One middle -aged man insists on eating walnuts every day. Can this be supplemented?Remind three types of people to eat with caution

Mr. Qin found that his memory was getting worse and worse. His wife told him to go to the supermarket to buy some dishes after work. He forgot it and was complained by his wife when he went home.The washing clothes hung up. He didn’t think of it until the evening. He didn’t have to think about it, and was criticized by his wife.

Mr. Qin heard that eating walnuts could make up for the brain, so he bought a large bag of original walnuts from the supermarket. He ate five or six every day. I don’t know if it was a psychological effect. He felt that his memory became better.So I bought a lot of walnuts back and eat more every day.

Later, Mr. Qin participated in the community’s medical examination activities. The doctor told him that the blood lipids were a bit high. Mr. Qin was puzzled that his blood lipids were normal. How can he rise in a short time?Is it related to eating walnuts?

Persist in eating walnuts every day, can you make up your brain?

First of all, theoretically, it may not mean that eating can achieve effect.Both DHA and EPA are the ingredients that are helpful to the brain, but after entering the digestive tract, the ingredients are decomposed. In the end, it is difficult to guarantee what effects can be produced. At present, there is no scientific evidence that walnuts can become smarter after eating walnuts.

Secondly, other nuts and walnut components are similar. It is not only walnuts with nutrition. Similarly, there are many oils inside, and a large amount of intake may affect the cardiovascular.

In the end, whether the brain cells can regenerate are controversial. Some people think that the less brain cells are used in the medical community, and it is difficult to regenerate after adulthood. It is not effective to eat more walnuts according to this statement.Some people think that there are new nerve cells in adult brains, which means that we can strengthen and improve brain function through the acquired methods.

However, the brain nerves are not muscle or bones, and can easily change, at least there is no way to treat neurodegenerative diseases.Therefore, if your memory is because of dementia, it is useless to eat more walnuts.

Why did the memory improved at first, but later found that the blood lipids had increased?

There are too many busy and miscellaneous things every day, and you will miss some less important things. This is normal. In addition, if the brain becomes less, you will feel that your memory becomes worse.Repeatedly instructed, so the missing incident decreased and felt that the brain function was improved.

However, Mr. Qin did a mistake, that is to increase the amount of consumption. It turned out to eat five or six a day. This amount was more appropriate. Later, he ate a pack of one pack every day.If the oil intake exceeds the standard, blood lipids are affected.

According to the recommendation of the Chinese Society of Nutrition, nuts are about 10 grams a week, and about 5-8 small walnuts are converted. Its fatty acids are beneficial to metabolism and cardiovascular, and can also supplement protein.

Feeling the head stupid, it may be harmful to three behaviors

The first behavior -staying up late

Those who study at work after staying up late will find that their brains will turn slowly. If you get to your mouth, you ca n’t remember it, and it is difficult to concentrate. This is because the lack of the sea and Horse area activity is reduced and the brain metabolism is abnormal.Attention and decision -making are worse, it is easy to hesitate to do things, and it is easy to be distracted.

The second behavior -smoking

Smoking is a behavior that many people have. You think your brain is happy and addicted. In fact, it is damaged.Whether brain nerve cells can continue to be updated and do not know, but it is clear that harmful substances in tobacco will damage brain cells, and will also damage and block blood vessels, causing cerebral vascular accidents.Once sequelae are left, the cognitive ability will decrease and life span will be affected.

Third behavior -drinking

From entering the human body to occupying the brain is very fast, even less than a minute. The more you drink, the higher the amount of alcohol, the more severe the brain is damaged. This is why many people feel the headache and poor memory after drinking alcohol.If the middle -aged and elderly people have been drinking for a long time, the volume of the brain will shrink, the ability of interpersonal communication will become worse, often dazed, and speak clearly.

The reason why Mr. Qin felt that his memory became worse was actually related to staying up late. He went to work in the factory for three shifts every day. Others just returned home when they went to work in the early morning.Although he made up for the day, he did not improve the brain, and could only help restore physical strength and energy.

Improving the brain is not to eat walnuts, and the food replenishment effect is limited. It should be started from these living habits to avoid staying up late, smoking, drinking, and other behaviors.If the memory is not found, it means that it is given your last reminder to adjust your status as soon as possible.

In addition, nuts with rich fat are not suitable for three types of people, remember not to eat too much.

People with high blood lipids should not eat nuts too much. It is more appropriate to eat 5-7 a day. Try to eat the original flavor.Walnut kernels are relatively dry. People with swollen gums should eat less. When eating, drink plenty of water, or match with milk and juice to avoid coughing.In addition, because the oil will lubricate the intestines, people who have diarrhea themselves have to eat as little as possible.

In addition, nuts of nuts should be sealed and dry. After eating, the sealing strip is actually sealed to prevent the omissions from softening. Be careful to prevent moisture, and the food inside is moldy.If you find that it becomes darkened and bitter, it means that the food has deteriorated, so don’t swallow it.In fact, it can not only eat it but also play in the hands. It is helpful to the brain function. Middle -aged and elderly people may wish to try.

When memory decreases, many people think of eating diet improvement, but in fact, food effects are limited and cannot rely on a single food.After middle age, memory gradually deteriorates. Usually exercise more, and often read newspapers and newspapers to make manuals, which can also improve the brain.

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