My mother -in -law said, "Marrying a daughter -in -law is to continue the offspring, what if you can’t have a child to marry back?"


Rainbow is naturally thin. She is not short, and she is 160cm tall, but she is too thin.

Rainbow’s thinness is not deliberately losing weight. She is naturally thin. She said that because of the lack of symptoms brought by her mother’s fetus, although she usually looks no different from ordinary people, she is more likely to catch a cold. Because she is thin, she speaks her voice.It seems that there is no strength, and the tone is soft, even when it is a murderer, there is no momentum.

She said that she had a sister who was almost the same as her when she was born, but her sister was not lucky, and died when she was one and a half years old. The reason was because her mother could not eat malnourcing when she was pregnant.Grandma raised her, and she couldn’t survive if she asked her mother to raise it.

Rainbow did not read how many books. After graduating from junior high school, I did n’t go to high school. After studying in three years, she came out to work.Her boyfriend graduated from a prestigious university and was very fascinated by her. Two years after they were together, the two were ready to get married.

I didn’t expect to be opposed by her boyfriend’s mother. The reason why her mother -in -law opposed in the future is not because she is low, but because she is too thin, she is afraid she can’t give birth.It’s a beauty lamp.

The boyfriend insisted on marrying a rainbow. He said that raising a child is so hard now. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t want children. He was scolded when he was scolded. His mother said, "Marrying a daughter -in -law is to continue his offspring.What are you doing? "The different concepts of the two generations are stalemate for a while, and the marriage can only be temporarily stranded.

After more than half a year, Rainbow was pregnant. We were happy after knowing her. She said that she was not unable to get pregnant, but it was difficult to have a child. There was no way to give birth like her.She couldn’t even walk normally, and the next boy was generated by a caesarean section in 39 weeks.

The wedding was held with children hundreds of days, and I watched the rainbow that was still slender in her waist. I was full of envy, but I just envy, because she was too thin!It’s so thin that it feels like a little bit stronger, her bones will be broken, and she is thin and thin.I hope she will be happy in the future.

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