Novel: The queen gave birth to the dragon and phoenix’s fetus for four years before pregnancy, but the emperor was unhappy: the competing pets came again

Mo Xiuchen held her hand, and his eyes were full of sorry: "Smoke is not afraid, the pharmacist will arrive for a while."

"What happened to you after the mother and the mother? Where did you hurt? The daughter will never mess with the mother again in the future, the mother …"

Luo Yun’er looked at her mother’s paleness, and her big eyes poked in tears.

Luo Yunxian gently guarded Luo Yun’er’s shoulder, and comforted her softly: "The emperor does not cry, and the mother will not be fine."

"Xian’er is right, the mother is okay, but just a little bit of spiritual, don’t you be afraid, huh?"

"Mother behind …"

After calling Luo Yan’s mother, the two little guys called Luo Yan’s mother, and led her hand from the palm of her father.

The little body hangs on the bed, try to be as closer to Luo Yan.

Luo Yan was moved.

Flood family relationship is really mysterious things.

Mo Xiuchen felt again, and he seemed to be more than.

He sat calmly on the edge of the bed and watched the two little guys holding his hand with his family, and he felt sour.

You can’t always do what he should do if these two small things should always do?

At this time, shouldn’t he be accompanied by him, did he comfort his daughter -in -law?

What about these two things?


At this time, the family of four, Yun Shuang finally came.

The three "babies" were reluctant to give up the position to Yunshuang.

Yun Shuang was stared at by three "baby" eyes, and always felt that it was not right, but he always couldn’t see what was wrong. He only calmed down his eyes and kneeled in front of the bed for Luo Yan diagnosis.

Xu Yan, kneeling straight with his body and Mo Xiuchen deeply: "Congratulations to His Majesty, Congratulations to the mother, the mother -in -law is happy, from the perspective of the pulse, the fetus has more than a month, and the fetus is stable.There may also be more than one person. After all, the mother -in -law gave birth to her twins. This child has a large face, but at least after March, you can see if the twins. "

Hearing this, Luo Yan smiled happily and touched his belly gently.

After a long time, she was finally pregnant again.

This time, we must let the children in the belly enter the royal family genealogy of the Dragon, and with the surname of Xiuchen.

She has grabbed Mo Xiuchen’s hand and explained with him seriously: "Brother Xiuchen, this time, you are not allowed to be the master without authorization, and the baby will be entered into the Phoenix family genealogy. The child in this belly must follow your surname."

"Well, okay, listen to smoke."

To be honest, Mo Xiuchen was not very happy.

The two little guys were enough to fight for favors. If you come again, or one more pair, that’s it?

Does he still have a half -point family status at all?

But this child is here, what else can he do?Can’t you stop?

In this way, you can only give birth.

But whether the child is a twin or a single child, his son or daughter, he is determined not to ask the child anymore.

When the smoke gave birth to a child in his lower abdomen and raised his body, he would have some hedidine with Yunshuang, and he would never give birth to it again.

Otherwise, the probability of smoke and his probability of recruitment may be that there will be no children in the past few years.

Will his family status be even more than that of the pawn of rosewood outside the temple?

The two little guys knew that her mother was unhappy, but after she was pregnant, they both behaved very happily.

Especially Luo Yun’er, she is going to be a sister. She is no longer the smallest in the Palace of the Demon God.

The little guy immediately climbed into the bed, took a sip according to Luo Yan’s face, and coaxed Luo Yan very happily: "Mother must take care of herself, take care of the younger brother and sister in the belly, and the daughter is going to be a sister."

"Well, I’m going to be a sister, I can’t be so obedient in the future."

"My daughter will be obedient, and I will never get angry again without provoking my mother."

"Well, good."

Luo Yan saw Luo Yun’er’s good -looking in front of her, and smiled very pleasantly.

Luo Yunxian worshiped slightly with Luo Yan: "After your mother, you have to take care of your body, and the children go to the royal study."

"Well, don’t be too tired, do your best."

"Yes, Xie’s mother hung up."

Luo Yunxian went to the Royal Student very well.

Luo Qingchen, Mo Xiyue, and Luo Hanwei knew that Luo Yan had no hindrance, and she was pregnant with a second child, and she was very happy.

After all, when he is old, he likes to see the younger dolls again.

The joy brought by new life is endless.

Luo Yun’er once indulged in the joy of being a sister, and he refused to leave with Luo Yan half a step.

It wasn’t until Ye Jiuqing arrived that she called her brother and rushed towards Ye Jiuqing.

Xiao Nini has been retreating recently, and it has to be a month or two.

After Ye Jiuqing settled everything, he had nothing to do with it. He thought that he hadn’t seen his father and mother for a long time, and his younger brother and sister, so he took the time to take a look at the Demon God Palace.

As soon as I arrived at the Demon God Palace, I heard that her mother was pregnant with her second child, and even if she came directly to the Changsheng Hall.

He stepped into the main entrance of the Changsheng Hall in front of him, and he rushed into a small soft and glutinous thing in his arms: "Brother can I miss Yun’er?"

"Missing, Yun’er grows taller again."

"Um." Luo Yun’er hugged his neck happily and said to him with his back: "In the future, Yun’er will grow as high as the elder brother."

Ye Jiuqing smiled: "The girl is so tall that she will not be able to marry."

"Yuner should not marry someone, Yuner must be with his father and mother, and never marry people."

"Talking nonsense."

The two brothers and sisters met and said happily for a long time.

Ye Jiuqing has always been spoiled to this sister.

For Luo Yunxian’s younger brother, he was sloppy.

Although every time I come, I will give gifts to my younger brother and sister, but I always prefer a lively and naughty sister. For the younger brother who is always serious and a little adult, he is lighter.

The two brothers and sisters talked for a while, and Ye Jiuqing saw the salute with everyone one by one, and said a session with Mo Xiuchen Luo Yan.

When Luo Yun’er saw that his brother had all the gifts he should have, he hugged his thigh and coquettish him: "Brother, Yuner wants to ride a big dog, go out of the palace to play.good?"

"Yun’er." Ye Jiuqing hadn’t said anything yet. Mo Xiuchen sank his face: "Your brother is the demon wolf, the prince of the spirit, how noble, how can you be a mount with you? Don’t make trouble."

"Father Emperor …" Luo Yun’er murmured unhappyly, looking at Ye Jiuqing poorly on his back.

Ye Jiuqing squatted down, rubbed her little head in spoiled, and coaxed her softly: "Yuner is still young, you can make trouble, my brother will take you out of the palace to play."

When the words fell, Ye Jiuqing really turned into a true body, and the two pairs of angel -like white and beautiful wings behind him were lying on the ground, indicating that Luo Yun’er rode on him.

Luo Yun’er’s eyes were low, but they stood there without moving.

Although he always sells cute with Mo Xiuchen on weekdays, he also sincerely respects his father.

The father and the emperor said that she was reluctant, and she thought about it, and she didn’t dare to ride it seriously.

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