Mother of the second -child pregnancy is forced to abortion by misuse of drugs during pregnancy: Do you know these signs of early pregnancy?

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How much do you know about early pregnancy?Remind women who are preparing for pregnancy again, once symptoms of early pregnancy, be sure to go to a regular hospital for examination in time.

Can you distinguish between pregnancy and cold?

In the early stages of pregnancy, some women show symptoms of fear of cold, fatigue, drowsiness, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, which are similar to usual cold symptoms.

No, a few days ago, in Changsha, a second -born mother mistakenly recognized the symptoms of early pregnancy as a cold.

35 -year -old Xiao He, Dabao is four years old.After the second child’s policy was released, she and her husband were about to have a second child, but the belly had not moved.

I thought it was a problem with her body and couldn’t get pregnant, so she went to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, showing that there was no problem with her body.

One day in September, Xiao He had symptoms of dizziness and vomiting.

I felt uncomfortable. She took a brief look at the clinic at the nearby clinic and described her symptoms. The doctor at the clinic judged that Xiao He had a cold.

The clinic’s checklist shows: Xiao He is accompanied by vomiting for two days because of abdominal pain, diagnosed with gastrointestinal cold … It is recommended to rest for two days.

So Xiao He was treated according to the drug prescribed by the doctor of the clinic.

But after a few days of treatment, Xiao He still felt very uncomfortable and worried that he had other problems with his body. Xiao He went to a regular hospital to check this time.

The hospital shows that Xiao He has been pregnant for more than 40 days.Xiaohe, who hears the news, can’t be happy.

I was so looking forward to the second child. After hearing this news, I felt that the sky collapsed.

Because when treating a cold in the clinic, the doctor injected her a drug called "Libaweilin" antiviral, and this drug belongs to the taboo drug during pregnancy, which can easily lead to the fetal malformation in the abdomen of the pregnant mother.

Xiao He said, "Every doctor’s suggestion is very risky, which may lead to fetal malformation and dysplasia." So forced, Xiao He and her husband decided to give up the child. In the end, Xiao He still had a miscarriage.(Sanxiang Metropolis News "Early pregnancy as a cold, an injection of the fetus in the abdomen")

Is the symptoms of early pregnancy really like a cold?Can even doctors admit mistakes?

Not only do Chinese women misunderstand their pregnancy into a cold, many pregnant mothers abroad said that when they were pregnant, they also thought they had a cold.

Although the symptoms of early pregnancy vary from person to person, in general, after pregnancy, you will have the following symptoms.

The first signs of the most common pregnancy.

What are the most common signs of pregnancy?In a survey conducted by the American Pregnancy Association, the most common symptoms of pregnancy starting include:

• 29%of the women interviewed said their first pregnancy symptoms were menopause

• 25 % of women expressed disgusting as the first sign of pregnancy

• 17 % of women say that breast changes are the initial symptoms of pregnancy

Although bed bleeding is usually considered to be the first symptom of pregnancy, surveys by the American Pregnancy Association show that only 3%of women think that bed bleeding is the first symptom of their pregnancy.

The following symptoms can help you clarify whether you are pregnant.

1. Blert bleeding

From the first week to the fourth week, your body is changing quietly.The fertilized eggs form a blastocyst and develop into a baby’s organs and body parts.

About 10 to 14 days after pregnancy (week 4), the blastocyst will be implanted in the endometrium.This may cause implanted bleeding, and sometimes it may be mistaken for mild menstruation.

Here are some symptoms of implantation bleeding:

• Color: The color of each bleeding may be pink, red or brown.

• Bleeding: Generally bleeding is usually because normal menstruation comes.Blood bleeding refers to the blood that only occurs when wiped.

• Pain: Pain may be mild, medium or severe, and the pain of pain varies from person to person.A study on 4,539 women showed that 28%of women felt that some of their pain was caused by minor bleeding.

• Sectioning period: Impreyron bleeding may last less than three days and does not need to be treated.

Note: During this period, you should avoid illegal drugs related to major bleeding from smoking, drinking or use.

2. Men stop menstruation

When you are pregnant, your body will begin to produce human choric membrane promoter gonadotropin (HCG).This hormone helps to maintain pregnancy.At the same time, it also stops the ovary from stopping the release of mature eggs every month.

