Once you know that you are pregnant, don’t do these 6 things.

Many women may have been pregnant for a month after they know that they are pregnant; or some are more likely for more than ten weeks.Similar to this kind of phenomenon that I do n’t know that I ’m pregnant, they often happen; there is another type of women who are urgent to want their babies. After each ovulation, they do n’t let go of their daily testing to understand whether they are pregnant.No matter what situation you belong to, once you know that you are pregnant, it is best not to do these 6 things. For the healthy development of the fetus, pregnant mothers must pay more attention.

After confirming that she is pregnant, it is better not to contact chemicals, especially in the first three months, because the fetus is in the unstable period. At this timeWhat hurts the baby.For example, pregnant mothers who work in a chemical factory; pregnant mothers who want to dye their hair perm, etc., as long as they have chemicals, they need to be less contact, or even the best without contact.

When you know that you are pregnant, it is best to avoid radiation at this time.In fact, it is impossible to avoid all radiation, because radiation is ubiquitous in life, but some weak radiation will not affect our body.After pregnancy, you need to pay attention to some relatively strong radiation, such as close to the microwave oven, too close the oven, etc., all day in front of the computer, etc. This type of radiation still needs to pay more attention.

When you know that you are pregnant, you need to prohibit the same room. The fetal is unstable. The same room may cause severe exercise. At this time, it will affect the safe bed of the fertilized eggs.Therefore, 3 months before pregnancy, it is recommended not to have the same room before the fetus is not stable.

In fact, not only knows that after pregnancy, you can’t use the drugs, but when you have no contraceptive measures, you find that when the menstruation does not come, women need to pay attention. If you are unwellpregnant.At the same time, the medication needs to be cautious, and some drugs have great harm to the fetus.

The first three months of pregnancy is a critical period for the development of the fetal brain. At this time, the cells are constantly dividing, and smoking and drinking are originally harmful to physical health.If you still smoke and drink after pregnancy, it will directly affect the health of the fetus, and it will also have a great impact on the development of the brain.

Pregnancy is a happy thing. After knowing that you are pregnant, you must maintain a good mood and not be depressed or crying.In fact, the mood not only has a great impact on human health, but also has a greater impact on pregnant pregnant mothers.While changes in hormone levels, if you feel depressed, it is easy to harm your health, which directly affects the health of the fetus.

Therefore, when you know that you are pregnant, you must take good care of yourself, and from this time, you need to maintain good living habits.If there are some bad lifestyles, you must change it.For your own health, you work hard for your babies who can bred health.

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