Obviously there is no pregnancy, but menstruation is delayed. Where is the problem?

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Times are progressing, and everyone’s thoughts are of course pace with the times.Girls living in the 21st century have already bid farewell to "menstrual shame", and learned about related physiological knowledge early.From a certain perspective, the more physiological knowledge you understand, the easier it is to protect your ability.

When it comes to menstrual problems, everyone must know: from the beginning of the teenage menstruation, until the menopause of the 40s and fifty years old, as long as it is healthy and not pregnant and breastfeeding, menstruation will be reported on time every month.Therefore, menstruation has also become a way for everyone to judge whether it is healthy and pregnant.

Of course, there will be some exceptions.Some women obviously have no pregnancy, but the aunt who should visit did not come on time.At this time, they will fall into anxiety and anxiety, fearing that they will get sick.As everyone knows, these uneasy emotions have caught them into a vicious circle.

No pregnancy, but menstruation does not come, it may be related to these factors

1. Too much pressure

Whether the menstrual cycle is normal and whether the endocrine of the body is normal is directly related.If the recent pressure is too great, it is often in anxiety and depression, which can easily affect endocrine, which will also affect the normal visit time of menstruation.

how to say?Stress is an invisible thing, it is difficult to accurately describe it in words or language, but it does exist.Many women look no different from usual, life, work and other aspects, but it is indeed suffering.

2. Excessive weight loss

"I want to become thinner", this should be the mantra of most girls?Especially after the weather becomes hot, in order to wear beautiful clothes, it has opened a "pathological" way of weight loss.Not only is it strictly demanding yourself in diet, but it will also strengthen efforts in exercise.

Such an excessive way to lose weight did not let yourself lose weight, but the body except the problem.For women, the ultimate thinness is not a good thing, it may affect the aunt.Especially for excessive weight loss, malnutrition may also occur, and the impact on the body is serious.

3. The pregnancy test strip is not accurate

The aunt did not visit on time. Many women thought of pregnancy as soon as possible, and they would immediately use the pregnancy test stick to detect.In principle, the technology of pregnancy test sticks is very mature, and even in the early pregnancy, it can be detected.However, the reasons for the errors in the pregnancy test stick or the pregnancy time are too short.

What can do now is to relax, don’t be too nervous and anxious.In terms of emotion, let yourself stabilize and continue to observe physical changes.After a week, continue to use test strips to detect, or go directly to the hospital for examination.

4. The body is really wrong

Of course, there is no problem with the body, which affects the aunt.The most common is ovarian problems, such as premature aging, lesions, etc. As for which reason, further inspection is needed.During this period, I still observe first to rule out the menstrual problems caused by other reasons.

If you haven’t come to aunt for two or three consecutive months, you must seek medical treatment in time. Through the inspection of a professional doctor, and the inspection of professional instruments, see where the reason is.

Don’t underestimate the aunt of women. It is indeed a bark of health, and many health problems are hidden inside.I hope that all women can pay attention to the problem of the aunts and treat the aunt well, so that they can have more health.

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