Novel: The wife is pregnant, but the husband is unhappy, and also reported his father -in -law’s business

When the heavy rain stopped, it was dawn.

1. At night, Su Tong was numb and his eyes were stiff.

She wiped her tears, as if understanding what she was doing was useless. He had determined that she was out of track, and she betrayed him.

Unless, she finds more favorable evidence!

Suddenly, the phone she put on one side lit up.

It is Mother Su.

"Hey?" She answered without any matter.

"Tong Tong, your dad was suddenly caught by several policemen, saying that he was suspected of a bribery case!" Mother Su’s anxious voice changed: "You let Jin Yuan check out what is going on …"

After the marriage, Su Tong reported not to worry about it.

Mother Su always thought that their relationship after marriage was smooth. Now Zhou Jinyuan’s power expansion is incredible. When something goes wrong, Mother Su first thought of going to Zhou Jinyuan.

Hanging the phone, Su Tong could only continue to wait at the door.

Zhou Jinyuan will not answer her phone.

At about 8 o’clock, the door of the villa opened.

Zhou Jinyuan wore a brand new black suit with a straight posture.

"Jin Yuan." Su Tong stood up, his eyes were dark, and he was shaking in the wind: "My dad was taken away by the police. Can you check what is going on?"

"What about being taken away by the police? Zhou Jinyuan did not change his face, and his voice was cold.

"My father is old, he can’t stand the toss, you help him …" Su Tong couldn’t stand almost, and did not know where he came from now on.Stop in front of him.

"Want me to help him?"

"I beg you."

Zhou Jinyuan’s lips overflowed with a trace of cold evil smile: "Are you sleeping stupidly by your wild man? I will report to him by hand, and will you promise you to help him come out?"

"What do you say?" Su Tong’s eyes widened and looked at him incredulously: "Is your father caught by the police?! How can you do this, he is your father -in -law!"

"All of this is himself!"

After his father Su and the Zhou family married, he did everything that was hurting the world, and threw all the black pot on the Zhou family.

He only reported his bribery, it was cheap him!

At this point, Zhou Jinyuan’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

Inadvertently, Su Tong saw Xin Yu, who saw the call display, and then she heard that Zhou Jinyuan would tell her to accompany her for lunch.

"Zhou Jinyuan! You bastard!" She bit a word in her mouth, raised her hand to hit him, but was strangled by Zhou Jinyuan, and then threw it away: "Signing early to divorce, I am not so not that.More patience! "

Su Tong watched Zhou Jin away from her farther and farther.

She wanted to catch up, but her throat blood rushed up, and her abdomen was cold and she could be colic, so she couldn’t stand her back.

And he never stopped.

Step away.


After the colic, Su Tong reluctantly took a taxi to the hospital.

A paper inspection report made her heart mixed in her heart!


She is four weeks pregnant!

That is the time when he was drunk in the KTV box a month ago.

The doctor said that the fetus is currently a little unstable. It is recommended that she can be able to recuperate more and do the birth check on time.

Su Tong walked with this report and walked numbly on the corridor of the hospital.

Who knows, I saw a man who helped a woman out of the clinic. From the back, it turned out to be Zhou Jinyuan and An Xinyu!

He talked about the phone in the morning, didn’t he say that he had to go with An Xinyu for lunch?

At this moment at the gynecological hospital, is An Xinyu pregnant?

Holding An Xinyu to go to the lounge aside, Zhou Jinyuan turned his head and noticed Su Tong on the opposite side.

He squinted his eyes slightly and was tight step by step.

"What are you doing here?"

"Nothing, I’ll go right away." Su Tong didn’t want him to find that he was pregnant.

She stuffed the report in the bag, and then turned to leave, but there was a pain in her wrist, and then the whole person was pressed by Zhou Jinyuan. On the wall.

His slender fingers took the opportunity to win the report, and the sight passed the results column: "Is it pregnant?"

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