Obstetrician: Except for this kind of food, most foods can be eaten during pregnancy, don’t be too taboo

In the Internet era, the Internet has become one of the main source channels for most people to obtain information. We can always find various novel things from the Internet.But too messy information, while enriching our knowledge, has also shaken our original knowledge, such as the daily taboos of pregnant women, what foods to eat can cause abortion, and so on.

Some pregnant women can not eat crabs, coffee, hawthorn and other foods in the early pregnancy.Is the truth really as the Internet says?To this end, he interviewed Director Li Yingtao, the obstetric department of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, and Director Li Yingtao also denied that there was no medical basis!

Coffee, hawthorn, etc. cause miscarriage, and there is no evidence of medicine.

Where do the rumors start?Director Li Yingtao believes that due to the different physical constitution, the sensitivity to food is also different, so it may cause physical discomfort because of eating certain foods.Take crabs and hawthorn, many steaming crabs advocate umami, but if the crab is not familiar, it is easy to cause pregnant women to cause allergies, diarrhea, or parasitic.It is a mess. At this time, eating excessive sour food will make the stomach stimulate more obvious, which makes vomiting more obvious.Therefore, it is not as mentioned in the Internet. Eating crabs, coffee, hawthorn, etc. in early pregnancy can cause miscarriage.

Everyone said that the people take food as the sky. Director Li Yingtao believes that there is no special jeopardy during pregnancy. You only need to pay attention to the amount and degree of consumption. Most foods can be eaten.In the early pregnancy, pregnant women often do not want to eat. At this time, the diet should be light.And if the pregnant mother likes to eat hot and sour food, it can also be eaten. Just avoid excessive stimulation and try not to cause physical discomfort.

To say what you can’t eat in the early stages of pregnancy, Director Li Yingtao said that he does not advocate that pregnant women eat food during pregnancy. The first is afraid of enteritis, and the second is the problem of bacteria and parasites infection.If pregnant women have infection during pregnancy, the infection of the virus will have the effect of teratogenic effects on the embryo, and the fever may also be possible.Therefore, Director Li Yingtao believes that in a special period, especially in the three months of early pregnancy, the fetus is particularly sensitive. During this period, it is worthy of the pregnant woman to hold the mouth slightly, which is worth noting.

All in all, although eating crabs, coffee, hawthorn, etc., has no scientific basis for abortion, but in a special period, keep your mouth slightly, and it is necessary to pay attention to it.Folic acid should be replenished reasonably during early pregnancy. The second is to standardize diet. Do not drink on the third. Do not smoke.Doing these well will also help pregnant mothers to give birth to a healthier baby.

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