Notice for pregnancy: teach you to judge whether you are pregnant

After Li Li and her husband got married, they neither thought about not being a child nor a hurry. If they wanted their children, they wanted to let it go, so there were no contraceptive measures in the same room.

About half a year in the past half a year, Lili was still not pregnant, but from a few days ago, Lili always felt uncomfortable, felt back pain, and had no strength. She always wanted to sleep and felt her body temperature a little high.

At this time, Lili felt that she was sick and a cold, and she found a little cold medicine from home to eat it.However, when she was about to have menstruation, Lili’s menstruation did not come. At this time, Lili was a little alert, and then used the pregnancy test stick to test and found that she was pregnant.

At this time, Lili was very worried that she was worried that her medicine after pregnancy would affect the fetus and worry that she would cause fetal malformations, so she hurried to the hospital for examination and consult the doctor.

After asking, the doctor told Lili, don’t worry too much, as long as she pays more attention in the later period, and then go to the hospital for a check -up regularly, there will generally not be any problems, and Lili will rest assured.

I believe that many pregnant women may have such problems, especially women who are pregnant.So for women with sexual life, we must learn to judge whether they are pregnant.Instructions for pregnancy: Teach you to judge whether you are pregnant!

Seeing menstruation: Under normal circumstances, when a woman is successful, when the menstruation is time, menstruation will not come.This is because after a woman is successful, a large amount of hormones will be secreted in the body, and the secretion of hormones will make the endometrium no longer molten, and it will also make the fertilized eggs root more stable, so menstruation will stop.

So if you find that menstruation is postponed for about 7 to 10 days, then you may use the pregnancy test stick for testing, which is likely to be pregnant.

Use pregnancy test stick: For the vast majority of women, the most commonly used method to judge whether you are pregnant is to test the pregnancy test stick.

In the same room after ovulation, after 7 days of waiting, if the fertilized eggs are successfully bed, it means that a woman is successful in pregnancy. At this time, you may wish to wait 3 to 5 days and then use the pregnancy test stick for testing.Show deeper and shallow, or two red bars, then basically represents you pregnant.

Blood test: For women, if you want to quickly know whether you are successful, the fastest way is to go to the hospital to test blood, mainly to verify the content of HCG in the blood.

For women with irregular menstruation, especially women with delayed menstruation, this pregnancy test method will be higher.

If you feel that you are pregnant, you need to test your pregnancy in time so as not to have some improper behaviors and hurt the fetus in the abdomen!Do you have other questions or supplements on this question? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below. You can also pay attention to the editor and share some parenting knowledge every day.

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