My girlfriend and I went to make laser hair removal. She laughed all the way, but I was so painful

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Recently, the wind lanterns who wrote dry goods to vomit are going to relax yourself, so today I will write a easier live real -life shop. You do n’t have the brain burning in this way.

This article is the second of the real -life shop series, about laser hair removal.In fact, I have written a hair removal science before, and look back at the blue word.The first part of this article will help you recall the basic knowledge of hair removal. Later, I will write the whole process of getting rid of hair removal in the plastic surgery hospital with my girlfriends.

Let’s make a routine statement: The plastic surgery hospital in this issue has no interest in my interests, sharing purely, and does not advertise.

Way of hair removal

There are many ways to remove hair removal, shaving knives, beeswax, hair removal cream, these methods can only be temporarily removed, but the hair root hidden in the skin is not destroyed, the hair will continuethick.

Laser hair removal is to use melanin in the hair follicles to absorb laser calories to destroy the surrounding stem cells and make the hair follicles no longer reappear long hair. In this way, "cut grass and rooting" can avoid "spring breeze blew again."

Does laser hair removal affect sweat?

When I used to be a consultant, this question was asked the most by the doctor Mei Xiaobai.The answer is: Of course, it does not affect it. If there is an impact, will there be so many people in line?

Because our perspiration relies on small sweat glands, the sweat glands and hair follicles are two independent tissues. The laser only works for the hair follicles and cannot control the small sweat glands as wide.If the laser can really work for the sweat glands, it is the gospel of patients with polyital disease, because they no longer have to do removing surgery of nerves and sweat glands.

After laser hair removal, what is Mao?

Every time you take it off, the new hair will become less, thinner, and softened. Until the end, it will become the almost invisible fluff. At this time, you can stop taking it off. In the futureChange, such as pregnancy, hair may grow back again, otherwise this level will always be maintained.

Is laser hair removal pain?

This is related to many factors. The first is the type of machine. The freezing point removal is stronger than the super freezing point pain.Then there is the density of hair. Generally, the more hair, the darker, the stronger the pain.In the end, it is also related to the sensitivity of pain.

In general, 90%of people can tolerate the slight pain of hair removal.

Number of laser hair removal

Facial hair, usually once every 40 ± 5 days, and basically the hair after 5-7 times.

In other parts, it is generally taken off once every 65 ± 5 days, and it is cleaned in 4-6 times.

Common equipment for laser hair removal

From the grade of the machine, it should be emerald laser> semiconductor laser> pulse light.

Curvy gem laser is the most advanced and expensive, and there are fewer institutions.The pulse light is color and the like. The machine is cheap and poor, and the general skin management center is used.Semiconductor laser large and medium -sized plastic surgery hospitals are the most.

I think it is okay to choose emerald or semiconductors.

Laser hair removal price

The price is related to the three factors. One is the size of the disconnected part. Generally, the price of the limbs is more expensive than the lip hair and armpit hair.

The second is that the disconnected parts are often not common. There are the most people with lip -off hair and axillary hair. They are the cheapest prices. Although the area of private or cheeks is small, it will be calculated at the original price.

The third is the method of package meal. In terms of lip hair armpit hair, the experience price of only one time is tens of yuan, the package for one year is one or two hundred, and the life is five or six hundred.

Well, after speaking the subject science of hair removal, you will start the content of the real -life shop.

One day in August, my girlfriend and I met with my girlfriend to eat crayfish. After eating the crayfish, I found that it was still early. I remembered that I did n’t get rid of hair removal for 3 months. Just the hospital was nearby, so we decided not to make an appointment.Touch luck.

My hair removal package was bought in May and June 2018. At that time, I bought it for 258 yuan. I chose one of the lip hair and armpit hair for 2 years.

I took it a bit at the time, the lip hairs were dry for 2 years, and I have been able to take off 24 times a month.The armpit hair buns are dry for 2 years, once every 2 months, and it can come 12 times.Theoretically, as long as I am diligent enough, according to time, this time is completely enough to clean the hair.So I bought a lip hair set and a armpit hair package, which cost a total of 258*2, which is 516 yuan.

Later facts proved that I was not so diligent. I only went 3 times a year, and I regret that I did not add more than 200 for a lifetime package at that time.

The hospital I went to is a large plastic surgery hospital in Chengdu. There are many people who have hair removal in summer. Generally, I need to make an appointment half a month in advance.That day, Jian and I hugged the mentality of touching Qi to go to the scene. I just met a customer to temporarily cancel the appointment.

After entering the clinic, the hair was removed. The clinic was not large. Fortunately, it was an independent room, not a Chase shop separated by curtains.

I pay special attention to it. The wabbed machine used by this hospital is Israel’s flying super freezing point, which is the best brand in semiconductor laser.

The nurse’s sister paved one -time pads on the bed in front of us, and took out a disposable scratch knife for us to check.

Then I started to prepare the skin (scraping hair). Here I remind everyone that you do n’t have to scrape your hair at home before you get rid of hair.

After scraping it, it will be coated with gel. The gel is ice, which can relieve the burning sensation of the laser.Because I was particularly afraid of pain, I told the nurse’s sister that the energy of the machine was minimized and the number of hair was quickly finished. I can accept the hair removal effect.

Then I started to operate. I went to the Internet to find a video similar to and made a moving picture, probably like this.

I saw the hair removal videos sent by the beauty home in the circle of friends before. The OPT they should use. The customer also needs to wear sunglasses. Each time the operation head, the operating head will emit a dazzling strong light and illuminate a house.

But the flying super ice instrument I made will not have light at all, nor does it need to wear sunglasses.But I was so scared of pain. When I got rid of lip hair, I burst into tears.

When I took off the armpit hair, I felt that the underarm was hot, and my sister’s sister had to stop and let my skin temperature drop and continue to start.

After the lip hair and armpit hair were removed, the cold sweat had wet my back.Jian Jian next to see me is not a guilty, because she is the first hair removal.

As a result, this dead ghost, she should have been saying that it would not be itchy when she had hair removal.

Obviously the same machine, when she took off the same part, why could she laugh so much, and I was so painful?

I thought about it, maybe she had no hair under her armpit, and her skin color was very light, so she didn’t feel pain.The hair under my armpit was already more and hard. After scraping the hair, the nurse’s sister also said that I had pigmentation under the armpit. At first glance, I was really darker than the surroundings.

If the skin is too dark, the melanin in the skin will also absorb laser, so I feel so painful.In the same way, you cannot immediately laser hair removal after sunbathing.

After the two of us took off, the nurses and sisters explained a lot of precautions. I was afraid that we couldn’t remember. We took a card to us, which was also very intimate.

By the way, the first week after hair removal, the stubble grows out, it feels particularly thick and special.In fact, it is not that the hair becomes thicker, but the stubble is too short.

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