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Lumbar pain is a common clinical symptom of the Massage Department, and it is one of the common causes of patients with patients to see the department.The waist is the part of the human body. The bone structure generally has 5 lumbar spine (as shown in the figure below, the lumbar vertebra with lumbar vertebral sacralization and sacral lumbarization is 4 or 6).

Because it does not have the support structure of the ribs of the thoracic vertebrae and the sacral vertebrae, and the degree of mobility and strong force, it is easy to be injured.(For detailed mechanism, please refer to

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Among the physical workers, most low back pain is caused by injury: sprains or strain of muscles, due to sudden exercise or body weights in non -autiological positions can cause back pain in physical workers.Sitting brainpower workers will have back pain due to chronic pressure on the waist for a long time.In addition, the following reasons can also cause low back pain: spinal cord disease, discullation or protrusion, sciatica, arthritis, kidney -related diseases, spinal -related diseases.

Lumbar pain can be divided into acute and chronic.Acute low back pain can last for several days to a few weeks, and chronic low back pain lasts for more than three months.Understand the causes behind low back pain, diagnostic process, common conservative and non -conservative treatment methods, and self -prevention methods to help people from all ages reduce or prevent the negative impact of low back pain on life, learning, and work.

What are the causes of low back pain

1. Losses

Due to excessive activity, the muscles and ligaments on the back are over -stretched or torn, causing low back pain.Symptoms of strain include back pain and rigidity, as well as muscle spasm.The method of responding to such symptoms is to rest and receive physical therapy.

2. Discoperlation of vertebral discs

The common manifestation of disconsolation of discus of disc was protruding from intervertebral discs, and the intervertebral disc herniation is also known as disconnection or rupture. The intervertebral disc located in the cushion between the spine is extended to the normal position but the fiber ring is complete, which is swollen intervertebral discs (as shown below).

The fiber rings of the intervertebral disc were crowded out of the fiber rings from the lateral outer side, and the intervertebral disc herniation.Both the swelling and prominent may compress the nerve root and cause the corresponding symptoms.

Intervertebral disconsolation is usually suddenly occurred after a heavy or sprained waist. Unlike simple lumbar sprains, the pain caused by intervertebral disc damage usually lasts more than 3 days.The intervertebral disk on the waist is under great pressure. The normal intervertebral disc can be likely to be full of buns. The blue is a nucleus. It is like a bun filling. The white fiber ring is like a bun.(As shown below).

Normally, the outer side of the disc is the nerve root. Under normal circumstances, the intervertebral disc does not stimulate the nerve root.(As shown below)

This kind of buns are compressed as they increase with age.After a man’s youth, as he grows old, the body changes, the liquid content between the spine bones will decrease, the intervertebral discs start dehydration, the disc is degraded, the buns are not so full, and the non -full degenerate spinal disc is easier to be easierStimulated.(As shown below)

As the age increases the muscle tension step by step, the vertebral disk of the waist is pressured, and the "bun" is crushed to become "pies". The skin of the pie is thin, and the filling can easily break the skin arch.(As shown below)

Therefore, the lumbar disc is often occurred at people aged 30 to 50.This is why the use of back muscle exercise and the use of human engineering places to use the body to help prevent lumbar disc herniation.

3. Sciatica

If the patient’s sciatic nerve (as shown below) is oppressed,

Patient’s pain will be diagnosed with sciatica.Sciatica usually causes pain in legs and feet.This pain is usually accompanied by a burning sensation or numbness.

4. Bygratic stenosis

Spoofal stenosis will cause pressure on the spinal and spinal nerves (as shown in the following three pictures).

The most common cause of spinal stenosis is intervertebral disc.As a result, the nerve root or spinal cord is compressed by bone spurs or soft tissue (such as discoloration).The pressure of the spinal nerve can cause numbness and cramps, and the body may feel the symptoms of numbness and cramps at any place.Many patients with spinal canal stenosis are worse when standing or walking.

5. Abnormal spine bending

Scoliosis (as shown below),

The rear convex and the front convex are the causes of abnormal spine bending.The spine bending is usually congenital and is generally discovered for the first time in children or adolescence.The abnormal curvature will apply non -biological force to the body (muscle, tendon, ligament, vertebral bone), leading to bad posture and pain.

6. Other causes of back pain

In addition to the above reasons, there are many other situations that cause low back pain:

1) Artalitis -inflammation of the joints.

2) Fibromyalgia -long -term pain and tenderness of joints, muscles and tendons.

3) Spinal inflammation -joint inflammation between spine.

4) spondylosis -a degenerative disease may cause a decline or loss of normal spine structure and function.It is generally believed that aging is the main cause of spondylosis, but the body varies from person to person due to the position and speed of aging and spondylosis.

5) The problems of other non -skeletal muscle systems can also cause back pain, such as kidney and bladder problems, pregnancy, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, cancer, etc.

