. This method is not desirable.Because the carcinogenic substances such as benzene meal, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases such as carcinogenic substances such as coal stove will be absorbed by the plaster matrix and water, and the skin is infiltrated into the human body, which brings a certain harm to the health of the human body.

Third: Pay attention to contraindications

When you accidentally cause muscle injury or joints, ligaments and ligaments when exercising or labor, do not immediately use injury, damp pain cream, musk chasing wind cream to the injured area.Because this kind of plaster has the effect of promoting blood circulation and dispersing blood stasis, it cannot be pasted after injury to the purpose of swelling and analgesic.Those with partial damage should not be directly attached to the damage place to avoid purulent infections.Any plaster that contains musk, frankincense, safflower, no medicine, and peach kernel should be disabled.If the local skin appears pimples and blisters in the local skin, it consciously itching and severe itching, indicating that the plaster is allergic to this, and should be stopped immediately, oral anti -allergic drugs, local external paint hormone ointment for anti -allergic treatment.

Fourth: How long should the plaster be pasted

Plaster has a certain treatment effect, and it is convenient when used, and there is no pain, which is accepted by many people.However, a considerable number of people did not know when to be unveiled after sticking to the plaster, and even posted it for two or three days.In fact, after 8–12 hours of plaster, it is best to tear it off.Because during this time, the skin has absorbed the effective ingredients of the plaster. If the delay is not torn off, it will increase the burden on the skin, hinder the transparency of the pores, block sweat excretion, and even local dermatitis.

Can you stick a plaster if you are pregnant?

During pregnancy, you should not be used randomly. You must guide the doctor. Even if the plaster sexual plaster is penetrated through the skin, it will also cause a certain harm to the baby.

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