My vicissitudes (20) I am pregnant

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After having breakfast, President Zheng criticized me at home, but this time I did not enjoy this privilege.

I ca n’t get a line of fire. I ca n’t delay my work because of a cold. I ’m responsible to President Zheng and the company.

In my opinion, taking work seriously is also a manifestation of love him.

President Zheng saw that I insisted on going to work without stopping me.

When I got to work in the company, I knew the consequences of supporting work.

My whole person’s state is particularly bad.

It seemed a little low, and he kept running nose.

Study and brain swelling.

But these days, the Finance Department is too busy. If I do n’t come, I wo n’t be sure.

In this way, I was busy in the company for a day, but at night, not only did it not be good, but it was a bit heavy.

President Zheng did not go out for entertainment, nor did he go to the cafeteria for dinner.

After class, he came directly to my house to cook for me.

Fortunately, they are light and delicious meals.

I tasted his craft for the first time, and the taste was really good.

He said: "Let you rest for a day, you have to be stubborn, is it heavy now?"

I said, "I have too many jobs at hand in these days, I’m afraid I will be delayed if I don’t go!"

He nodded and said: "You, you know dedication. Although as your old man is very pleased to see your work, I also need to remind you kindly as a husband, health first!"

I nodded and said, "I know, I will pay attention in the future."

He fed me for medicine again after eating.

3 He said: "You take a break today, go to work tomorrow, you have to ask for a day if you are not good."

I thought he said that he didn’t accompany me at night!

So I quickly asked, "Are you leaving?"

He shook his head and said, "Don’t leave, don’t worry, I will always be there. But you can’t think about it, and hurry up."

As soon as I heard that he couldn’t say, the hanging heart was let go.

I walked a few laps in the room and lay in bed.

As soon as he fell asleep, he fell asleep.

I don’t know how long I slept, I woke up at the middle of the night.

I turned around and looked at me, and I fell asleep beside me.

As soon as I turned over, he immediately woke up.

He said, "How is it? Is it better?"

I feel relaxed, and it doesn’t hurt anywhere.

I said, "It should be good!"

He smiled and said, "Thank you, you are fine. When I first fell asleep, I sweated a lot. I kept sweating for you. I don’t know when I fell asleep!"

I said, "You are busy and tired, so you fall asleep. You are really not afraid that I will be transmitted to you. You should sleep in the second bedroom!"

President Zheng said, "I don’t easily catch a cold! I don’t worry about you to sleep elsewhere."

I feel infinitely warm in my heart.

I ’m a blessing of my life, let me meet such a warm man.

He got up and poured me a glass of water. He said, "Add some water!"

I was a little thirsty, I took a drink for more than half.

After drinking the water, I lay down again, and he lay beside me and said, "Sleep again, let’s go in the middle of the night!"

But I seem to be awake, full of energy!

I said the truth: "I seem to wake up!"

President Zheng seemed to be tossing.

He said with a smile: "Then you don’t want to sleep?"

I nodded and said, "At least I can’t sleep now."

He said, "What do you want to do? In the middle of the night!"

I watched him and said, "I miss you!"

He said, "I’m not here!"

I said, "I think too!"

He also laughed.

Reached out to hold me in my arms.

He said, "How can you miss people so much?"

I said, "That’s it. I can’t see you enough every day, and I can’t listen to you!"

He attached to my ear and said, "What else? Isn’t it enough?"

My face was so red.

I drilled his head straight into his arms.

I remembered the little orange cat I was raised as a child.

Regardless of my shyness, he continued to whisper in my ear: "What’s wrong with it?"

I know he was talking about that!

I don’t dare to look up!

He said: "Kitten, I am pitiful you are sick, otherwise I will have a long time ago!"

I know that he is telling the truth, maybe it is too much reserves in these years. Since he is with me, he has always been particularly powerful.

When he saw me, he said, "Is it better to ask me to spare you while getting sick?"

But I do n’t have to ask for mercy with confidence.

I also bit his ears and said, "Don’t ask!"

He seemed to feel my full blood resurrection, so he said, "Challenge me? If you lose, don’t cry!"

Speak, he really moves to bully me.

My heart began to beat violently again.

I am very strange why I like him so much.

