Novel: President has a great temper after pregnancy, grievance every day, a little daughter -in -law looks like a little daughter -in -law

In fact, after this aggrieved question was finished, Ye Jingan regretted it.


Thinking of Xi Nuannuan’s contempt for herself, thinking of Xi Nuan Nuan’s intimidation of herself, thinking of Xi Nuan Nuan’s respect to Xixi’s attitude in the line …

Ye Jingan regretted this, and immediately seemed insignificant.

Just as the women’s clothing is only zero and countless times, the case is the same.

Do you respect Xi Xi, right?


I really can’t pack you, then I will let Xizheng clean up you in person!

Ye Jingan, who was completely broken, did not even wait for Xizheng to ask, and then held the quilt as if the child was bullied and told his parents.

"Xi Nuannu mocked me, and threatened me with force!"

After speaking, his pair of fox eyes stared at Xi Yan.

In that appearance, Xi Yan even felt like a contradictory with her aunt waiting for her husband to go home to discuss the public daughter -in -law.

She is slightly delicate …

He shouted Xi Nuanwen.

Before the arrogance of Ye Jingan, the little girl looked refreshing, and her smiley eyes looked at it, very naive and delicate.

"Cousin, you are back!"

Xi Nuanwen looked at Xizheng innocently, intimate and well -behaved, but when he and Ye Jingan looked at each other privately, he threatened.


Ye Jing’an sneered.

Do you dare to threaten me here?

He deliberately reached out and stroked his stomach, and his voice called Xixi sitting on the side.

"My baby in my belly wants to eat apples."

It is visible to the naked eye, and the gentle expression on Xi Nuan’s face was instantly stretched out.

She warned Ye Jingan, and she immediately stepped forward without having to get started without having to get started at all. She took an apple from the table and handed it to Ye Jingan.

"Cousin, the apple you want."

The appearance of gritting teeth, Ye Jingan was happy to see.

He slowly took the Apple, and he hadn’t sipped it yet–

"There is no peeling apple, how can I eat it?"

"Don’t be too much …"

Xi Nuannun’s fist was hard.


Ye Jingan snorted.

Is this too much?

You haven’t seen it too much!

He turned his head and looked at Xi Yan, deliberately corrected.

"Miss Xi, the baby wants to eat the apple that his mother cuts him, can you say it?"

Xi Xi: …

She looked at Ye Jingan expressionlessly, and always saw his face shallow. After trying to shrink his hand, he finally took the apple in Ye Jingan’s hand.

Xi Nuannun can bear this?

She looked sadly at Xixi, who really started to cut the apple skin, and her expression was distorted.

"Sister cousin, how can you make it–"

"Do you speak to Ye Jingan, intimidate?"

Xi Xi was sitting beside the bed, holding the apple skin in his hand, and his eyelids were not lifted.

Obviously it was extremely normal, but it stopped Xi’s warm words.

When Jiang Qingzhu came, he hit the scene of Xi Nuanwen and silent.

He only glanced at Ye Jing’an next to him, and he immediately had counting in the current situation.

It is definitely impossible to deceive Xi Xi, but as we all know, speaking is also an art.

"Miss Xi …"

Jiang Qingzhu’s expression was hesitant, but he slowly opened his mouth.

"Miss Nuan Nuan also saw that Ye said something … what should not be said, so he was angry in his heart. The two had a misunderstanding and did not control it for a while."

As soon as he heard the tone, Xi Nuanwen’s expression immediately lit up.

She glanced at Jiang Qingzhu secretly in secret.

"Sister cousin, we grow up together, you know that I have no bad thoughts. If the cousin is really angry, you can fight and scold me. Anyway, my skin is rough and thick, and the cousin is most important."


Listen to what kind of national sister this is!

If it weren’t for Ye Jingan himself, he would even think that this sister was really sincere!

"She didn’t …"

He didn’t wait for Ye Jing’an to finish, and a cut apple handed it to his hand.

When Xi Yan just wanted to pull a paper towel to wipe his hands …

A wet towel is still handed over so well -it is Jiang Qingzhu.

He nodded at Xi Yan, and his eyelids were slightly dangled, and the moisturized color couldn’t see his expression clearly. Yin Hong’s lips seemed to be small because of the situation in front of him.

"Miss Xi, I’m sorry."

The sincere words are full of blame and guilt.

"I was present at the time of today’s incident. Strictly speaking, I also have an unswerving responsibility …"

Even if the gentle youth is covered, there is a lingering sense of anxiety.

He just stood in front of a beautiful girl, looking at the eyes of the girl, and it was as important as looking at his whole world.

Ye Jingan looked at this scene and jumped in his heart, and didn’t know what happened. Even the apple in his hand seemed to start to taste without it.

Xi Nuan Nuan narrowed his eyes and looked at Jiang Qingzhu thoughtfully.

"… Don’t have it next time."

Xixi didn’t look at it, and the cold voice announced the end of the matter.

Ye Jingan is naturally dissatisfied.

But all his dissatisfaction was silent after watching Xi’s indifferent expression.

It shouldn’t be like this.

Ye Jingan’s impulse finally calmed down.

He was gradually chaotic inside, and he didn’t even notice even the room from his room.

Until until

The baby in his stomach moved gently.


Ye Jingan’s expression condensed.

He tentatively reached out and touched the abdomen he had already appeared.

The baby seemed to feel something, and he kicked his belly gently.

That was a magical feeling, which attracted all Ye Jingan’s mind at once.

His face gradually complicated.


After this day, Ye Jingan changed.

He obeyed the guidance of tire raising of the professional team. Even if he saw Xi Yan, he no longer looked cold, but …

"Are you leaving?"

After using dinner, after washing, Ye Jingan lay on the bed.

He looked up at Xi Yan, who wanted to walk towards the door, and his voice was boring.

Which one is this?

Xi Xi paid a pause.

She was puzzled in her heart, but looked back at her unchanged complexion, and asked Ye Jingan.

"The baby in the belly wants to sleep with his mother, can’t you?"

Ye Jingan obviously had a long -term psychological construction. He endured shame and his eyebrows turned around, which was enough to call it gorgeous appearance.

Fox Mei is not dazzling, and it is not so seductive.

Xi Yan was alert.

Diligence is diligent, nor rape or stole …

She rubbed her fingers a few times, and finally nodded.

Sleeping together when you sleep together, the baby has been put on, and he hasn’t slept.

With this idea, Xi Yan was on the other side of the bed fearlessly.

Smelling the shallow fragrance of the tip of his nose, Ye Jingan’s ears were reddish, and he closed his eyes tightly.

The same bed and pillow, if it was with her, did not seem to be unacceptable to imagine?

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