Notice!It is related to the safety of cats, can cats eat crabs?

Cats can eat a small amount of crabs. Be careful not to feed too much. Eating a small amount or an appropriate amount can help the cat supplement the protein needed by the body, and the crab is still rich in vitamin and fatty acids.Essence

In the process of raising cats, the owner can help cats feed some crabs in a small amount or appropriate amount, but you need to pay attention not to feed too much. Cats to eat some crabs can help cats to supplement nutritional elements, crab meat, crab meat, crab meat, crab meat, crab meat, crab meat, crab meat, crab meatThe high-quality protein content is many, and each 100 grams contains about 18 grams of protein. The content of carbohydrates is extremely low, which is very suitable for cats. Crab meat also contains a lot of minerals, vitamin and high-quality fatty acids, such as omega-3 fatty acids, not only not onlyIt is beneficial to cardiovascular, and it is also good for brain development and antidepressant, and crab meat also contains a large amount of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is difficult to make cats take in the predation of nature, but the immune system and brain of cats and brains areThe health system health is very important.

1. Can’t eat raw crabs:

There may be parasites in crabs, especially respiratory parasites, such as pulmonary insects, if they are really infected, it is not solved by a deworming medicine in the body.

2. Do not eat crab:

Although the crab meat is good, it cannot be used as a staple meat for cats for a long time, because the crab meat contains a large amount of thiamine enzymes, which will decompose vitamin B1 in the organism.Lack of lack may cause physical paralysis, unable to walk, vomiting and weakness.

3. High degree of allergies:

Cats are relatively obvious to seafood aquatic foods. Allergies are allergic to cats’ mild digestive tract allergies, such as vomiting and mild diarrhea, itchy skin, redness, sneezing, etc.,even death.

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