He has been hiding with Zhao Lei over the years, but now he is often looking forward to President Zheng’s favor.

There is a wonderful relationship between men and women.

I like him to fall in love with him, everything is beautiful, and even the sound of cough can be listened to music.

In this way, at this quiet moment of the night, I and President Zheng wrote the beautiful chapters of love.

I thought he wouldn’t kiss me this time, but he didn’t avoid it, as if I hadn’t had a cold.

After resting, he said, "How does the small illness feel? You have to challenge me if you don’t sleep in the middle of the night!"

I laughed and didn’t speak.

He knew that I was completely good.

This time he said, "Do you want to want me anymore, can’t sleep?"

I said, "I always miss you, but this time I am going to sleep!"

He hugged me and fell asleep.

After a while, he came up with a slight snoring, and I fell asleep again under the action of this hypnotic song.

Time has passed, and in a blink of an eye, it is already March in spring, but the cities in the north are still cold in spring.

Xiao Jun has come to a new school for a week.

He is also more adaptable.

There is no cafeteria in the school, and I am not willing to let Xiao Jun go to a small dining table, so I have to give him three meals a day.

On my way to work, I just passed the experiment and I could send him every time.

One night after school, he said to me when he returned home, "Mom, my male students in the class all ride a bicycle to go to school, and I want one too."

I said, "Oh? How can you ride a bike at nine and a half years old?"

He said: "Mom, you are too behind, there are still eight and a half years old in the class!"

I said, "Can you do it?"

Xiao Jun said: "It’s okay, just two red and green lights, I will pay attention when I get it."

I said, "Then I have to tell your dad, otherwise he will know me again in the future!"

Zhao Lei refused to let go of Xiao Jun too much. I had to tell him, otherwise he later knew that he would have to be furious with me. I was really enough to have his bad temper.

So I called Zhao Lei.

It turned out to be a woman’s call.

I heard that voice was the plum of Wang Shu’s family.

It looks like they get along well.

I was suspicious, Mo Fei Zhao Lei came in the city, otherwise La Mei went to the county, because I still remember that he said that Lamei also worked in the city.

But these have nothing to do with me.

I said: "Trouble Zhao Lei to answer the phone!"

Lamen may not hear my voice, or hears but does not want to say hello to me.

I heard her shouting "Lei Ge".

Then Zhao Lei talked: "Hello!"

I said, "Zhao Lei, it’s me!"

He only knew that I was looking for him, and hurriedly said, "Xiao Luo? Is there something?"

I said: "My son wants a bicycle and goes home in school after school. He said that the boys in the class are like this."

He was silent for a while and said, "I can’t see it, he is too young, dangerous!"

Xiao Jun kept listening to it.

He snatched the phone and said, "Dad, you don’t let me do anything. I am almost a girl, and my classmates say that I am timid as a rat!"

Zhao Lei was silent again.

He said: "Can you ride a bike?"

Xiao Jun vowed to say: "Dad, I can do it, the school is close to home, there is no danger, in fact, walking is not far away, but I just want to ride a bicycle."

Zhao Lei said: "Let your mother answer the phone."

I quickly took it.

He said: "Xiao Luo, I will transfer some money for you, you buy a mountain as a mountain, the tires can be wider; then you will accompany him for a few days to see how his red and green lights perform!"

I said, "Okay, I follow him for a few days. I have money, you don’t have to give it to me."

He said, "I will send it to you, you buy it for him, don’t save it!"

He turned the phone and turned to five hundred yuan.

I understand Zhao Lei’s personality, and it is a meal of ink without accepting it. I had to accept it.

On Saturday, I took my son to the street. He personally chose a mountain bicycle he liked, which happened to be 500 yuan.

I watched how he responded to the traffic light again, and observed several times back and forth, and determined that he was not a bragging. I could rest assured that he went to school to go to school.

Boys are worrying about this aspect.

After Xiao Jun came, I and President Zheng had never had a serious date, because most of my time was with my children.

Sometimes when the child sleeps, I invite President Zheng to come to see me, but he never comes over. He said that in case Xiao Jun saw that he would hurt the child.

I have n’t been with President Zheng for more than ten days, because I am busy living with my children every day, and it ’s not too difficult to cook.

But President Zheng had no children around him. He still thought of me so enthusiastically. I could feel his heart between the words he sent.

