My boyfriend asked me for the second time, is it necessary to be together?

Is it harmful to the body of girls many times?Netizen Xiaowen (pseudonym) is an ordinary girl working in the factory assembly line. The full monthly full calculation income is 5,000. In fact, the income is OK. In addition to your own life, you can help your home.Afterwards, the boyfriend changed dramatically.

Xiao Wen (pseudonym) has a boyfriend A Yong, who never work as a professional e -sports player. At first Xiaowen (pseudonym) also expressed support, but as Ayong bought equipment to buy skin to buy skins to buy weapons various expensesIncreasing, the income of Xiaowen (pseudonym) is not enough to support the lives of the two. In order to support Ayong’s gaming dream, Xiao Wen started the life of putting a carpet after work.

When Xiaowen (pseudonym) was still fantasizing the future while wiping off sweat, the bud of a small life in May 2021 broke everything, and when Xiaowen (pseudonym) was happy to go home and prepare to share this good with her boyfriend A Yong.In the news, Ayong’s attitude was like a pot of cold water extinguishing the excitement of Xiao Wen (pseudonym).

Seeing that A Yong said nothing, Xiao Wen (pseudonym) also self -comforted that A Yong was not ready to be a father, and joked and comforted A Yong, "If I propose to you, do n’t pay off the gifts."The kind of" Ayong would agree to the trend, but did not expect that the first sentence of A Yong’s opening made Xiaowen (a pseudonym) like an ice cave.

"If you don’t go to pay the salary with your boss, then go out of the child." This is the first sentence of Ayong’s opening, but this sentence deeply stabs Xiaowen’s heart (pseudonym), but in the endXiao Wen (pseudonym) still chose to obey A Yong’s words, went to the pre -salary to kill the first child, and even comforted herself that A Yong did not dare to ask this child because he had no money, so she decided to work harder to make money.Don’t dare to ask children because there is no money, but it turns out that it is difficult to have good results unilaterally.

Until recently, Xiaowen (pseudonym) always felt uncomfortable, thinking that he was too tired, but he didn’t want to care, but he was ticked to the hospital for examination by colleagues. As a result, she was pregnant again.The second happiness was a little worried, worried that A Yong was not ready yet, but I thought about saving tens of thousands of dollars, and I was able to barely ask for a child.The scene where the door was entered into the door caused Xiao Wen to collapse.

The boyfriend secretly bought a set of more than 20,000 yuan and various equipment with the money deposited by Xiao Wen (pseudonym). Xiao Wen (pseudonym) angrily threw the test sheet to her boyfriend.The pseudonym) said, "I buy these devices now for our future. I don’t want the children to come out to follow us now. There are more than 10,000 in the card. You go and do it."

A Yong’s words made Xiao Wen (pseudonym) who had always been gentle and out of control. He shouted to A Yong, "You have always said that for our future, but we have been together for almost three years, have you made a penny?The tens of thousands of pieces of thrifty and saving are afraid that there will be children again, but because there is no money to keep, and it may not be possible to be killed again. "A Yong did not realize his excessive after hearing it, but also said," It’s okay, It’s a big deal, we don’t want children in the future "

After listening to Ayong’s words, Xiao Wen (pseudonym) was disappointed and turned away from the house. Ayong did not chase it. He may be playing games with a new computer. Xiaowen (pseudonym) also knows that this man is not suitable for continuing together, but still stillSome hesitation, what would you do if you are Xiaowen.

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