My wife had a miscarriage twice, and now I am pregnant again, but because of a dog, let our marriage break!

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In June last year, for a dog, my mother -in -law and I almost made trouble.

At that time, my wife Xiaoxiu was pregnant for three months, but her family had a large dog, jumping higher than my wife.I was really afraid that the dog would not pay attention for a while, and it would make an accident.

So he proposed to give the dog a gift, but he was strongly opposed by his wife and mother -in -law.

"This dog was left by my little daughter, why do you give away!" The mother -in -law used her body to protect the dog with her body and pointed at me.

"Mom, Xiaoxiu has been aborted twice, this third time is pregnant, not adventure!"

"My dog is so well -behaved, what can happen? Don’t you pay more attention to care of Xiaoxiu and come to the dog’s trouble, are you funny?"

"Mom, I only give the dog temporarily for the time being. After Xiaoxiu is successfully produced, I will pick up the dog, so the head office?"

"No, the dog can’t leave our house for a moment!"

My mother -in -law and I were competing here, and my wife only stayed quietly, stroking the dog, and didn’t help me say a word.

It seems that I sent the dog away for my own self -interest.

My name is Chen Wei, 32 years old.Opening a barber shop, the business is general, but can also support the family.

I have been married to Xiaoxiu for two years. She turned out to be my client. She talked about everyone and had a relationship.But her family has never liked me.

I feel that I have no future as a hair salon, and Xiaoxiu’s family is the demolition household, and each person holds hundreds of thousands of dividends.Her family naturally doesn’t look down on me.

But Xiaoxiu is also a wayward daughter. The more they oppose their family, the more she wants to be with me.I am also sincere to Xiaoxiu, not that her family has money.

Xiaoxiu later ran away from home and received a certificate with me.

This can make Xiaoxiu’s mother mad.But the wood has become a boat, and she can’t do anything, so she has to follow us.Just every time she went back to their house, her mother didn’t give me a good look.

At first, Xiaoxiu and I had a good relationship. Xiaoxiu was still pregnant for half a year of marriage. I was particularly happy.But after this child survived for half a month, it flowed away.

Because Xiaoxiu drank with a friend overnight, the fetus was unstable, and it was gone.

But this is an accident. I didn’t blame Xiaoxiu. We are young and we must have children soon.

When Xiaoxiu was pregnant for the second time, I was particularly attentive to her, for fear that something was wrong with her.My mother also regards Xiaoxiu like a treasure.

People who are not willing to eat chicken legs usually cook the old chicken soup every few days, and buy a bird’s nest for Xiaoxiu to eat.

But this time the child did not keep it.

Xiaoxiu said one night when he said with his classmates. In fact, he went to Husudi. Although he didn’t drink, he might have been too crazy, and the child flowed off at that time.

There are two times of abortion within a year, and Xiaoxiu’s body must be harmful.I don’t worry about the child’s affairs, I comforted Xiaoxiu like this.

I didn’t expect Xiaoxiu to blame me to accompany her too little, and she went out to find fun with her friends. If this was not the case, the child would not flow.

I was accused of inexplicable, and said, "I don’t work, where can I have money to support my family?"

Xiaoxiu suddenly said with a temper, saying that it was time to listen to her mother and shouldn’t marry me.

The next day, she even cleaned up her luggage and returned to her mother’s house.I chased her home, but she said that she had to raise her body in her mother’s house, and no one took care of her in my house.

I had no way, so I had to follow her.Every night I get off work, and I have been with her in the past.To others, I am like a son -in -law.

But it is happy that Xiaoxiu was pregnant again a few months later.I thought to her own house this time, her parents took care of it, and the children could always grow up healthy.

So I worked more hard to make money. Sometimes I was busy until the early morning, and I did n’t pass it to accompany her. I continued to work early the next day.

What I didn’t expect was that during this time, a dog had a dog at home.

This dog is from Xiaoxiu’s sister. Her sister and brother -in -law want to immigrate, so she gave the dog to Xiaoxiu.Originally, Xiaoxiu and I liked small animals. I usually have no opinion.But now Xiaoxiu is pregnant, that is still a large dog with more than 80 pounds.

Once I came back from the outside with Xiaoxiu, the dog ran over and jumped on me excitedly.I took a few steps and almost fell.

At that time, I suddenly realized that if she rushed to Xiaoxiu, she was still with the child, and an accident may be accidental.

So I told Xiaoxiu about this, but she said that I did a lot.I told my mother -in -law that she was hostile to me and quarreled with me.

Since they are unwilling to send the dog away, I propose to be a dog cage, trap the dog inside, and at least wait for the small show to be released before reaching.

After they agreed, I also invested more than a thousand to create a comfortable and spacious dog cage.But then I discovered that the dog cage was just a furnishing, and the dog never lived in the dog cage.

I think in her house, what I say to do whatever it is, so the number of times to go to her house is getting less and less.

Fortunately, Xiaoxiu was successfully produced in the end and gave birth to a big fat boy.

The mother -in -law still mocked me at the hospital at the time, "I don’t know who said that the dog would hurt Xiaoxiu at the time, isn’t it good to produce now?"

At that time, I was also happy. I didn’t take her words in my heart and hugged my son.

When Xiaoxiu was discharged from the hospital, I said that helping her go home to clean up, and we took my son back to my house.

But Xiaoxiu is not very willing. "Mom knows more of my life habits, and I want to confine in my own house."

I hesitated, and finally agreed.

Since Xiaoxiu is going to confine in her house, my mother wants to visit her grandson naturally to go to their house.

My mother was carrying big bags and small bags, and bought pork trotters and ginger vinegar, ready to cook pig feet ginger at her house.In addition, 2,000 yuan was stuffed for Xiaoxiu.

But Xiaoxiu suspected that two thousand were too few, and now gave my mother’s face.My mother hugged her grandson to play, and she grabbed it back and asked my mother to cook ginger vinegar in the kitchen.

My mother was busy in the morning in the kitchen, but the mother -in -law took Xiaoxiu and her son to eat outside, and did not call my mother.

My mother did not see them back in the afternoon alone, so she went back.After half of the work, my grandson didn’t see a few minutes.

How can I not be angry after listening to my heart.That night I went to find Xiaoxiu and asked her why she treated my mother so today.

She only said lightly, "She didn’t say to stay here to eat, we all thought she was going back, so I didn’t call her."

I asked Xiaoxiu to clean up and go home with me tomorrow.I have lived in my mother’s house for a year, and I am not a son -in -law.

I didn’t expect Xiaoxiu to say, "I have to talk to my mother. When I was married, I went away and followed you away from home.

As soon as I came out, I was even more angry. "You have married me. How can I call it to leave home with me?"

Xiaoxiu didn’t speak at a glance, and fell asleep.

At that time, I flashed the word divorce, but the child was just born, and I couldn’t break the house.But this kind of getting along is really tired.

Do I do n’t understand the way to get married?What do you think?

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