No wonder you always suspect that you are "fake sun", your antigen may be "lying"!


Many people are in social media

The results of the antigen detection kit out of their own antigen detection

But in fact, these antigen detection kits in your hands

May "lie"

The result of false positive or false negatives appears

Antigen test results (Photo Photo by reporter Peng Yizheng, a reporter from CCTV)

How is antigen detected?

Experts from the inspection department of Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital stated that as a fast diagnosis test, the antigen can detect whether the virus protein (antigen) expressed in the new coronary virus in the respiratory tract sample.If the target antigen has sufficient concentration in the sample, the presence of the virus antigen can usually be detected within 30 minutes.

Nuclear clothing protein (Capital Conferry of the Second People’s Hospital of Shenzhen City)

"The target analysis of antigen detection is usually the virus nucleus shell protein. The main reason for choosing this target analysis is that its relative abundance is high and will not be affected by the mutation of the spiny protein of the new coronary virus." Experts point out that, experts point out thatNucleocapSid Protein (N protein) is the most conservative protein in the coronary virus, which is responsible for the core of wrapping and protecting the virus particles -RNA.There are 4 mutations on the nuclear cloth protein on the new crown virus Omeckon, but most of the antigen detection can detect this mutation plant and its subtypes, so now we generally use antigen detection reagents to detect OmmiKe Rong poison.

Casting protein (Photo Conferry, the Second People’s Hospital of Shenzhen City)

Why are false positive or false negatives?

The result of false positive or false negatives may be due to the detectors themselves. The nasal specimen collected by the detector is interfered, such as personal physical fitness problems, other microbial infections, or taking certain drugs or special foods, and may be in the specimen.There is a result of interference and generating false positive results.The most common is that the detector has more nasal nasal nasal nasal nasal noses, and the nasal nose is not wiped clean when the samples are cleaned. The acidic substances in the snot may cause false positive results.

The detection operation process may also cause false positive or false negative results.If the drops of the drops exceed the specified drop, it may cause false positive, especially some reagents with higher sensitivity.Experts from the inspection department of Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital suggested that the use of antigen testing kits must pay attention to a full set of uses. Mixing reagents and swabs of different brands may cause false positives, and ordinary cotton swabs cannot replace the supporting wipes.

The antigen detection kit should be used in a timely manner after opening. If it is placed for too long, especially in high temperature and high humidity environment, the test results will also be affected.At the same time, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions of the use before use. Over time judgment can lead to false positive results. Premature judgment can lead to false negative results.

The antigen detection agent of different manufacturers, the target of the new crown antigen for the detection of the test is also different, and the reaction to the same or different interference substances will also occur inconsistent.

"In patients with high virus load (CT value ≤25 or> 10^6 genome virus copies/ml), antigen testing performed well, and these patients are usually in front of symptoms (1-3 days before symptoms) and diseases.Early symptoms (within 5-7 days before the disease). "Experts from the inspection department of Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital reminded everyone that patients who have more than 5 to 7 days after the symptoms appear more likely to have a lower virus load andThe possibility of antigen detection is more likely.

Experts remind that antigen detection negative does not necessarily indicate that the subject is not infected. If your symptoms are highly suspected of the new crown infection, antigen test re -examination may be used or confirmed by nucleic acid detection.

Reporter: Peng Yizheng


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