I tried to think about how to create a chance to date Zheng President Zheng.

The office was too dangerous, and we had all my heart after being in Liu Ling.

Especially me, I dare not involve in danger.

Dating at noon is not realistic.

I couldn’t think of how to spend a good night with President Zheng.

This is not the most troubled thing, because there are more serious things to find me.

That is, my aunt’s aunt didn’t come late this month.

Even auntie alone, even if I didn’t come, and I started to feel nauseous.

This is the symptom of obvious pregnancy!

I look forward to not, because he is not here.

After two days, I had no progress, and I had to buy the test strips hard.

The results of the test were not expected, and I really recruited it.

I wondered how this is the top?

The necessary measures have been done every time. The only two times without measures, Zheng, did not …

It shouldn’t be!

But the fact is so cruel.

I was a little messy for a while.

A single divorce woman, if the news of pregnancy, what else do I do in the company?

But this is President Zheng’s child after all. How do I want to give him birth!

I arrived at the company the next day and wanted to go to him early, but he and several deputy presidents had been meeting.

I didn’t see him until 11 am.

When he saw me enter the house, he locked the door directly and started kissing me crazy.

Although I was pregnant, although I was uncomfortable, I couldn’t bear to wipe out his intentions, so he caught his kiss. Fortunately, he did not have more requirements.

He returned to his seat and sat on his seat. I stood in front of his desk. I lowered my avatars as a child who made a mistake and didn’t know how to speak with him.

When he saw me something wrong, he said, "Xiao Luo, what’s wrong?"

I looked up and looked at him and said, "I’m sorry!"

He stood up and looked at me even more surprisingly and said, "What’s the matter? Hurry up!"

I said softly: "I … I’m pregnant!"

He was obviously surprised.

For a long while, he said, "One day? Why did you tell me?"

I said: "I was disgusting a few days ago, and my aunt didn’t come, but I thought it was late. I got the courage to buy the test strip yesterday, and found that it was true."

He said, "Don’t be afraid, don’t say anything, I’m sorry, I have to say sorry, what are you wrong?"

I said, "But, you have done … protection!"

He smiled and said, "So you are worried about this, is Zheng Liuqing a bastard man? Will I tell you that this child has nothing to do with me? I’m sure he is mine. If I do n’t have this confidence in you, I do n’t have this confidence.I won’t start with you. "

A stone in my heart fell to the ground.

Not to mention that he just doubted that I was sad.

I said: "Thank you President Zheng!"

He said: "Culfur, although in the office, but only the two of us are talking about private affairs, what should you call me?"

I said softly: "Thank you husband!"

He came over and hugged me gently, saying, "Don’t think about it, many cases will cause pregnancy, which can only show that we are all healthy. Tonight you coax your children to sleep early, and go back to see you!"

I nodded and promised to leave his office.

In the evening, I watched my son finish his family homework quickly and told him several stories for him to sleep first.

Then I sent a message to President Zheng and told him that Xiao Jun was asleep.

He soon came to my home.

The two of us started talking at the door of the master bedroom.

He asked me: "Xiao Luo, what do you want to do?"

I still want to give birth to this child, but I want to know what he thinks.

So I said, "I don’t know what to do, I listen to you!"

He held me in his arms and said, "Don’t panic, since I met something, we just solve it together."

Then he sat by the bed and continued: "If you listen to me, then … or … remove it!"

After hearing him, I was so disappointed.

He was the first time he disappointed me so much.

He even said so simply to remove the child?As if this child is not his!

My heart felt cold.

For a while, I even doubted how much he had to me!

Sometimes women are so fragile. Maybe at that moment, I especially wanted to hear him say that he would leave the child, and he would divorce me and marry me.

But I didn’t hear what I wanted to hear, so I forgot that he was good for me for a moment, and began to doubt his sincerity to me.

I said coldly: "You are so reluctant? I can’t bear it, but that is your child, how much I want to have a child for you!"

He lowered his head and rubbed his forehead with his hands.

He said, "Xiao Luo, I can’t bear it than you. But the current situation does not allow us to have other choices! I don’t want to lie to you. At that time, the child will be born, and I can’t give your marriage. How can you stand in the society?"

To be continued

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