Patients have a low sperm activity rate in May, and the rate of Chinese medicine sperm activity has increased by 10 times after taking 13 days.

Today, I shared a case of low sperm vitality and no pregnancy for 3 years. After taking 13 days of Chinese medicine, the case of sperm vitality significantly improved. The patient was contacted at the end of June 2020 to contact me for consultation.It has been experienced throughout. He and his lover have experienced many IVFs and have failed to get pregnant. The last time was that although it was successful in recent months, it was eventually pregnant.Abortion, failed to do so.At that time, when I received this case, I felt that my heart was still tricky. The abortion of this kind of pregnancy was mainly from two reasons. One was that the female uterus could not get pregnant.If the uterus is compared with the "fertile soil" of a dysfunction of the twins, then this type of patients can be called "frozen soil" because it cannot provide the fertile environment required for fetal growth, so the phenomenon of abortion occurs from time to time, which can be described as it can be described as occurred.Inch grass is not born.However, the situation of the menstruation and the results of the examination is normal.So most of the next possibilities are that men are not enough to enter egg cells due to too low vitality of sperm or cause some DNA due to sperm head.At 2-3 months, miscarriage caused by the fetus automatically stopped growing.

Sperm vitality before treatment

After listening to the patient’s narrative, I knew that this was a challenging infertility problem. When I saw the patient’s routine analysis of the semen reporting report, I had a deeper confirmation of my thoughts. The sperm activity rate was only 4%, Equivalent to 96%is a sperm that is not sporty, with only 3%forward sperm. If sperm is metaphorized to troops, then only 3%of soldiers rush forward, and the remaining 96%have been killed.Running blindly.At that time, the situation was relatively severe. In order to increase the patient’s confidence, I did not explain the actual situation. I just said to the patient not to give up hope and have a chance.But really how much hope is this, no doctor dares to guarantee.Because when the patient was looking for me to consult at the time, he almost had no hope of hope. He had taken various types of western medicine, health products, Chinese medicine, and even IVF.As a doctor, I fully understand this psychology, because all the psychology of infertility patients who visited the clinic for consultation in my clinic are in the end.Therefore, the patient came with a contradictory mentality. On the one hand, he had given up, and on the other hand, he had great expectations for the doctor’s treatment.This is the reason why the angles standing between doctors and patients are often different.

Although it is a more difficult challenge, as a doctor, I can’t watch the patient’s anxiety and be unable to ask for it, because I understand their mood very well.No matter how the final result has done the best efforts.So I asked the condition carefully.After the description of the patient, the number of urination times has increased, and the stool is not in shape. I often feel back pain. The sexual life time is short. In addition, the phenomenon of hair loss is obvious.Wanderer.Take a look at the tongue coating, the moss is white and greasy.Prostate fluid shows some inflammation.I did not have fetal heart buds for 50 days before IVF, and there was no natural pregnancy history. From the perspective of symptoms, it belonged to the typical spleen and kidney yang deficiency, but in fact the most fundamental reason is that the kidney essence is insufficient, and most of the doctors are in the doctors inDiagnosis is unreasonable, so most of the Chinese patent medicines prescribed by doctors use the nourishing yang medicine, and the omissions are omitted.Because kidney refines kidney qi, and kidney qi is divided into yin and yang, the lack of kidney yang needs to find the cause from the source.Because the lack of kidney yang further leads to refinement and infertility and the main bone of the kidney, lumbaric acid occurs.Due to the long -term insufficient kidney yang, it further affects the spleen and yang, which leads to the lack of spleen yang. Therefore, people with kidney deficiency generally have stools and the tongue coating.Kidney Yang is the firewood under the large pot. If the firepower is insufficient, how can you cook the rice?After understanding the basic situation of the patient, I have a preliminary treatment idea.After the consultation, the patient anxiously asked me when I could cure it. I didn’t want to fight his self -confidence, and at the same time did not want him to lose hope, so I told him that I did not set too high the goal all at once, and strive to first be too high.Recently, the sperm vitality has been more than doubled, because only the sperm vitality is higher, so the chance of pregnancy will naturally increase.Although so saying so, I actually did not grasp the effect of treatment.Because it is indeed a difficult case.

With the challenge mentality, I thought about the study of Fang Zi for two overnight thinking.First of all, for the anxiety of the patient, I used Bupleurum, Tulips, and Suxinhua, and placed in the front of the square. This is easy to ignore by many doctors, but I think it is the most important because emotions are for the condition for the condition.The impact is particularly important and has to consider.Secondly, I use Wuzi Yanzong Wan as the foundation to add and subtract, because this is the first party. I am the most commonly used in the clinical process, but I have made a lot of modifications, mainly include silk, leek, Shayuanzi, raspberry, covering seeds, covering seeds, and raspberries., Valley, wolfberry, mulberry.Among them, the filament is able to solidify the kidney and astringent essence. The leek seeds can play a large amount of encouragement of the kidney yang.Secondly, I use Epimedium, Morning Halberry, Cistanche, and Antlers Cream, on the one hand, to improve the level of hormone and improve the kidney yang.However, there are more than the whole nourishment, and the yin is insufficient, so I join the dogwood.Secondly, in order to solve the problem of the spleen and stomach, I joined malt, hawthorn, and divine music. This is the basis for me that only the spleen and stomach function can have the source of renivation.In the end, I creatively closed the Siwu Decoction on the basis of this recipe. In fact, the idea is very simple. All the renal essence and the boost of all kidney yang are undoubtedly derived from qi and blood.For the foundation, only when qi and blood are sufficient can the entire prescription achieve the best results. Secondly, Chi Chi can promote blood circulation and transparent the medicine.In addition, I not only used the cooked land, but also joined the land, also for the same tone for yin and yang.Finally, add 30g of astragalus to replenish qi.The whole square can be described as a large army, and it must be done in one go, and the troops are dispatched in order to see the results.

After 13 days of treatment, the patient’s sperm vitality was nearly 10 times

After opening the prescription, I instructed the patient to take a month first to see the effect.However, after the thirteenth day of taking Chinese medicine, the patient contacted me and said that Fangzi was very effective. In July, the routine sperm activity rate of semen checked reached 36.9%, of which A -level sperm reached 16.3%.Sperm vitality has been increased by nearly 10 times.At that time, I was more surprised to this result, because the effect was indeed a bit unexpected. Originally, it would take about one month to have this effect according to the estimated estimation, but I did not expect that it would be so remarkable in just 13 days. At the same timeThe heart of the heart was also put down, because it proved that the prescription was right, and the treatment ideas were correct.Feeling the joy of the patient, I also felt happy in my heart, and instructed the patient to take the medicine.After your lover’s body recovers, you can consider children.

From the case of this patient, I thought about several important points. For the treatment of infertility in infertility of the spleen and kidney deficiency, the spleen and kidney yang deficiency is often the appearance. The real reason may be that the kidney essence is insufficient.Secondly, kidney essence can turn qi and blood, and at the same time, qi and blood can also be the source of the renal essence.Finally, while treating, you must relieve the liver and qi, condition the spleen and stomach, and can have an unexpected effect.

The above treatment ideas are only personal views, for your reference and discussion, and the disadvantage is to give pointers!

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