After four weeks of pregnancy, you may miss the next menstrual cycle.If your menstrual cycle is irregular, you need to do a pregnancy test to confirm.

Most women can detect HCG through family tests such as pregnancy test sticks or pregnancy test strips in a short time.Pregnancy test can detect the HCG content in your urine and show whether you are pregnant.


• Test whether you are pregnant when you are pregnant.

• If you are positive, call your doctor or midture and arrange your first prenatal appointment.

• If you are taking any medicine and ask your doctor if they are threatened to your developmental fetus.

3. Rise body temperature

Rising base temperature may also be a sign of pregnancy.The core temperature of your body may also rise easier to increase when exercise or weather is hot.During this time, you need to ensure that drinking plenty of water and cautious exercise.

4. Feel fatigue

You may feel tired during pregnancy.This symptom is common in early pregnancy.Your luteal level will soar, which will make you feel tired.


• The first few weeks of pregnancy will make you feel tired.Make sure enough sleep.

• It is also helpful to keep the bedroom cool.In the early stages of pregnancy, your temperature may rise.

5, heartbeat acceleration

At about 8 to 10 weeks, your heart will start to speed up.There is often a phenomenon of palpitations and arrhythmia during pregnancy.This is caused by hormones.

6. Change of breast changes: tingling and growth

Breast changes occur between the 4th and 6th weeks.Due to the changes in hormones, your breasts may begin to swell, and you even feel pain.A few weeks later, when your body adapts to the changes in hormones after pregnancy, this situation will disappear.

The changes in nipples and breasts may also occur around the 11th week.Hormon continues to make your breasts develop.Areolas may become darker and larger.


• Buy a comfortable pregnant woman’s bra to relieve breast pain.Wireless cotton bra is usually the most comfortable.

• Buy breast pads that are suitable for your bra to reduce nipple friction and nipple pain.

7, frequent urination and urinary incontinence

During pregnancy, your body increases blood supply.This can cause the kidneys to secrete more liquids than usual, leading to more liquid secretion of the bladder.


• Drink 300 ml of water (a little more cup than a cup) a day.

• Plan your bathroom itinerary in advance to avoid incontinence.

8. Emotional changes are stronger

During pregnancy, your estrogen and progesterone levels will be very high.This increase will affect your emotions and make you more emotional or fierce than usual.Emotional fluctuations are very common during pregnancy, and may cause depression, irritability, anxiety and joy.

9. Bellyflation and constipation

Symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of menstruation, and symptoms of abdominal distension may occur in the early pregnancy.This is due to changes in hormones that slow down your digestive system.You may feel constipation and obstruction.Constipation also increases the feeling of flatulence in the abdomen.

10. Morning vomiting, nausea and vomiting

Nausea and morning vomiting usually occur in 4 to 6 weeks.Although it is called morning vomiting, it can happen at any time during the day or evening.It is unclear what it has led to nausea and morning vomiting, but hormones have played a certain role.

In the first three months of pregnancy, many women will have a slight to severe morning vomiting. Usually, after entering the second three months, the vomiting will slowly reduce.


• Put a pack of salty biscuits by your bed and eat a few slices before getting up in the morning, which can help ease morning vomiting.

• Drink plenty of water to keep your body moisture.

• If you can’t consume liquid and food, go to the hospital immediately.

9. Stomach burning

The changes in hormones can cause the valve relaxation between the stomach and the esophagus.This can cause gastric acid leakage and cause stomach burning.


• Eating less meals can prevent stomach burning caused by pregnancy.

• If you need to resist acid, talk to your doctor about what is safe for you and your child.

When we have these symptoms above, and suspect that we are not sure that we are not sure, we must go to the hospital to make an appointment in time.

Pregnant mothers have one more thing to pay attention to. Careful medication during pregnancy, no taboo drugs during pregnancy.

If you accidentally use taboos during pregnancy, you may bring these adverse effects to the baby in your belly:

• Premature birth

• Tire stop or death

• Have heart problems or stroke

• infant deformity

• Lifetime disability

Therefore, in women who are preparing for pregnancy, once the symptoms of obvious early pregnancy occur, they must go to the hospital for examination in time to determine whether they are pregnant.Don’t let your horses hurt your baby in your stomach.

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