My aunt didn’t come but my stomach pain?Beware of these four situations!

Dr. Liu Huayu, a Baijia Maria Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital in Changsha.

Red Net Moment News March 30th (Correspondent Tang Wan) Abdominal pain is no stranger to women. Many women also bloating and chest bloating before menstruation, but some are not tight, but some are dangerous.Dr. Liu Huayu, a Baijia Maria Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital in Changsha, reminded that these four kinds of acute abdominal pain, female friends need to pay attention.

1. Extraceaed pregnancy

Extraceamental pregnancy refers to the embryo after pregnancy.Usually the most common in tubal pregnancy, others also include corner pregnancy and cervical pregnancy.The probability of ectopic pregnancy is about 1/100-1/50.In particular, ectopic pregnancy in the fallopian tube area continues to grow up and cause fallopian tubes to rupture and bleed. If it is not found or rescued in time, severe cases will cause shock or even death.

Second, acute pelvic inflammatory disease

Acute pelvic inflammatory disease often has symptoms similar to acute appendicitis, without typical symptoms of metastatic pain, and lower abdominal tenderness points, and often there are too many leucorrhea, which is purulent and accompanied by odor., Symptoms such as high fever and other infections.

Third, luteum rupture

Ovarian luteal rupture is more common in women with age.7-8 days after ovulation (equivalent to about the 22nd day of the menstrual cycle), the luteal will grow to the largest, which is rich in rich capillaries, but the luteal lacks elasticity and crispy, and it is easy to rupture and bleeding.

Especially under the influence of external forces, such as severe cough, too intense exercise, impact, stool, etc., luteum will break down.Generally, the lower abdomen pain is the first symptom. If the amount of bleeding is small, it can stop bleeding by itself, and the pain will slowly reduce the disappearance.If the amount of bleeding is large and the abdominal pain is intensified, accompanied by symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, anal swelling, etc., you must seek medical treatment early, and will seriously appear shock and life -threatening!

Fourth, ovarian cysts to reverse

Volume cyst twisting means that the blood vessels and cysts that supply ovarian cysts are reversed, causing ovarian cysts to ischemia, and even necrosis breakdown, causing severe abdominal pain.About 10%of the ovarian cysts are reversed, which is mainly caused by tumors that are tumor length, medium size, good activity, and focus on one side of the tumor, and most of them occur in the sudden changes in position.The main symptoms of ovarian cysts to reverse are the sudden lower abdomen colic, but there are often no symptoms of menopause and irregular vaginal hemorrhage.

The above -mentioned symptoms belong to the acute abdomen of gynecology. When the onset of onset, it is generally very severe pain, so you must seek medical treatment immediately and perform necessary surgery and rescue. Otherwise, most women will be in danger of life.Make attention.

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