Novel: I am a small security guard. I found out that I couldn’t have children, but I found that the stewardess’s wife secretly drank contraceptive pills

Although Huang Li is thin, she is tall, with one meter seven, charming S shape, round jade hips, long and round beautiful legs,

We said a few words of love and went to take a bath.

When I walked into the bathroom, I remembered that my mobile phone was not charging. We were a security guard. The mobile phone must be on standby all day. I could only wrap the bath towel and rush out quickly. Who knows that at this time, I found that Huang Li was drinking.medicine!

She found me out, obviously a little panicked, quickly stuffed the medicine into her mouth, and then asked with a smile: "Husband, why haven’t you washed yet."

I am not a fool. She responded so much and had a problem. I quickly rushed over and grabbed the pills that she tightly held in my palm.

Looking at this, I was like a earthquake. Huang Li was taking contraceptives. I felt that my brain was buzzing and almost didn’t stand firm.

Now that I have found that I can’t have children, why should she take contraceptives?

Since I was found to be unable to give birth, I have not had any protection measures.

Is it not my problem at all, that is, it is not that I can’t have childbirth, but that Huang Li is really raised by the boss, so don’t want to have children?

I opened my mouth and wanted to ask her, but in the end I didn’t ask, because I was afraid of the facts.

Huang Li’s face was ugly. She lowered her head, her eyes were separated, and she didn’t dare to look at me. I held the wall and slowed down for a long time. I kept telling herself in my heart that Huang Li must have her suffering.

In a calm tone, I asked, "Huang Li, how do you take this medicine, I … will not get pregnant."

"Husband, I was wrong, I lied to you, can you forgive me?" Huang Li was crying, she rushed into my arms and hugged me tightly.

Huang Li’s words were exploded in my ears like Ben Lei. My head was dizzy. I couldn’t believe that my wife who was so good at me was always lied to me.

I paused, or pushed Huang Li away, and could no longer suppress the anger in my heart, and asked loudly, "Huang Li, you tell me clearly, what’s going on."

Huang Li was obviously scared by my roar. She was like a frightened kitten. She trembled and said, "Husband, I’m honest, don’t be angry. Actually, you have no problem. I have a problem. I have a problem., I deliberately asked my girlfriends to give you a fake medical records. Every time we finish the two, I will take medicine every time. "

A fire in my heart came up, because I couldn’t have children. In recent years, I feel guilty of Huang Li, and I can’t even raise my head before people. I feel that I am not a man. I saw someone else’s family with their children.The sense of guilt made me think of suicide.

It ’s not how persistent my child is, but I feel that I am sorry for Huang Li. I ca n’t give her a complete home because of my incompetence.

I didn’t know until now that I was deceived and was deceived by my favorite wife. Her strong humiliation made me angry, and I had a feeling of being played.

Why do she lie to me and what qualifications do she have? What is most worried about me is why she doesn’t want to have a child with me? Is it because she is raised outside?

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