Nourishing Chinese medicine cannot be eaten random, especially for these 4 types of people, or life -threatening

Old people often use health to maintain good health. As they get older, the elderly are paying more and more attention to their own health. Some elderly people choose to do Tai Chi every morning. Some elderly people choose to promote physical health in terms of diet.The elderly like to cultivate health, usually get some flowers and grass cultivation, and there is an old man who choose to eat nourishing Chinese medicine to health care. In fact, some Chinese medicines are not suitable for the elderly to eat, so the elderly must pay attention to reasonable medication.

Some traditional Chinese medicine nourish the elderly’s body, and some Chinese medicines have no benefit to the body of the elderly.

1. First of all, the elderly who treat the symptoms of lung heat should not take too much nourishing drugs. This kind of elderly people often cough and blood in sputum, and often dry mouth, but at this time, nourishing drugs are not suitable.Suitable for patients with lung heat, the elderly in this type of elderly people usually have a slow blood flow rate. If the blood flow meets the impact, this blood flow speed will destroy the balance of blood speed and promote the accumulation of fat particles in blood vessels on the blood vessel wall.There are thrombosis.

2. Elderly people with bleeding and hypertension are not suitable for taking nourishing drugs. This bleeding condition is caused by yin deficiency and internal heat, and it cannot take heat tonic drugs.

3. At the same time, the elderly who have gastrointestinal diseases often have stomach pain and have constipation and bad breath. Such an elderly person cannot take overly nourishing drugs. Otherwise, the efficacy is excessive, which will lead to particularly serious side effects.

4. Finally, the elderly with other severe diseases such as indigestion and other serious diseases, and elderly people such as infectious diseases and dementia cannot take drugs that are too nourishing, otherwise they will aggravate the condition.

Old people are not suitable for taking too much tonic, but they are not allowed to take nourishing drugs. Family people should choose suitable nourishing drugs for the elderly, and choose proper nourishing drugs to solve their own defects, such as old people of qi deficiency.You should choose Chinese medicine with qi and nourishment, and the elderly with anemia should choose Chinese medicine that nourishes blood deficiency.Elderly people with yang deficiency should choose drugs that nourish yang deficiency, and old people with yin deficiency should choose Chinese medicine that nourishes yin deficiency.

Generally speaking, the elderly are not suitable for Chinese medicine such as Ejiao, antlers, and turtle plate gums. This Chinese medicine is too nourishing and is not good for the elderly. Family people must pay attention not to buy this nourishing drug for the elderly as daily supplements.

Targe care about the elderly, make breakfast for the elderly, make some more and more indigestible foods, and take the elderly to exercise more, give the elderly at home to do some exercise equipment, give the elderly a comfortable comfortable and comfortable to the elderly.The living environment, then the elderly’s body is natural and healthy, and the longevity will last longer.

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