Observation of the whole people 丨 medical beauty chaos status quo observation

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 14th (Reporter Feng Songling Yang Cingxi) High -priced hyaluronic acid wrinkle removal needle is getting wiped, medical beauty loan routines have no door, false advertisements are invincible …Many consumers reported that they had been deceived during clue collection activities.

The reporter then investigated that some beauty lovers were "growing grass" for a long time, and accidentally entered the pit.The marketing staff used "Tuke" to make a lot of solutions, and even faded the risk of surgery. Many consumers of unknown truth were deceived.The "National Shooting" reporter sorted out the clues provided by netizens and conducted interviews and investigations.

These medical beauty pits, be careful!

Beijing Sunshine Consumption Big Data Research Institute and other institutions recently jointly released the "Research Report on Domestic Medical and Aesthetic Rights Protection Public Opinion (2023)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report") analysis shows that there are 90,769 public opinion in the medical beauty industry in January to May, 2023,Medical qualifications, as well as injection items and liposuction surgery, are particularly obvious.

Consumers Li Wen from Beijing said that she spent 16,000 yuan for facial carving treatment in a medical beauty clinic in Haidian District, Beijing.However, it is swollen after surgery, and it needs to be taken regularly.Because the clinic was prohibited from taking pictures, cameras, etc., she did not leave sufficient evidence and asked the clinic to show that the medical records were also rejected.After she complained to the Health and Health Commission of Beijing Haidian District, the clinic refunded some medical expenses and reached a reconciliation with Li Wen.But then, Li Wen’s face was still swollen and unbearable, and he found the clinic again, but at this time the clinic said he did not know her.

Some of the unqualified "studios" also used the banner of "medical beauty" to deceive.The woman Du Jing introduced Lin Mou, the operator of the beauty studio. In June 2022, Lin Mou implemented the beauty project of fifteen days and one course of treatment for Du Mou.Lin made Du Mou supplement collagen and fill the nasal base law pattern project.After several adjustments, it has not improved. Lin can only take Du to Jiangsu, Shanghai for treatment and surgery, but a series of treatment such as foreign body removal surgery, facial suction, gold fine -tuning, and fascia suspension surgery still has not changed the consequences of "disfigurement".

Data from Tianyan Check shows that there are currently more than 103,000 "medical beauty" related enterprises in my country. From the perspective of establishment time, 55.8%of related companies were established within 1 to 5 years, and 25.2%were established within 1 year.From the consumer prompts issued by the China Consumers Association, the licenses are not complete, the over -range operation, the unlicensed job, the operation of the operation, the unknown medical product channel, the difficulty of the effect, the service quality and the expectations of consumer expectations are becoming a medicalThe focus of complaints in the United States.

Can’t you be at ease?

Among the more than 90,000 data on the public opinion of medical beauty consumption, more than 30,000 data on medical qualifications, accounting for 33.1%; 31.1%of medical quality issues;35.3%.At present, there are still many black -hearted institutions and practitioners who do not have medical institutions or doctors’ practice certificates and employees who do not have medical institutions or doctors.Body health causes potential risks.From the perspective of many consumer complaints, due to the lack of evidence, the market regulatory authorities have no power to do.

Chen Yubai, deputy chief physician of the Plastic Surgery Repair Department of the First Medical Center of the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, said that the current regulatory authorities are difficult to supervise some private studios or beauty salons hidden in the office building.The boundaries of life beauty and medical beauty."Face the market, institutions and illegal practitioners, and supervision of medical beauty products."

Medical behavior must be operated by a registered medical institution.The "Report" pointed out that at present, there are still many black -hearted institutions and practitioners who do not have medical institution’s practice permits or medical practice certificates illegally engaged in medical beauty services., Cain potential risks to consumers’ physical health.

In the "Report", there were more than 30,000 complaints involving medical qualifications, accounting for 33.1%, of which the data of relevant personnel agencies accounted for 26.8%.This year’s CCTV "3.15" party was exposed. At the U.S. Expo held in Wuhan in July 2022, some exhibitors personally injected facial injection for customers directly at the exhibition site and admitted that they were non -practical doctors.Due to the low entry threshold for some medical beauty projects such as injection and "huge profits" in the industry, some people have "cross -border" medical beauty after short -term training.A personnel who had been engaged in the hairdressing industry told reporters that without any qualifications, he received only 3 days of training in a beauty institution and had eyebrows for consumers.

Many e -commerce platforms not only sell medical beauty injections at will, but some merchants also provide remote video tutorials, providing living space for the chaos of medical beauty.

Many consumers with lack of experience have difficulty finding some hidden cats in the advertisement. They chose unconventional institutions. After problems, they were often signed by the other party to sign the "inequality clause".A consumer reported to reporters that at the end of 2022, she accepted the comprehensive operation of the collagen in a beauty salon in Zhuhai, causing facial swelling. After the incident, the beauty salon stated that she could refund the money and bear the cost of subsequent treatment.The condition is that you cannot publish any negative information about the beauty salon on any Internet media platform, otherwise you must lose money from the beauty salon.The netizen signed and agreed.

How can the medical beauty chaos break?

In response to the chaos of medical beauty, 11 departments such as the State Administration of Market Supervision have recently issued the "Guiding Opinions on Further Strengthening the Supervision of the Medical Beauty Industry" to further strengthen the supervision of the medical beauty industry.Chen Yubai suggested that consumers must grasp the "three formal" principles, that is, choose regular institutions, regular doctors, and regular products to prevent personal rights from being infringed.

Chen Yubai said that medical beauty is different from life beauty.Life beauty refers to non -invasive beauty care for the human body such as skin care, massage, and SPA.Medical beauty needs to obtain the qualification certificate of medical institutions. Generally, it is called "XX Medical Beauty Clinic".

Chen Yinjiang, deputy secretary -general of the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Chinese Law Society, suggested that relevant departments should investigate and deal with institutions that have no qualifications and over -range medical aesthetics activities.Medical management."For medical and beauty institutions with frequent accidents, relevant departments must timely include it on the blacklist."

Chen Yinjiang said that, given that the current consumer is difficult to proof of rights protection after being infringed in medical beauty consumption, the relevant regulatory authorities should follow the principle of inversion of the responsibility of proof and require the medical beauty institutionAnd there are no faults, otherwise it should be resolved in the direction that is conducive to consumers.

Chen Yubai said that the chaos of medical medical beauty must also strengthen the source supervision of medical beauty products.It is recommended that the market supervision department pays attention to illegal practitioners and institutions in a timely manner, and obtains the production manufacturers, dealers and other channels of the supply of medical products, and adopt joint law enforcement if necessary.

Zhao Zhao, a lawyer of Beijing Jiawei Law Firm, suggested that consumers should not trust medical cosmetic advertisements, especially some new trendy concept words.If the effect of the other party’s claim cannot be clearly reflected in the contract, be careful.

Zhao Occupation reminds consumers that they must sign a contract with the medical and beauty institutions to agree to implement full evidence in all aspects of medical beauty and retain transaction vouchers., Or go to the court to sue.At the same time, related industry associations should also regulate the compliance operation of the entire industry in a timely manner.(Participate: Tao, look)

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