Netizens met the Spring Festival. The woman unexpectedly used to sue the man to claim 400,000. How can the court judge?

Tongchuan Procuratorate

Men and women get married unexpectedly. If it is a relationship between men and women, Fengzi is also a happy event.If it was not for love, the woman felt very disadvantaged, could the woman claim to the man?Although the law has punished the wrong party, it is too insignificant to compensation for the harm of the relative to women!

1. Netizens open the room, the woman is pregnant!

Ms. Wang and Mr. Li met each other on the Internet for two years. Although the two sides met and eat many times, they did not have a "story".Last year’s "520", the romantic festival atmosphere hit two lonely and unpleasant hearts, and the two met in the hotel to open a room.Dry firewood and the fire encountered the fire, and everything else was ignored, and even the minimum contraceptive measures were not done.The accident happened. More than a month later, Ms. Wang found that she was pregnant!

2. The man’s attitude makes the woman be discouraged!

If the two people love each other, the woman’s pregnancy is a happy event, and the next thing will be logical.However, when Mr. Li learned of the news, he seemed very impatient. He found all reason to avoid meeting Ms. Wang, and it was only a few words to answer the phone.Ms. Wang understands this time. Is he escaping responsibility? Where can the two only have sex?I was played by myself!Ms. Wang, who was disheartened, went to the hospital alone to perform abortion surgery and asked Mr. Li to buy nutrition.Even after the minimum request was rejected by Mr. Li, Ms. Wang, who was so angry, sued the man to the court and asked the man to apologize to her in court to compensate more than 400,000 yuan in various expenses such as the spiritual comfort and nutrition costs.

3. The man’s defense.

In court, Mr. Li argued that the two sides knew each other in a WeChat group. Before the pregnancy incident, he didn’t even know the true name and phone number of the other party.He believes that Ms. Wang, as an adult woman, did not inform him of the time when she was voluntary sexual relationship, and did not take the initiative to take contraceptive measures to lead to pregnancy. The fault was in her but not herself.Mr. Li agreed to pay the relevant expenses of the woman’s abortion surgery, but expressed rejection for the woman’s psychological compensation and the need for a year of bird’s nest, living in high -end hotels.

4. Court judgment.

After hearing, the Beijing Haidian Court held that the plaintiff Ms. Wang and the defendant Mr. Li were full of civilian behavior. Although the two sides voluntarily had sexual relationships, they did not take pregnancy.Responsible for the occurrence of the result.Since then, Ms. Wang went to the hospital to terminate pregnancy and had a related expenses. The two sides should afford the direct economic loss of Ms. Wang according to the degree of fault.Ms. Wang voluntarily had a sexual relationship with Mr. Li. She should know and foresee possible consequences and risks for the end, the court ruled that Mr. Li compensated Ms. Wang for a total of 20,000 yuan in medical expenses, nutritional costs, and misuse fees.

400,000 claims, seemingly sky -high, but can a woman’s injured heart understand the other party?In this case, some friends may scold Li as a scumbag. In fact, how can this situation blame someone?In the abortion situation of unmarried cohabitation, Ms. Wang can get a compensation of 20,000 yuan, and it is difficult to get compensation for more injured women in reality.

Regarding the miscarriage of unmarried cohabitation, the woman sued the man who asked for compensation, and the court would determine the man’s liability for civil compensation based on the man’s fault.This compensation is generally limited to the medical expenses, nursing costs, nutritional costs, etc., which are required for abortion, which is about 10,000. Compared with the damage of women, it seems insignificant.The courts generally do not support the loss of youth losses and spiritual compensation, because the two sides are voluntary, and accidental pregnancy is also reasonable.

Women must know how to love!

Unmarried and living leading to abortion, both physically and psychologically, the suffering will definitely be the woman!Some sociologists have estimated the cost of cohabitation of men and women and analyzed that the various costs of the man can be ignored. The opportunity cost, physiological costs and psychological costs of the woman will be several times that of men, and even dragging on a lifetime.(Source: Fourth Brother has a way to say)

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