Painless abortion surgery revealed the secret

For couples who do not have a fertility plan, if a woman is pregnant by accident, it is certain that they do not give birth to a baby. The only choice is abortion surgery. Many people have heard of painless people, but what is the painless surgery process? For the first time?Women who use painless abortion, they want to understand the flow of people before doing this operation. In order to allow female friends to understand the painless flow of people, let’s pay attention to the painless flow process and make everyone better.Recognize the process of surgery.

1. First of all, determine pregnancy.According to the history of menopause, patients with positive pregnancy tests can generally be diagnosed as pregnancy, but must be ruled out for nourishing cell diseases such as ectopic pregnancy and hydatidal fetus.At 45 days of menopause, the B -ultrasound shows that the pregnancy sac is seen in the palace, which can be determined as internal pregnancy; if there is no pregnancy in the palace, and there is an ectopic pregnancy in the palace;Consider the hydatidites.Only diagnosis is diagnosed with intrauterine pregnancy can pedestrian surgery.Some rural hospitals have simple conditions and have no B -ultrasound facilities.When you see the embryo or fluff, you can be diagnosed as internal pregnancy; if none, you must consider the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

2. Preparation before painless people.If you find that you do not want to have birth after you are pregnant, you should try to do artificial abortion within 10 weeks.Because the larger the pregnancy month, the more complications of surgery, the more aborted or induction surgery is performed when the pregnancy month is larger.Prepare sexual life within 1 week before the painless abortion, take a bath and change clothes 1 day before the operation to avoid cold and cold.Fasting and banning water for four hours before surgery.However, it should be noted that if there are urgent, chronic systemic diseases or severe heart, liver, and renal damage; or women with acute and chronic reproductive system inflammation, they are not suitable for abortion.

Fasting or drinking water in the morning on the day of the operation.Surgery should be changed when the body temperature exceeds 37.5 ° C.Do not be too nervous with the doctor during surgery.

First do a B -ultrasound in the hospital. Check how long the pregnancy time is suitable for painless abortion (B Super Black before), and it must be empty before surgery.There is also a piece of clothing when you leave the hospital, don’t get cold, remember to bring a sanitary napkin.

3. Surgical period.The embryo is cleared out of the uterus with surgery or medicine, which is the key -step.There are many ways to surgery. The most currently used method is painless abortion, microtherapy painless abortion, visual painless abortion and endless painless embryo, suitable for early pregnancy within 3 months.Especially those who are pregnant for one and a half months to 2 months.

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