Must see!Poor mood during pregnancy can affect the child’s life

During pregnancy, the body of pregnant mothers will change a lot, and these changes will affect the mood of pregnant women.If pregnant mothers do not make reasonable adjustments, there will be some negative emotions; in fact, the bad mood will not only have a negative impact on pregnant women, but also have a great impact on the fetus.

Pregnant women are not emotionally harmful to maternal and infants

1. Pregnant women’s temper can easily cause abortion

Pregnant women have a strong temper and pressure, and the cortisol content of the body is significantly increased. Cortisol is a hormone that suppresses the secretion of progesterone, and progesterone is critical to maintaining a healthy pregnancy process.Therefore, pregnant women with greater pressure need to inject progesterone to prevent abortion under the guidance of a doctor.

2. Pregnant women’s temper can cause infant congenital defects

The mental stress of women during pregnancy can cause the baby’s congenital defects, especially the infants produced by women who have experienced "major changes" during pregnancy suffer from cleft palate, rabbit lips, hearing defects and congenital heart disease than other babies.Essence

3. The mental stress of pregnant women affect fetal growth

Pregnant women’s inner pressure will hinder the growth of the fetus, and this phenomenon often begins to appear as early as the second or three months.Women with stressful stress are much lighter than babies born in pregnant women with mild psychological pressure.

4. Pregnant women are suffering from stress. Children are susceptible to heart disease and diabetes

After pregnant women have endured unfortunate incidents of severe mental stress, the children born are relatively more likely to suffer from insulin dependent diabetes.Inside pregnant women often feel that stress will adversely affect the fetus’s nervous system and increase the risk of fetal heart disease in the future.

How do pregnant women adjust their emotions?

1. Eliminate fear and worry

Read some books about pregnancy and childbirth. Do not "catch the wind and catch the shadow". I believe that pre -diminating inspections and learning to regulate emotions.

2. Keep a peaceful mindset

Remind yourself in a timely manner to adopt the methods of transferring troubles, venting depression, and active social networking to maintain a peaceful and quiet mentality.

3. Seek the help of family members

After discovering the troubles, I will talk to family members in time and timely vent their emotions in time.

4. Go to the hospital for examination in time

If the pregnant mother has a strange psychological condition and affects the physical condition, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination.

Reminder: The mood of mothers during pregnancy can affect the character of the fetus. For the happiness of the next generation, at least learn to control peace and care for her emotions.It is recommended that pregnant mothers must go to the hospital for psychological guidance if they have psychological problems to avoid accidents.

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