Oh!Ahhhhh!I am disgusting, vomiting, and no appetite. What is the sign of pregnancy?

I couldn’t wait to quickly want to have my own baby. I didn’t feel some changes in my body. Does it mean that I have a pregnancy? So how to judge the method of pregnancy?Next, with my telling, Mommy knew if she had a baby.

Look forward to the baby

Mommy’s pregnancy changes one

The first change that happened to me was that the menstrual period was not coming. My menstrual cycle has always been accurate. This time, I did not come for more than 10 days this time.The second change is that the basal body temperature continues in the high temperature section.Those who insist on measuring basic body temperature can be judged from the chart.When the body temperature is up to the high temperature section, this phenomenon lasts 15-20 days, and it can be considered pregnant.

Changes in body temperature

Mommy’s pregnancy changes 2

When spring passed and summer came quietly, many people’s appetite began to fall into the bottom of the valley, and they didn’t want to eat anything.If you don’t want to eat food, it may be really affected by summer.But if you are nauseous and want to vomit, you have to pay attention, and you must consider whether you may be pregnant.This is mainly because women start to secrete more estrogen in the body after conception. Suddenly secretion will affect the digestive system of the body, so they do not want to eat.At the same time, the sensitivity to the taste will increase, so it is normal to vomit.

There are so many delicious but not appetite

Mommy’s pregnancy changes three

The advantage of test strips is convenient and fast. The principle of testing is to determine whether a person is pregnant by the HCG concentration (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the urine in pregnant women. The test strip is effective for detecting pregnancy.How to use: The test strip box is generally equipped with a small plastic cup. The pregnant mother only needs to inject a little urine. Put the test strip with an arrow logo for 3-5 seconds after 3-5 seconds.

Test strip test

Pregnancy summary

Early pregnant women’s pregnancy reactions were very powerful, with more than 60 % of pregnant women experienced vomiting after getting up in the morning.The sudden nausea and vomiting made the expectant mother look a little embarrassed.When most women are more than 6 weeks of pregnancy, they will appear nausea and vomiting, and they usually appear within a few hours after getting up in the morning.Symptoms have decreased appetite, occasionally nausea, anti -vomiting; a few people are obvious, vomiting and vomiting without eating, vomiting is not limited to the morning, and the sense of smell is particularly sensitive, and the smell of disgust will cause vomiting.Vomiting in early pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon. It does not need to be too nervous. It usually does not have much impact on health and does not require treatment.As long as you keep your mood and stable mood, pay attention to rest.After 12 weeks of pregnancy, these symptoms can disappear by themselves.Of course, those pregnant women who are particularly vomited and what to eat and vomit, metabolism becomes disorder, you need to go to the hospital for treatment, and if necessary, you need to be hospitalized.

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