Back pain diagnosis

Doctors need a complete medical history when diagnosing low back pain, and conduct a comprehensive physical examination to determine the cause of the patient’s pain.Checking usually includes

1. Physical examination: Determine whether low back pain affects the scope of the patient’s body, check the patient’s reflection, and the patient’s response to some sensations, so that clinicians can understand whether low back pain is a simple skeletal muscle problem, or skeletal muscle problem causes neurological problemsEssence

2. Imaging examination: such as X -ray, CT scanning, ultrasound and MRI.Through these examinations, doctors can understand whether the patient’s bones, intervertebral discs and ligaments and tendons on the back of the back are problems.Electrochemical or neural conduction tests can help identify neurological problems.Sometimes doctors suspect that the patient’s bone strength is problematic, and may also require patients to conduct bone scanning or bone density testing.

3. Most low back pain can be relieved through conventional examination and simple self -care treatment in the later period.

However, if the patient has the following symptoms, the number of examination items will increase.These symptoms include: intestinal symptoms, weakness, fever, and weight loss.

In addition, if the patient’s low back pain continues after self -treatment, the doctor may also ask the patient to do an additional examination.

Low pain treatment method

1. Self -treatment

Within 72 hours after the pain starts, you can try self -treatment.If the pain does not improve after 72 hours of self -treatment, the patient should consider going to the hospital for treatment.

Self -treatment includes:

1) Stop all sports activities.

2) Rest in a flat hard board bed.Theoretically, it is not possible to do it, but few people can do it.Flat the hard board bed as much as possible.Sometimes lying on your back can cause discomfort. If this is the case, try to lie on the side, bend your knees, and a pillow is clipped between your legs.If you can lie on your back, put a pillow or rolled towel under your thigh to reduce the pressure on the waist.

3) If you need to sit for a long time or stand for a long time during bed, you can wear your waist.

4) Take an over -the -counter analgesic drug, non -steroidal analgesic drugs (it is not possible to recommend any specific drugs).

5) Taking hot baths or family massage can usually relax the stiffness and spasm muscles of the back to help relieve symptoms.

2. Conservative therapy for hospitals

Conservative therapy provided by the hospital includes: drug therapy (muscle relaxant, non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs, analgesic drugs,

Steroids can reduce inflammation, corticosteroid injection), use medical support, physical therapy (massage, stretching, rehabilitation exercises, waist and back and spine techniques), Chinese medicine external treatment (laug, acupuncture, needle knife, external medicine) or medicine) or medicine)Chinese medicine internal treatment (Chinese medicine, Chinese herbal medicine).

3. Hospital surgical therapy

For patients with severe condition, surgery may be needed.When the above treatment methods are invalid, surgery is usually the only choice.Of course, if the patient has symptoms such as the intestinal tract or the bladder out of control, or the gradual loss of nerve function, surgical therapy is also required.Surgical therapy generally includes:

1) Intervertebral disk resection: Intervertebral disk resection can reduce the pressure that is caused by disc herniation or bone spurs compression to the nerve root.Orthopedics doctors may remove a small spinal plate (bone part of the spinal canal) to achieve the purpose of decompression.

2) Intervertebral pore removal: Breyrhoidal removal is a surgical surgery that opens the intervertebral pores. The intervertebral pores are bone pores of nerve root through the spinal canal.

3) Electric heating therapy in the skin: Internal electrical therapy is to insert a needle into the intervertebral disk through a catheter and heated for 20 minutes.This makes the intervertebral disc wall thicker, reducing the swelling and nervous stimulation of the intervertebral disc.

4) Nuclear formation: Nuclear forming uses a stick -shaped device that inserts through the intervertebral disc through a needle. Then, it removes the intervertebral disk tissue, and then the device uses wireless radio waves to heated, causing the remaining disconding tissue to shrink.

5) RFC: radio frequency discharge is a method that uses radio waves to interrupt the nerve interconnection.Orthopedician inserts a special needle into the nerves and heated it to destroy the nerves.

6) Spinal fusion: Spinal fusion makes the spine stronger, which reduces the movement that causes pain.Remove the intervertebral disc between two or more vertebral bodies.Orthopedics then bleed the adjacent vertebral bodies with bone implants or special metal screws.

7) Spinal vertebral section: Spinal vertebral section is also known as spinal decompression, removing the vertebral plates to make the spinal canal larger.This can reduce the pressure of spinal cord and nerves.

Back pain prevention

There are many ways to prevent back pain.

The main method includes:

1. If you are overweight, lose weight.

2. Exercise the muscles of the waist, back and legs.The young and middle -aged men who have not been diagnosed with the diagnosis can use "Xiaoyan Fei"

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And "mountaineering"

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Perform exercises.

3. Raise the items correctly: If you want to lift a object on the ground, the operation order is: straight waist, squat, getting objects, and getting up.Avoid straight legs and getting things, and then get up straight up.

4. Learn ergonomic engineering and maintain the correct posture.include:

1) Sleep on a relatively hard surface, such as sleeping hard bed.

2) Sit on a suitable height support chair.

3) Avoid wearing high heels.

5. If you smoke, quit smoking.Because nicotine can cause discullation intervertebral disc, and reduce blood flow.

If your waist is injured, learning to prevent back pain can also help reduce symptoms.If you are a patient with low back pain, you can also go to a doctor or a rehabilitation division for consultation.


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