My husband ligated clearly, why is my wife still pregnant?May wish to see these analysis

For some people who do not have children, contraception is a very important thing.There are many ways to choose from nowadays. Lrying is a way for male contraception. Although there are fewer people who choose, they also exist.However, such a problem often occurs, that is, after the husband is ligated, his wife is still pregnant, and he will inevitably think of an embarrassing possibility.Why is the wife still pregnant after the husband ligates?Let’s take a look at it together.

1. The other party derail

This situation actually exists, as well as the first thought in many people’s minds.Husbands have undergone a ligation surgery, and the wife is still pregnant. It will inevitably make people think of such a possibility, but this is just possible. There is no reason to suspicion each other because it may be caused by other reasons.If you want to know the truth of the matter, you can choose a parent -child identification.

2. Sperm residue in the body

This situation mainly occurs when the ligation surgery has not been performed for a long time. Some sperm have been discharged before the ligation surgery. These sperm will stay in the body for a while, which can save about one month to two months.At this time, the sperm remains active, that is, there will still be sperm in the semen ejected by men. If there is no contraceptive measures, the wife will also be pregnant.Therefore, after the ligation surgery is performed, it is best to continue to take contraceptive measures. After going to the hospital for examination, I found that there is no sperm in the semen to perform sexual life freely.

3. The surgery is not done thoroughly

This situation is only likely, but the possibility is very small, because the voltage tube ligation is a very simple operation, and there is not much to fail at all.However, there is no strange world. If the surgery is not done well, it may make his wife pregnant, and the possibility of this situation cannot be denied.

4. After the vasia pipe reciprocating operation

Men who have undergone vasters ligation, if they still want to continue to have birth, they can be performed by vasters, so that men’s fertility ability can be restored.In addition to the artificial choice of transmitting tubes to re -through, surgical errors may also cause surgery errors, resulting in the resurgence of vasters.Now that the vas The vas The tubes are resumed, the sperm can be discharged unimpededly, and sperm will exist in the semen ejected by men. If there are no other contraceptive measures at this time, it will make women pregnant.

The husband had a ligation surgery, but his wife was pregnant. There are several reasons.If this happens, you must keep calm, analyze carefully, find out the truth, and not blindly blame each other, suspicion the other party, so that it is not conducive to maintaining feelings.

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